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Result of Planets in 12 Houses

Result of Planets in 12 Houses

There are twelve signs in the natural Zodiac and 12 houses in the horoscope. All affairs of human life are divided into 12 classes and each class of affair is in the domain of one or the other house of the chart.

Out of the 12 houses the first house or the lagna is the most important of them all. Being the first house all the subsequent houses stand in relation to it. Every thing depends upon the strength or otherwise of this house.

Lal Kitab states that the house is the house of struggle between Maya and Jiva or the soul and matter. In other words it is the house of struggle to get liberation from the shakles of Maya. It is the throne of the ruler. The achievements or failures of the native depend largely upon this house. In Lal Kitab this house also stands for education, intelligence and longevity. Mars is the ruler of the house. Sun is the natural significator. In fact Sun represents the human soul and vitality in the physical body.

House No. 1

Out of the 12 houses the first house or the lagna is the most important of them all. Being the first house, all the subsequent houses stand in relation to it. Every thing depends upon the strength or otherwise of this house.

Lal Kitab states that the house is the house of struggle between Maya and Jiva or the soul and matter. In other words it is the house of struggle to get liberation from the shakles of Maya. It is the throne of the ruler. The achievements or failures of the native depend largely upon this house.

In Lal Kitab this house also stands for education, intelligence and longevity. Mars is the ruler of the house. Sun is the natural significator. In fact Sun represents the human soul and vitality in the physical body.

Planet posited in house No. 1 aspects the planets in house No. 7 and unburdens itself to some extent provided the house No. 7 is occupied and not vacant. If this house is vacant the planets in house No. 1 become inert. This is also true if the lagna is not occupied. The lagna house becomes inactive or weak. This house has a relationship with house No. 11. If the latter is unoccupied the planet in lagna gives good results. If there are a two or more planet in lagna Venus becomes the judge to decide about the nature of results. In other words Venus gets importance if there are two or more planets in the lagna. Incidentally, house No. 2 is the Dharmasthana or the place of worship. Venus is its ruler. It is but natural that our own deeds or misdeeds come to play their part in the struggle for liberation.

House No. 2

House No. 2 stands is the Dharmasthana or the place of worship. It also has the portfolios of wealth, education, honour and mind. This is the house that stands for the fruits of the karmas or the deeds and misdeeds of the native. Here is the seat of Jupiter the jagat Guru or the preceptor of the world at large.

House No. 9 is considered to be the ocean of Karmas. It is from house No. 9 that the winds laden with water of the Karmas rise and pour it on house No. 2. For good results of House No. 2 the house No. 8 should be vacant or unoccupied. The results are likely to be better if house No. 2 is also vacant. This may appear strange but every thing becomes clear if we go by the assumptions of Lal Kitab. Planets in house No. 2 are aspected by the planets in house 2 aspect the planets in house No. 6. If houses 2, 6 and 8 are all occupied the poison of house No. 8 shall be transferred to house No. 6 through the agency of the aspect of the planets in house No. 2. If houses 2 and 8 are both vacant there is no question of compounding the troubles of 6th house.

House No. 2 gets it's strength from house No. 4. Wherever there is a severe onslaught of misfortunes from house No. 9 due to the weakness of Dharmasthana or the Jagatguru or Venus, house No. 4, comes to rescue. In times of adversities we should look towards the strength of 4th house, it's lord the natural significator or Karaka Moon who stands for mother as well as mortality and mind. Perhaps mother's blessings may help the native tide over his/her difficulties.

House No. 3

Lal Kitab refers to house No. 3 as the times of exit from this world and the gateway of exit. In other words we come to know about the time of death and its causes. As illness is one of the routine ways of exit we have to judge the illness and diseases from this house. This is an inauspicious and malefic house that way. Malefic in Dusthanas or inauspicious houses are normally considered to be a good placement.

According to Lal Kitab are placements of sinners meaning Rahu and Ketu in house No. 3 is horrible. It is said that even if they are not able to bring about the end itself they shall be competent to bring about death-like position. This may happen when house 3 is occupied by Rahu or Ketu and houses 6 and/or 8 by malefic. In adversities this house gets strength from 12th house even though the planets in 12th house are enemies of the planets in the 3rd house. In a hypothetical case let us assume that Ketu occupies house No. 3 and Mars is posited in house No. 12. Mars is an enemy of Ketu but in emergencies Mars will always help Ketu despite his enmity. Ketu shall have no ill effects upon the native. Likewise Jupiter in the 3rd house and Mercury his enemy, in 12th house will not be able to cause any harm.

