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Vastu For Dharmashala

Dharmashalas are considered as most pious places of visit. It is also considered as a place of dwelling for god and human beings. Hence, everybody prefers to visit a dharmashala at one point of time. The necessary requirements while building a dharmashala should be always considered. The elements of Vastu Shastra need to be applied at all times while constructing a dharmashala. This is because millions of devotees and people visit the place to gain spiritual peace. If the place is not built via proper Vastu guidelines they might get entangled in negative energy. The dharmashala is often closely located to a pilgrim or a temple and hence the place should exhibit good vibes for peace and sanctity.

Vastu Shastra is important while constructing any kind of property. This science should be applied while planning and lay outing all kinds of buildings like business complexes, industries, residences, hotels, lodges and establishments. The principle of Vastu Shastra is based on cosmic energies caused by Air, Sky, Fire, Earth and Water. These five elements are known as Panchabhutas. All things and movements on earth are determined by these five elements.

Dharmashala’s should be constructed close to temples in such a way that it looks calm and serene. People often tend to rest at such places to enjoy simplicity while on a pilgrim tour. People need to get a sound sleep especially considering the age group of most of the visitors. Hence, the entrance of Dharmashala must be placed towards the eastern direction. Also, the toilets inside the dharmashala must always be positioned considering the sitting position of inmates. Normally the people would be sitting towards the eastern or northern direction. So ideally the toilets can be placed towards the western or north-western direction. The toilets should never be adjacent to the temple.

The large windows inside the Dharmashala must also be positioned towards the eastern direction. If there are separate rooms in the house, they need to be placed towards the North-western direction. You must at all times keep the north-eastern side free from any kind of clutter. This space will attract maximum energies and inmates are request to pray or worship sitting in this direction. The owner’s room must be placed towards the South-western direction. Any kind of under-water tank should also be constructed towards the North-eastern direction. There can be a garden planned towards the North-eastern direction.


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