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Vastu For Diagonal Plot

The plots in and which the major directions fall in the corners are known as diagonal plots. As a result the magnetic meridian instead of passing through the centre of the plot makes an angle of 45° with the main axis of the plot. From residences to commercial complexes, any kind of building can be built on diagonal plots. Vastu Shastra suggests certain tips that will be instrumental in harmonizing the plot with the surrounding nature.

  • The diagonal plots can have roads on North-East, the North-West, the South-East and the South-West sides. Amongst these plots with road on the North-East side are very considered auspicious by Vastu Shastra. The North-West and the South-East ones are of medium level. The ones in the Southwest are useful for certain business ventures but these should never be taken for residential purposes.
  • The diagonal plots with roads on two, three or four sides give mixed results However the South-West side should not be used as entrance.

Utility for the Road
1) North-East Road: Residence, Temple, school, Library, shop and factories

2) North-West Road: Residence, Agricultural purpose, Showroom for vehicles and Garage.

3) South-East Road: Hotels, Residence, Courts, business run by women, entertainment, factories etc.

4) South-West Road: Hardware, tyre, permit room, accident hospitals and orthopedics.

Vastu Tips for Diagonal Plots

  • In the diagonal plots the building constructions should not be oblique or diagonal to the plot. Every construction should be parallel to the direction of the plot as well as the adjacent roads.
  • If oblique construction is done the benefits of Vastu Shastra cannot be fully reaped. Even if the plot is diagonal, construction should never be oblique. North- East direction must have the maximum of open space in a diagonal plot. The building should be constructed in the South-West part.
  • Curved roads adjacent to the diagonal plots should always be avoided. Even within the compound wall no curve or oblique cut should be there.
  • The Western and the Southern angles of a plot should always be right angle (90°). It should not be more or less than 90°.
  • If the Northern angle of a diagonal plot is of 88° and the Eastern angle of 92° it leads to increase in wealth but the fame is limited. In such cases it is essential that the Southern and the Western angles should be of 90°.
  • With the East side of a diagonal plot being 88° and the North 92° one will get fame and publicity. However the money earned will not stay for a long span of time.
  • If in a diagonal plot both the angles on the east and the North sides measure 92° it gives rise to a pentagonal plot. A person staying in such a plot faces instability. He keeps on shifting from one job to the other. Wealth is earned but does not stay long. Avoid purchasing such plots. If at all purchased it is essential to make all angles of 90°.
  • If in a diagonal plot both the East and the North angles measure 88° then in such a pentagonal plot the North-East direction is totally cut which leads to many calamities. Form making it useful converts the plot to a rectangular one.
  • For a diagonal plot the North-East approach road is very auspicious. The compound gate can be constructed at this place. The North-West approach road gives medium level mixed benefits. In front of the road on the west side the gate of the compound wall should be constructed. Do not build the roads in the North direction.
  • The South-East approach road is beneficial to some extent for hotels, electric shops, jewellery business run by women etc. The benefits are of medium level.
  • While constructing the compound wall of diagonal plots only the North-East wall should be light and made of bricks. The South-West wall should be high, thick and made of stone. The South - East and the North - West wall should be made of bricks and have a downward slope from the South to the East and from the West to the North. The compound wall on the North-East side should have the lowest height. Instead of a wall even a barbed wire fencing can serve the purpose. If the diagonal plot has a South-West road then the gate of the wall compound should be in the West. The entrance gate should open towards the North.
  • In the diagonal plot the well or the boring should be located in the North-East direction. there should not be any door of the compound wall or the building in front of the well. If the well is in the East or the North it would be quite helpful. Wells at improper places should be filled up and closed after proper worship.
  • The gate of the compound in a diagonal plot should in the South-West direction
  • Even if there is some fault in the construction of the building on a diagonal plot the loss is reduced from 100 % to 50 %. It is because the magnetic meridian is not passing through the centre. The profits or losses of Vastu Shastra are of medium level. When the magnetic meridian is passing through the middle of the plot proper results cannot be obtained. Therefore, a diagonal plot can be profitable because the losses are also less.
  • In the diagonal septic tank or water storage tank should not be situated in front of the compound gate otherwise it would lead to many difficulties.
  • The basement can be located in the North-East direction on a diagonal plot. However it should not be used for residential purposes. It can be only used as godown. Good or medium level benefits can be obtained. Vastu Shastra does not consider the basement quite auspicious. Hence it is better if there is no basement on a diagonal plot.

