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Vastu For New Year

Posted by Rameshwar Prasad in Vastu Blogs

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As the old year comes to an end, we often find ourselves critiquing past endeavors and developing new resolutions and commitments for the New Year. First celebrate how much you have learned over the past year, and as you move into the New Year, do so with the joy and confidence that you are wiser than you have ever been. Traditionally, some people feel the New Year is a perfect time to get off to a fresh start with whatever changes they’d like to make to enhance each and every area of their lives.

Like millions of people, you may be looking to the New Year as an opportunity for a fresh start and new routines. As you prepare your New Year’s resolutions, you should consider incorporating the principles of Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui.

A look back at your major and minor successes, heartwarming moments and moments of heartbreak, new and old ties, friendships and relationships, all formed during the journey of life. This is the foundation on which the dreams and aspirations of the New Year take a concrete shape.

There is a Proverb that says:
"When there is light in the soul, There is beauty in the person, When there is beauty in the person, There is harmony in the home. When there is harmony in the home, There is honor in the nation. When there is honor in the nation, There is peace in the world".

Vastu for New Year


To increase the circulation of beneficial ‘prana’ energy in your house follow the three Vaastu norms of cleansing, restoring and enhancing.

Cleansing is a form of decluttering and getting your home rid of every extraneous useless object that is clogging up the energies in your basement, staircase, closets, box beds, drawers and kitchen almirahs.

The restoring involves identifying every area that is dark or dingy, every piece of equipment that is not functioning and getting it repaired. It also includes identifying areas, which have fallen into disuse and family issues that you have been avoiding for some time.

Removing the cobwebs from dark dingy, disused corners and airing them occasionally removes the negativity from your house. Keep all watches and clocks in functioning condition. Leaky taps must be repaired immediately, similarly choked up drains must be cleared up and declogged. Keep your kitchen clean and tidy and the gas burners unblocked and clean always. Keep the brooms and mops hidden, and out of sight.

Vastu for New Year


The enhancers range from massive paint jobs to simpler acts like adding lampshades, torans, pictures and artifacts and installing small fountains and birdbaths. Hang some bells, bring a new plant, display auspicious symbols in the living room and decorate the main entrance of your house and workplace.

Everything has it's place : Put your family photographs in the east. Hang a wind chime in the north to get your career flowing. Think in pairs in the southwest, i.e., two candlesticks, a photo of you and your mate or two pictures hanging side by side. Place a lucky jade plant in the southeast as your symbolic money tree. Candles are great in the south to illuminate fame and reputation. Awards and achievements can be placed here, too. Display children’s artworks in the west. Hang college diplomas and academic honors in the northeast. Place symbols of heavenly support, like angels, in the northwest.

Just do it! : Take off your shoes at the door and honor your sacred space. No mail on counter tops. Have a place for your car keys. Like always, keep toilet lids down and bathroom doors closed.

If it is broken, fix it! : Do an art and book survey and make sure you surround yourself with positive titles going into your subconscious. Make sure hallways are free from impediments like clutter on the floor.

Vastu for New Year


Sleep tight : When positioning your bed, sleep with your head against a solid wall. Have two matching bedside tables and two matching lamps in bedrooms of adults for balance and equality between the couple. Do not have items with water, like fountains or aquariums, in a bedroom. They can contribute to loss of prosperity.

Think balance : Again, think balance or yin and yang when decorating. Find a happy middle with light and dark, heavy and light objects, throughout your space. Make sure that it is neither too feminine nor too masculine.

Reduce stress : Leave the workday stresses just outside your front door. Create an entrance that engages your senses with fragrant flowers, beautiful art, colors that invite and soothe and calming music playing.

Improve your relationships: Couples should be aware that the bedroom should be more Yin - somewhat dark and quiet - to ensure not only a blissful rest, but also a safe, loving, and honored space in which they can be their selves. Lower light wattage, close drapes, use solid patterns, and muted colors to help achieve a more Yin space.

Vastu for New Year


The master of house should have his bedroom in the Southwest or South side of the premises. A bedroom in Southwest is helpful for maintaining authority and a balanced outlook.

Students should study in Northeast rooms facing East. They should sleep with their heads towards East.

For Financial Stability, keep the Northeast clean, light and free of clutter. An underground water source in the North of Northeast of a house can contribute a lot of prosperity for the household. Alternatively, a fountain or aquarium can be placed in the North of Northeast of the house.

Vastu for New Year

Welcome the New Year by lighting candles and burning incense, especially in the dark corners of the house. If you are not the partying type, just organize a nice family feast.

Environment has a tremendous influence on well-being and ability to pursue goals. You will increase your chance for success significantly by paying attention to your surroundings and sensorial systems.

Dream for a good life, a joyous and happy tomorrow, let not the dream die! Strive and work hard for the realization of your dreams. When you are in tune with the universe, you are in tune with yourself.

Wish you all good health, wealth, happiness, love and peace for the New Year.

Vastu for New Year