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Basics of Red Book

Basics of Lal Kitab

Lal Kitab, the magnificent and maverick branch of Vedic Astrology, has gained immense popularity and eminence in its short age of existence. It has been totally majestic, quite perceive by the fact that it has acquired a cult status of being the most largely followed branch of astrology. It has its followers and believers existing in large numbers, all over the globe. The reason behind this impact is quite justified by certain basic factors associated with Lal Kitab.

On the basis of lines of the palm one can draw the actual horoscope of an individual and can do the placement of planets in various houses of the birth chart. The date of birth and the birth ascendant can be found out by reading the lines and mounts of the palm, which means that an individual's accurate birth chart can be drawn by seeing the lines of his palm. Similarly, by studying the different aspects of a man's residential house his birth chart can be accurately prepared on the basis of the sutras explained in the Lal Kitab.

In addition to the above, Lal Kitab has announced unique remedial measures to solve chronic and critical human problems in day-to-day life. These measures do not require the practice of ordeals, yagnas, havans and other complicated and expensive rituals, which prove more troublesome for persons who are already in trouble because of the evil effects of certain planets. These measures are again different from Yantras, Mantras and Tantras, which give various adverse effects if not followed rigorously in all their minute details.

The measures suggested in Lal Kitab are electrically effective in solving all kinds of human troubles and tensions, without inflicting harm on anybody i.e. these remedies are completely self defensive against the evils created by the planets without causing injury in anyway to anyone concerned.
The first part of this great treatise contains the principles and Sutras for interpretation of horoscope, termed as "Vyakaran". The birth chart of an individual is prepared like the traditional Parashar principles, but the only important difference is that the Rashis are not considered or taken into account for predictive astrology and, therefore, the digits indicating the Rashis in a traditional birth chart are scrapped.

Secondly, for predictive purposes the ascendant is treated as the first house and it is regarded as the house of the first Rashi, i.e., Aries and counting progressively in a sequence up to the 12th house being that of Pisces.

 Lal Kitab points out Three Basic Principles

The entire universe is governed by an eternal power, i.e. God. He effects the nine planets in the universe to revolve round the Sun. The planets are responsible for the following factors:

A child is born with his destiny enclosed in his fist. No one can ever change it. If anyone makes deliberate effort to change it, he shall have to part with his life for doing so or have to suffer on behalf of the natal. The moving planets cast favourable or evil effect on the person. The effect is of two types:

(1) Definite and (2) Doubtful

The former can be studied through horoscope. The definite indicates one's destiny which is eternal.

The doubtful effect of the planets is not permanent. It can be prevented or postponed by various means which are given in the book. A planet casts its effect good or evil owing to its placement or in conjunction with other planets. It is most important to prepare a horoscope to study the placement of the stars.

Lal Kitab principles, apart from being unconventional, are also simple and highly valuable. The predictions as drawn out of them are reliable and accurate, and the remedies as suggested are simple to understand and easy to execute. These principles are drawn from the blend of five astrology based books written in Urdu language during the period of 2039 and 2052, by an anonymous writer. Though, some of the researches claim Pt. Roop Chandra Joshi as its writer.

Remedies offered by Lal Kitab are undoubtedly the most prominent reason behind it's immense popularity, and swift acceptability. Not only they are effective and efficient, but are also simple to understand, easy to execute, and are inexpensive. People don’t feel overstrained while performing them, which is usually the case with the complex, conventional, and costly astrology based remedies, such as Yagna, Tantra, Mantra, Yantra, Havan, etc.

Ways of Living According to Lal Kitab 

We have entered the twenty first century and education is expanding day by day. The educated generation is taking over the old generation. They believes that the old theories are baseless and based on blind faith. They believes in logic and does not easily agree with what the science of Astrology says.

Even when the 'Lal Kitab' was available in simple Hindi and a layman could read it, the book was termed as the book of 'charms'. Undoubtedly, this is the book of charms but there is much more than the 'charms' in it. Readers would certainly like to have a look on the charms which have been suggested in this book.

General Tips on Happy and Harmonious Living

1. Do not speak ill to anyone.

2. Do not tell lies.

3. Do not be cruel.

4. Have faith in God.

5. Worship your own deity with devotion.

6. Do not consume alcohol.

7. Have pure and simple food.

8. Get nose and ears pierced.

9. Brush your teeth regularly with 'Keekar Datoon'.

10. Live in a Joint family.

11. Worship girls, gift green clothes and feed them with good food.

12. Gift sweets to sisters and daughters.

13. Do not accept anything free.

14. Never take property of any childless couple.

15. Avoid residing in a house which faces south.

16. Repair hole in the roof immediately.

17. Keep at least some small place uncemented in the house.

18. Give food to cow, dog, crow and monkey, etc.

20. Be careful with a bald man and single eyed person.

Now think yourself and decide whether the above mentioned points are simply charms. I know you would also agree that these are parameters of our life and culture. These are the points which help us to be a good human being and make us strong enough to follow the moral code of conduct.

'Lal Kitab' is based on humanitarian grounds, which enable us to protect ourselves from problems, mishappenings, etc.

Conventional remedies require the presence of a specialized person or an expert such as Purohit, to perform them. It is because of the fact that such remedies are too rigid in its execution, which does not allow even a slightest of alteration or inaccuracy. They are to be observed with minutest of details; otherwise, it might lead to intense adverse impacts. Such is not the case with Lal Kitab remedies. As they are already easy to perform and too regular in their nature, there are very less chances of performing a mistake on the first place. It only puts across one single condition. The remedies as suggested are required to be performed for at least 43 days, on a stretch. In case, one fails to do so, one is required to start it again from the scratch, after a break of few days.

Lal Kitab offers achievable remedies for the most critical of problems related to different aspects of life. Also, they are flexible. In case, where one is unable to perform them, any blood relative can perform it. Also, they are harmless to anyone. They are only concerned with protecting one from ill-effects of malefic planets, without causing any harm to anyone in anyway.

Er. Rameshwar Prasad invites you to the Wonderful World of Lal Kitab (Red Book).

Engineer Rameshwar Prasad

(B.Tech., M.Tech., P.G.D.C.A., P.G.D.M.)

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