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Effects Of Vastu Shastra

Posted by Rameshwar Prasad in Vastu Blogs
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Vaastu Shastra is a past heritage containing information regarding auspicious selection of place for house, shape of plot, extension to plot, angle of plot, slope of plot, arrangement of roads, planning and placement of different components of the building, placement of entrance, structural layout and orientation of house to be in harmony with five elements and eight directions etc.

If the critical consideration is given for few points and application of the same in our life, it will give the people living in such Houses, Apartments, Bungalows etc., with good health, peace of mind and prosperity.

The size of the House is not at all a matter of fortunes, but Vaastu. Even a small house, built on the principles of Vaastu, makes the dwellers prosper. Our plot as well as our building should be made according to the Vaastu Shastra. Vaastu does not distinguish between a good man or a bad man. It has it's own vibrant powers on human beings. Hence, even the cruel men living in Good (Vaastu) houses are also happy and prosperous. If good men live in a bad (Vaastu) house then they will have to suffer, definitely.

It is a pity to abuse God or Fate for our ill luck. Sunlight and wind are common to the world. They won't differentiate among males or females, living or dead, good or bad etc. They give results as per their divine laws. Instead of blaming them, we should open the windows and doors to get sunlight and wind, as per Vaastu to get better results.

Take a kitchen knife; we should handle the knife carefully to cut an apple or vegetable. If we casually use the knife, then it will make a wound in our fingers. It is not the fault of the knife, but it is ours. Isn't it? Likewise, we should carefully handle Vaastu Shastra for our betterment in a sincere way. By doing so, we are enticing the Five Bhoothas and EIGHT LORDS to our helping side. They will guard us and give courage to conquer the world.

Alas! Many people are neglecting the Shastras as tales and imaginations and are discarding them as obsolete. They consider themselves as rationalists and fall prey easily to ill fate. But, when they suffer from problems or turbulences, they simply blame their time or fate for their lapses. How funny it is!

Every man's life is a continuous struggle with his fate. He can easily win over fate by following the Vaastu Shastra. He can avoid maximum problems in his life. It is foolish to blame God, for his known mistakes, which are responsible for his sufferings.

Many people realise their mistakes only after experiencing bad results. Hence, the Vaastu Shastra is kept as a secret Shastra. It is everyone's birthright to live happily and be successful in his life by following the ways laid down by our great Rishis.

It is very important to consult a Vaastu Specialist before selecting a site or constructing a building for his residence or office. The ups and downs of the plots (or the undulations) give, definite results and decide the fortunes of the plots.

Some important results are following:
1. If the West side is elevated and the East side is lowered, then it will make the owner rich.
2. If the East side is up and the West side is down, then the owner will become poor.
3. If the North side is up and South side is down, this will give very bad result to the head of the family. It will cause many accidents or threats to his life.
4. If the South side is elevated and the North side is lower, this will give very good fortunes to the occupants.
5. If the NE is higher and the SW is lower it will give many bad results to the occupants. Many threats will be there for the life of occupants.
6. If the SE is up and NW is low, this is good for all. It will be good for ladies health.
7. If NW is up and SE is low, then fire accidents or theft chances are there; bad for health of ladies.
8. If SW is higher arid NE is lower, this will give more beneficial results. Fame and fortunes are assured. Health will be improved.
9. If East and Southeast sides are up and Northwest and West sides are down, more problems and struggles are more likely.
10. If South East and South are elevated than Northwest and North, then many beneficial results are definite to the occupants.
11. If South and Southwest sides are higher than North and Northeast sides, it will make the occupant Wealthy; Longevity and Children's development will be there.
12. If the Southwest and West sides are up and Northeast and North are down, this will also give very good results. Income through many sources is assured.
13. If Northwest and West are up and Southeast and East sides are down, this will give more enemies and cause fire accidents.
14. If North and Northwest sides are elevated, and South and Southeast are lower, then more diseases will prevalent and karma diseases will be there.
15. If North and Northwest sides are up and South and Southwest are down, the good characters of males will be lost and imprisonment chances are also there.
16. If East and Northeast sides are higher and West and Southeast sides are lower, there may not be children or problems to them. More diseases will be there.
17. If Southwest, Northwest and Northeast sides are up and the Southeast side is down, then there will be loss through fire, theft and very cruel results to the occupants.
20. If the West, Southwest and Southeast sides are elevated and Northwest side is down, it will impoverish the occupants. This will generate diseases to the occupants.
19. If the Northeast, Southeast and Southwest sides are up, this will also give very bad results, poverty, enmity, diseases etc. and these will be definite.
20. If the Southeast is up and Southwest, Northeast and Northwest sides are down, this will give Paralytic attack or karma diseases to the occupants.
21. If Southwest side is up and other sides and corners are down, this will be very beneficial and give success, fame and financial prospects to the occupants.

The above said results are general and may vary a little according to the local conditions of the sites.