In case of the diagonal plot the principal axis should be drawn at the centre of the plot.

Taking into consideration the rectangular block of the diagonal plot the principal axis should be drawn at the centre of the plot. While drawing it the length and the of breadth of the plot should also be kept in mind. The plot needs to be divided into 4 blocks. The main building should be constructed in the South and the West blocks. The East and the North blocks should be kept open. However more open space should be left in the North-East side.

Vastu Shastra has laid down rules for the construction of the units that are located within the plot.

Kitchen is an important unit in any building. As a result special care must be taken for it.

In a diagonal plot the kitchen should be in the east block of the plot. Such a position will give 100% result. If it is not possible the South block can also provide 90 % results while the west block gives 80 % results.

The platform of the kitchen should be L type. However there is no such hard and fast rule that it has to be in this shape. But it must be kept in mind that the dining table should never be round, egg shaped or obliquely cut. It should always be square or rectangular in shape.

Bathrooms are best situated in the North Block. If the toilet is part of it then that should be situated in the West block. It is tolerable in the East block too. Never place it in the South block. Separate toilets in the diagonal plot should never be in the East or the North Block. It should be in the West block (100 %) or the South Block (80 %).

The Puja Room of the diagonal building should be in the East block where it leads to a 100 % result. The temple can also be placed in the North Block but it should never be in the West or the South blocks.

The most favorable position for the living room is in North Block. It is tolerable if it is in South-East of the East or the West blocks. Never place it in the South Block as it leads to conflicts and arguments.

Ideally in a diagonal building the bedroom should be in the West block. In the South block it is acceptable too (90%). The girls` bedrooms should be in the East Block. The children`s bedrooms should never be in the South Block.

The best results can be acquired if the study room is in the West block (100%). however there is no harm even if is located in the North or the East Block. However it should never be in the South block.

The dining room in a diagonal building is the best suited in the West block where it can generate 100% positive energy. It is acceptable in the North and the East blocks too. However it should never be in the South Block.

It is more profitable to have the strong room in the North block. If it is in the west block it gives 80 % results. Here the safe should be kept in the west side and it should open towards the North. It should be at least one foot away from the corner and should not be kept in an oblique position.

In the South-East block the store room should be situated. If it is in the North Block it gives 80 % results.

The waste storage room of a diagonal building should be built in the South. It should never be in the East or the North blocks. If these are constructed in such positions then it will surely lead to huge financial losses. For open passage there are the East and the North sides. The articles including heavy materials should be stored in the south and the west part.

As per the rules of Vastu Shastra all the four corners of a diagonal plot must be open. The South -West direction does not come in any corner of this plot; it comes in the middle of the plot. Hence do not close any corner. a shed, godown or lumber room can be constructed by taking the support of 4/9th parts of the compound wall only in the South - West space.

In the diagonal plot construct a verandah or platform only on the East, North-East and North sides in one straight line. Steps to the platform can be constructed, but the platform must be kept intact.

The staircase should either be in the South block (100%) or in the West block (80%). these two sides are considered auspicious. It is far better, if the staircase is in a corner. It is also not bad, if it is in the middle of the South-West.

While constructing the first floor of the Diagonal Plot, keep the Eastern, North-Eastern and Northern parts open for the construction of a terrace. Construction should be done in the Southern, South-West and West sides.

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