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Vastu For Health

Posted by Rameshwar Prasad in Vastu Blogs
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Every living being needs a shelter to protect the body. Right from birth our body is also being protected. A human being has the supreme mind amongst all living beings. You’re told to take vitamins, drink plenty of water, get a good night’s sleep and exercise, but has anyone ever told you that the design of your home and office can impact your health?

The science of Vaastu Shastra is the study of the effect on Man, the Planets, the Stars and the balancing of five elements called Fire, Air, Space, Earth and Water.

Vastu for Health

According to Vaastu, all five elements in nature are in perfect balance. When we build, this delicate balance is disrupted, which can cause a wide range of physical problems from poor sleep to major illnesses.

You might have experienced this if you’ve ever remodeled or moved into a new home and suddenly your health got worse for no apparent reason. If you work with the natural laws inherent in the universe rather than against them, you can align these five elements to your advantage.

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Everything in the house, the placement, the material, the designs, the colours, the ground energy emitting continuously effects within seconds as we enter the place in turn effecting mind, body and soul. Just as Ayurveda and yoga create harmony in the body and mind, Vaastu creates harmony in the home.

The basic principle of Vaastu is to ensure the energy or prana can flow freely throughout the home. The first and simplest principle is to make sure that our rooms are free from excess clutter, which can impede the pranic flow. The second is to achieve the correct balance of the elements, and the third one is to maximize the amount of light that is flowing throughout the home.

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Stress comes when there is clutter, poor layout or design, lack of light, improper air circulation or when the environment is not aligned with true North.

When the environment is out of balance, you can experience a lack of energy, back problems, mental instability, stomach problems, learning disabilities, emotional imbalances and financial difficulties.

Unfortunately, most modern architecture is based on function alone and is not designed in harmony with the forces of nature, which influence our health, wealth and happiness.

Another important Vaastu principle is to honor the "sacred center: Brahm-sthan" of each room by keeping it clear, which also allows the energy of a room to move freely.

A room feels in harmony when five elements are in proper balance. In Vaastu every room is divided into four quadrants with centre, and each is ruled by an element: Earth in the southwest, Fire in the southeast, Air in northwest, Water in the northeast and Ether in the center.

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The main direction that governs Health and Immunity is North-North-East (NNE) direction. This direction lies between North and North East. Check this direction when any health problem needs to be cured.

Presence of Toilet, kitchen or red color in form of wall paint or curtains in NNE also causes health problems. Other things that causes health problems when kept in NNE direction are dustbins, invertor, clutter or waste items, drainage pipes, yellow color etc. A cut or extended NNE direction in any particular Home also causes health problems.

Many health problems are related with other directions as well as NNE direction. Like, if anyone is suffering from skin problems, there can be a vastu defect in the South-East (SE) direction, blood and liver problems are related to East (E) and East-South-East (ESE) directions, the direction of Anxiety, lung problems are related to West (W), heart problems are related to South-East (SE), lethargy is related to South (S), pregnancy is related to South-South-West (SSW), South-East (SE) and West (W) directions.

All your living space should reflect your true self. Following guidelines will help you in enhancing your health.

1. Since northwest is associated with the air element. To balance this element in your room, hang a mobile in the northwest corner. Having the window open will help eliminate toxins that can build up and circulate in the air.
2. Place a heavy item in the southwest area of room and sleep with your head to the south. The southwest is associated with the grounding energy of the earth element and supports the development of motor skills.
3. Use a night-lamp in the southeast area of your room. The southeast is associated with the fire element and promotes the growth of visual skills. Balancing the fire element also reduces agitation and gives you a feeling of security.
4. If the northeast part of the bedroom is cut off, any deficiency in this direction is bound to tell on one's health. You must hang a small mirror on the wall to "extend" the energy zone.
5. If the floor levels in the south and west are lower than those in north and east, it means that your health and energy levels are draining out. Try and see if you can raise the lower levels to equalise the balance. If not, then you must place heavy objects in these directions.
6. If you are sleeping with your head towards the North Pole you are not in geo-synchronous harmony with the magnetic field. The obvious remedy is to sleep with your head towards the south.
7. If the kitchen is in front of the main door, this weakens the digestive system and you become prone to illness. If you cannot relocate the kitchen, draw a curtain or a screen across the kitchen door.
8. If the boundary wall along the south is lower than the north, it means that your energy levels are being constantly drained, depleting you of the vital prana, which restores health. In order to restore the balance, the southern wall should be raised either with concrete or a bamboo fence.
9. If there are steps, which take you down at the entrance, it means that you are literally moving downwards instead of upwards - towards darkness instead of light. What you need to do is try and level out the entrance and remove the step or steps. If this is impossible, try and mitigate the effect by keeping plants on the steps.
10. If the northeast corner of the house is cut off from the rest of the house, any deficiency in this direction is bound to tell on one's mental health. You must hang a light bulb in this portion of the house, which is cut off, to illuminate it. You can also place light-reflecting mirrors on either side of the wall.
11. If there is a toilet in the northeast corner of the house, the toilet seat must also be kept firmly down and to enhance the aura, place a plant or two in the room and light a lamp or candle.
12. If there is a dark and gloomy entrance, make sure you have enough artificial light if there is no natural light at the entrance. Liven it up with plants or flowers. These absorb the negative energy, which enters the house.

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