On the other hand there will be all round happiness and prosperity. If the houses are occupied by two or more planets we have to assess the harm, in any, in respect of each planet and then draw our final conclusions. Rahu and Venus in 12th house normally being about the death of the partner - wife or husband - in 24/25th year of the native. If Saturn occupies the 3rd house simultaneously Rahu will not be able to play his mischief. Saturn will help Venus.

Mercury is the lord of 3rd house, Mars its natural Significator and Rahu shall have the dignity of exaltation.

House No. 4

House No. 4 is the period of childhood and the prenatal period. It also covers the old age. Moon is the lord and natural significator of the house. It is a well-known assumption that Moon is strong by night. Similar is the position of planets in this house. They are strong by the night and also when there is some trouble. Jupiter gets exalted here. No planet gives bad effects to the affairs of this house if Moon does not occupy and of the house No. 1, 4, 7 or 10. Even the rank malefic like Rahu and Ketu become benefic for this house is Moon does not occupy any of the quandrangular houses. The bad effects of planets in house No. 4 are transferred to the affairs of the house occupied by Saturn.

For the pre-natal period if any if Jupiter, Sun, Mars or Mercury are in 4th house and child will be safe and healthy in mother's womb before birth and even Rahu or Ketu would not be able to spoil that.

House No. 5

House No. 5 is the house of progeny and the future of the native. How shall the native fare in the world can be known from his house No. 5. About the welfare of children also we have to judge the same house. So long as Jupiter is in good position there shall be peace and prosperity. This means that Jupiter should be benefic by his placement and position in the annual progressed charts. If houses 6 and/or 10 are afflicted the articles connected with the planet inimical to the planet in 5th house should be kept under ground in the house. If house No. 8 is also afflicted the article should be kept under ground in the ancestral house.

In case house No. 5 is occupied by Rahu and Saturn, Venus in 11th house, Ketu in 8th and Jupiter in the 10th house there shall be illness initially to the partner and thereafter the son is likely to suffer. For this malady loaves of bread or flour of the weight of the son should be given to dogs for 25 to 48 days. If house 4 or 4 or 9 is afflicted the planet in house 5 shall give bad results. The planets in houses 6 or 10 will also give bad results without any regard whether they are friends or foes of the planet in house No. 5. Rahu and Ketu will influence results according to their placement in the chart.

Sun is the lord of this house. Jupiter is the Karaka graha or the natural significator planet for the house.

House No. 6

House No. 6 is known as the hidden world, treasure house of mercy and providential help. House No. 6 is ruled by Mercury and hence the planet in house No. 6 is likely to afflict the results of house occupied by Mercury, Ketu or Venus. House No. 6 is inspected by the planets in house No. 2 and the house No. 8 through house No. 2. In such a case if Mercury or Rahu happen to be posited in house 6 there would be no bad effects of the malefic on the house because it is the house of exaltation for both of them. Ketu is the natural significator of the affairs of the house.

It has been said above the houses 2, 6 and 8 are mutually inter-connected with each other. While attempting and modification in any of the houses including the 6th house we have to keep in view all the three houses. If house No. 6 is unoccupied there shall be no transfer of the afflictions of 8th and 2nd houses. There shall also be no aspect from 6th house to 12th house. The obvious result would be that the planets in 2nd and 12th houses will get extra strength. To avail of this opportunity is houses 2 and 3 are occupied by benefics it would always be helpful to awaken house No. 6. This is possible by serving the maternal uncles (helping them) or serving the daughters of the daughter. Except Sun, Jupiter and Moon all the other planets in 6th house would be offering their own results. Mercury and Ketu will not offer good results till the age of the planet in house 6 or 8. The question of the ages of planets will be dealt with at its proper place.

Although the planets in house No. 6 are aspected by the planets in house No. 2 but the position would be reversed in the case of Saturn who will aspect house No. 2 from 6th house.

House No. 7

House No. 7 is known for the family affairs, where the native has to struggle hard for fulfilling his material wants of bread, clothing the housing etc. It has been apply described by Lal Kitab in the following words.

The native gets ground between the earth and the sky for food . Here Akaash, Zameen, Rizque and Akal have been used metaphorically for Venus and Mercury because both these planets are the natural significators and Venus is also the lord of the house. The native sweats himself out in search of his food and clothing etc. Sun, Moon and Rahu offer the results according to the placement and position of Venus. Bad results due to the position of Venus cannot be improved or mitigated by remedies. In other words these results shall come to pass and the remedies will all go waste. Mercury, Saturn and Ketu shall give their results at various periods. If these results are bad we may try some remedial measures and they shall be set right or improved.

