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Vastu For Wealth

Posted by Rameshwar Prasad in Vastu Blogs
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Home Sweet Home, a place where a common man spends most of his life time ... It should be a place he can relax and lead a peaceful and happy life. The science of Vaasthu Shastra aims to help people to attain this end.

It is believed that Vaastu increases wealth, well being and prosperity if you live in structures that allow positive cosmic forces to be created.

The science of architecture teaches us to turn the no manifest energy into manifest material forms by coordinating energy, space, time and material forms.

The idea behind this philosophy is that the constructed space has to vibrate with the individual spirit of the dweller. There is a continuous interaction between positive and negative cosmic forces. When we build a home, the structure comes in the way of this interaction. Both forces enter the home depending upon various factors like door placement, and either the positive or the negative will bear a presence. If the structure is so designed that the positive forces overwhelm the negative forces, there is a release of positive cosmic energy and all the family members will be prosperous, healthy and wealthy.

The flipside is, if the negative force overwhelm the positive, then the negative field makes all actions and efforts negative, which may lead to unhappiness, poverty and poor health.

Vaastu shastra is basically the utilisation of living space so that it harmonises the person with the elements by working in harmony with earth's magnetic currents. The element of water represents our financial health and the amount of money we save and earn. The element must flow consistently, a rapid flow or stagnation both create problems. Gaining wealth through Vaastu is simple. Follow these simple tips.
1. If the toilet is next to the main entrance it represents waste and contain negative energies. It is also a container of still water that gets flushed down the drain. You should make sure the door is always shut and that you place a mirror on it to deflect negative energies.
2. If the level of the floor in the north is higher than in the south, This means that wealth which enters doesn't remain, but is being drained out towards the south. The solution is to raise the level of at the southern part. If this is not possible, light a lamp in this corner.
3. If the water tank is in the centre of the house, this signifies a definite stagnation of wealth. Water must be in motion, so a fountain is always a better proposition. There is no alternative but to remove this.
4. If the entrance and exit doors are in a straight line, this clearly means that whatever comes in doesn't stay but goes straight out in the same direction. You an place a screen between the two. You should also place some plants close to the entrance and exit. Palms have been found to be excellent in this regard.
5. If there are three doors in a row, this signifies the same interplay of energy as when the main entrance and the exit are aligned. Whatever goes in, comes out. As in the above case, you need to place a screen and some plants at the doors. You should also make sure that the second door is kept shut because this creates a dual compartment in the house, which increases the chance of absorbing energies.
6. If there is a water tank in the northwest, this is not as bad as in the centre of the house, nevertheless, it does indicate stagnation in the direction of wealth. You should ensure that the tank is covered with metal planters. Fill them with plants that have round leaves. A money plant is also good, particularly at the entrance.
7. If the northeast part of the roof is higher than the southwest, this indicates an excessive outflow of energy as the southwest represents the zone of entertainment. You are prone to fritter your money on entertaining and gambling or impulse buying. Raise the level of the southwest part of the roof. If this cannot be done, fix a hollow pole to the roof and put a lamp on it, so the upward flow of electric current increases in the southwest.
8. If there is a straight long corridor with a window at the far end, this means money flows right through the house but doesn't stay thanks to the open window. One remedy could be to place plants and use a screen to break the corridor and hide the window.
9. Since the east and the north are the directions of wealth, you can enhance the amount of money you possess by making sure your safe or vault opens towards the north. It's quite simple, get a compass and check the direction.
10. If there are leaking taps in the kitchen or toilet, you must check all water leaks because it literally signifies a leakage of money down the drain.
11. If there are narrow passages in the house, you can hang mirrors on the wall to expand the feeling of width.
12. If there is stagnant water in the house, it represents the other lack of growth. There should be a system for circulation. Otherwise, the only alternative is to remove the water.
13. If the southwest portion of the house is left vacant, Use it any way you like, even if it is for storage, as long as you go in there once in a while.
14. If the approach to the house from the north is blocked off, you can alleviate the problem by creating a water feature like an aquarium or a small water fall or a fountain towards the north of the house.
15. If there is water seepage in the building, get them fixed immediately.
16. The best place for keeping cash is north. The strong room for keeping cash, jewellery, wealth and documents is north of any plot or room. This is the direction of Kuber, the lord of wealth, and therefore it is the best place for keeping wealth.
17. The strong room in the south-east, south-west, north-west and south should be avoided, and the door of the strong room should be in the east or north walls.
20. The almirah containing cash should be placed in a way that it doesn’t face the door. A heavy cash almirah should not be kept in the north-east corner. A heavy iron chest or safe maybe kept in the southwest or the northern side of the room and may also be kept in southwest corner of the bedroom so as to face the north.
19. Cash for daily expenses may be kept on a small wooden cabinet in the north.
20. If the wall of the house in the east is tall, it stalls the entry of prosperity, Goddess Laxmi, into the house. Therefore, it should be small in height.