Normally the male planets affect the male relations and the female planets on affliction affect the female ones. In house 7 if the planets are more than two in number only the male relatives are affected. Sun, Mars and Jupiter are the male planets. Moon and Venus are females.

House No. 8

House No. 8 deals with death and justice. Here justice means eye for eye and tooth for tooth. In other words the justice is on the basis of tit for tat.

It is the joint seat of Mars and Saturn. Both are the natural significators of the house if Sun, Moon and Jupiter singly or jointly occupy this house the bad effects remain limited to house No. 8 and its affairs. Saturn, Moon or Mars occupying this house singly give only good fruits. Saturn, Moon or Mars occupying this house singly give only good fruits. If, however, any two or all the three together join in this house they give bad results. Saturn will give deaths after deaths. Moon shall affect the health of the persons.

Mars and Mercury occupying the house jointly give good results only if Saturn occupies house No. 2. In such a case Mars shall be malefic or the negative Mars. House No. 8 has it's influence on house 6. If any of these houses is afflicted the results will be bad for both the houses. In such cases the planets in 12th house should also be judged. The planets may be friendly or inimical the planets in 12th house shall influence the results. Moon is the most powerful planet for the affairs of 8th house. Moon by strength of his placement and position can undo the ill of 12th house also. The cause of the malefic nature of 8th house will be house No. 4 through house No. 2. In other words the houses 2, 4 and 8 should be judged simultaneously. The planets in house 8, if inimical to planets in 2nd house and 11th will strike at the most vulnerable point.

House No. 9

House No. 9 is known as the commencement of luck. Lucky period of the native shall start, good or bad, when the planet in this house becomes effective. The house is considered to be a great ocean. In case the house is inert, it can be activised through house No. 2 if the other two houses namely the houses 3 and 5 are unoccupied. Any of the planets who has been dormant till he transits house No. 9 and becomes active he will give results at his own age till his period is completed. Every planet has been assigned a particular period of age. By way of illustration, if Jupiter is in house 2 and transits the house in the progressed chart he will give results at the age of 16 and continue to do so till 16 years. Planets in house No. 5 aspect the planets in house 9. If Sun or Moon occupy house 9 there will be no bad effects of even Rahu and Ketu. House No. 9 is the seat of Jupiter.

House No. 10

House No. 10 is treated as the ground for the foundation of luck. The planet transiting the house, according to the progressed chart, becomes a doubtful planet. This is to say that nobody can be sure about the nature of results to be given by the planet. The planet in 9 at the time of his transiting house 10 will give bad results even though the planets in house 6 & 5 are the friends. The nature of results would depend upon the nature of houses 8 and 2. The results will be bad if house 8 is afflicted and good if house 2 is in good shape. If house No. 10 is occupied by inimical planets their results shall be unpredictable An idea of the nature of results can be formed from the position and placement of Moon. If Moon is benefic good results shall be obtained. In case house 10 is unoccupied the planets in house No. 4 will not be able to give good results. Saturn is the natural significator of the house.

House No. 11

House No. 11 indicates all about the native's status and condition. Personal income and earnings of the native and his relation with the world at large can be judged from this house. The results of Rahu and Ketu, if occupying the house, can be judged and they will be good normally if house No. 3 is vacant. They will however, give bad results in house No. 8.

Ketu in house No. 11 would nullify the good effects of Moon and if Rahu occupies the house Jupiter's good results would be spoilt. Vice versa in each case would also be true.

Lal Kitab has given great importance to this house and planets in it. Even Rahu and Ketu give good results. If Rahu is a benefic the native shall not accept a single penny from his parents and whatever he gets will be lost to him due to one reason or the other; but all that he earns by the sweat of his own brow will be with and give him pleasure.

House No. 12

House No. 12 is the place of final rest according to the deeds or misdeeds of the native. House 10 reflects the physical valour etc. of the native but 12th deals with the character etc. If houses 2, 6 and 8 are occupied the native has good character. If houses 2 and 8 are occupied and there is no planet inimical to planet in 8th house the person shall command a keen intellect of very high order. If the life span is divided into 4 compartments we can judge how the native shall fare by the houses 1 to 3, 4, to 6, 7 to 9 and 10 to 12 in each part of his life respectively. Planet in No. 11, its position and placement shall give a glimpse of worldly status of the native. This can be modified by the condition of house No. 12. For improvement of the position of 12th house we look to house No. 1 and it's planets. In other words, we can improve and get better results in house No. 12 if we can somehow improve the position of planets in lagna. If lagna is vacant we should go to house No. 2 for improvement.

Restrictions of Lal Kitab

If an exalted planet is placed in its own house, the natal is supposed not to donate anything related to that planet.

Planet: Restricted
Moon: Milk, Rice, Silver, Pearl
Mars: Sweets
Sun: Jaggery, Wheat
Mercury: Whole green gram, Green cloth, Pen, Flower, Mushroom
Jupiter: Gold, Yellow object, Book
Venus: Stitched clothes
Saturn: Wine, Non vegetarian food, Egg, Oil, Iron

Similarly, if the planets are situated in an unfavourable house and hold inferior position then person should never accept objects related to the planet as alms or gift.

Avoid Visiting Temple

If the 2nd house of the horoscope is vacant and there is a wicked planet in the 8th house, particularly if it is Saturn, then he should not go to any temple. The natal is advised to offer his salutations to God from outside.

Going to temple should also be avoided if the 2nd house of the horoscope is vacant and there is inimical planet placed in 6, 8, 12 house.

Moon in the 6th House

If he donates milk or water, gets a well dug or repairs a pond out of charity, then there shall always be fear of death; the familv shall diminish in size.

Saturn in 8th House

If he gets charitable houses and inns constructed, then he shall himself become homeless and poor.

Saturn Ist, Jupiter 5th House

If a copper coin or vessel is given as alm to beggar, then he shall lose his son.

Jupiter 10th House, Moon 4th House

If he gets a place of worship built then he is likely to be levied false charges and may even be hanged.

Saturn 9th House

He should never adopt an orphan child. Moon 12th House

He should not feed saints, or arrange for free education of children. Otherwise at the end of his life he shall have no one to look after him.

Jupiter 9th House

Avoid donating clothes or the person shall himself be deprived of them.

Sun 7, 8th House

Donating anything in the morning and evening is as good as poison.

Some Special Yogas

(1) If Venus, Ketu or Moon are placed with Sun and Saturn, the person's wife, son and mother are likely to suffer.

(2) If Venus, Ketu and Moon are placed with Sun and Mars, then the natal's wife, son (22 24 years), parents are likely to be ill.

(3) If Venus is placed in the 3rd house and Sun, Moon and Ketu are placed in the 9th house then the natal might undertake a foreign journey at the invitation of a lady.

(4) When Sun and Ketu are placed together then natal's mother and son both shall suffer.

(5) If Ketu is placed in the 4th house and Rahu is seated in the 10th house and the natal has a child before the age of 34 42 then he must be sure that he is not the father of the child.

(6) When Jupiter is placed in the 6th  house, natal's father suffers from respiratory trouble (not asthma); he may lose gold.

(7) Mercury in the 2nd house indicates that there are knots in the yarn of the house which keeps the destiny entangled. It should be set free.

(8) Moon placed in the 6th house causes problem to mother. He is advised to keep rabbit in the house for the welfare of his own children. If a rabbit dies, another should be replaced.

(9) Natal is not in very friendly terms with his father if the Jupiter is placed in 7th house. He should wear coral.

(10) Venus and Ketu placed in 5th house cause an obstacle in progeny.

(11) Venus and Ketu together cause matrimony. The person gets good news and happiness.

(12) Venus present in the 4th house indicates two marriages. It is advisable that the couple marries each other again with all the rituals of marriage.

(13) If Venus is alone in 2, 4, or 7th house then the person may have a number of living wives.

(14) If Sun and Venus are placed together then the wife shall suffer from disease related to blood. She may die after operation. He may have 2 sons.

(15) If Mercury is placed in 1, 5, 9 or 12th house then the natal may have only one wife irrespective of the fact that he has children or not.

(16) The person has 2 uncles and 2 brothers if Mars is placed in the 6th house.

(17) The in laws are good for nothing if Venus is placed in 2nd house.

(18) The natal is inauspicious to maternal uncle and maternal grand parents if Ketu is placed in 9th house.

(19)  A person undergoes eye operation when Saturn and Moon come into conflict.

(20) A person builds a house when Saturn and Jupiter are placed together but in this situation the wife shall be unhappy.

(21)  A person suffers from high blood pressure if Sun is in the 6th and Mercury in the 12th house.

(22)  The wife dies if Sun is in the 6th and Venus is in the 12th house.

(23) The natal is not able to build his own house if Venus is in the 3rd house. If by chance it is made, it shall not be occupied or some bad omen may befall.

(24)  Natal falls for a widow and ruins his life if Venus is in the 2nd house.

(25)  One prospers after marriage if Venus is in the 7th house.

(26) The auspicious time for marriage is when Jupiter and Venus come in the Ist and the 7th house. Even after the marriage whenever this position of the planet is there, there will be some auspicious occasion or happiness in the family.

(27) If Cancer is in the lagna, Rahu in the 2nd house, Mercury in the 8th house and Sun in the 9th house, then the natal shall be a reputed astrologer, and become more proficient day by day without being assisted by anyone.

(28) if Gemini is in the Lagna, its lord Mercury in the I 1th house along with Sun and if Jupiter has Lagna in it's aspect, then the natal shall succeed in everything he does.

(29) If Moon is placed in the house of Aquarius and Jupiter is in the house of Cancer then the natal is a man of refined literature.

(30) The natal is very lustful if Mars and Venus are placed together in the Lagna Aquarius. He may even be imprisoned owing to his loose character.

(31) A person is defamed by his son if Mars, Ketu or Sun are placed in the 5th house.

(32) A man becomes insane in his youth if the Lagna is Scorpio, Sun is placed in the Lagna and Mars and Mercury are in the 2nd house. He is likely to spend his life in confinement.

(33) Please be careful of marriage if Lagna is in Pisces and Mars is placed in the Lagna. There may be divorce in six months.

(34) A person might lose his first child if the lord of third house is placed in 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5th house.

(35) A person born between 13 April to 23 April is a distinguished person in comparison to others, as during this period the Sun has a prominent and superior position.

Raj Yog

(1) Mutual relation of 9th, 10th house leads to Raj Yog. If the planets of the 9th and the 10th house are seated in their own place, it is not very effective.

(2) When the lords of both the houses exchange their places, there is probability of strong Raj Yog.

(3) Even if both the planets are placed in the 9th house (house of destiny) together, it shall be very favourable.

(4) There is Raj Yog if either of planets is seated in its Lagna.

(5) The natal is an imminent man if the planets of 9th and 10th house are placed in the Lagna.

(6) There is Raj Yog when the Lord of the first house is in 10th house and the Lord of 10th house is in Ist house.

Planets of which sign and house will have effect according to the years of age

There are certain important things to be considered while making analysis of a lal kitab kundali. It is necessary to study the effects of planets in signs and houses on the basis of the years of a person’s life. Thus, it is important to analyze which years will have influence on the which sign and house in a lal kitab kudali.

  • Aries - Effects of this sign can be seen in 1 to 3 , 37 to 39, 73 to 75 and 109 to 111 years of the native life.
  • Taurus - Effects of this sign can be seen in 4 to 6, 40 to 42, 76 to 78 and 112 to 114 years.
  • Gemini - Effects of this sign can be seen in 7 to 9, 43 to 45, 79 to 81 and 115 to 117 years.
  • Cancer - Effects of this sign can be seen in 19 to 21, 55 to 57 and 91 to 93.
  • Leo - Effects of this sign can be seen in 22 to 24, 58 to 60 and 94 to 96 years.
  • Virgo - Effects of this sign can be seen in 25 to 27, 61 to 63 and 97 to 99 years.
  • Libra - Effects of this sign can be seen in 28 to 30, 64 to 66 and 100 to 102 years.
  • Scorpio - Effects of this sign can be seen in 31 to 33, 67 to 69 and 103 to 105.
  • Sagittarius - Effects of this sign can be seen in 34 to 36, 70 to 72, 106 to 108 and 118 to 120 years.
  • Capricorn - Effects of this sign can be seen in 10 to 12, 46 to 48 and 82 to 84 years.
  • Aquarius - Effects of this sign can be seen in 13 to 15, 49 to 51 and 85 to 87 years.
  • Pisces - Effects of this sign can be seen in 16 to 18, 52 to 54 and 88 to 90 years.

For instance: A 25 year old person will have great influence of planets in Virgo sign on his life. However, if there is no planet in the Virgo sign, then Mercury being the lord of Virgo sign will be considered. The results will be based on the house in which Mercury is placed.

Band Muthi ka khaana in Lal Kitab Kundali

  • 1, 4, 7, 10 - Things brought along (Saath laaya maal)
  • 9, 11, 12 - Childhood conditions
  • 2, 3, 5, 6 - Children and old age
  • 8 - Diseases and miseries
  • 1, 7, 4, 10 - Handful of treasure brought
  • 3, 11, 5, 9 - Treasure will be achieved from other sources
  • 2, 6, 12 - Financial support from friends and relatives

The position, speed and count of planets is decided in Lal Kitab. Twelve houses have been defined for twelve signs. These 12 houses include 9 planets. Four houses are left because the seventh house includes 2 planets. The vacant houses are aspected by Jupiter.


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