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Lal Kitab Concepts

Pakka ghar of Planet

Pakka Ghar is nothing but  the concept of natural signification of houses. Sun's Pakka ghar is Lagna. The other planets Pakka Ghars are as under:

Sun Lagna
Moon 4th house
Mars 3rd & 8th house
Mercury 7th house
Jupiter 2nd, 5th, 9th and 11th house
Venus 7th house
Saturn 8th and 10th house
Rahu 12th house
ketu 6th house


Friends and Foes of Planets

Normally we find that the seven planets are friendly with the planets which fall into 2, 4, 5, 8, 9, 12th position from their original triangular zodiac. The remaining planetary lords of the zodiacs are enemies. If any of these is both friend as well as enemy then he becomes neutral.

This can be explained by an illustration The original zodiac house of Sun is Leo. Moon is the lord of it's 12th house whose zodiac is Cancer. Hence the Sun and the Moon are friends. Mars is fourth (Scorpio) from Leo and (Lord of ninth Aries). Therefore they are friends. Similarly, the zodiac Gemini of Mercury is in the eleventh house of Leo. Hence Mercury tends to be enemy but Virgo is in the second house of Leo. Therefore Mercury becomes a friend. Consequently, Mercury becomes neutral to the Sun.

If we carefully study the relationship of the planets we discover that no planets besides Rahu and Ketu are inimical to Moon. Jupiter is not inimical to any planet.

Relationship of Rahu Ketu is determined on the basis of divine and demonic planets. They are enemies of the divine (Dev) planets like Sun, Moon, Mars and Jupiter and friendly with Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and Mercury.

Each planet has his friends as well as his enemies just as we human beings do. The list for illustration is given below.

Planet Friends Enemies
Sun Jupiter, Mars, Moon Venus, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu
Moon Sun, Mercury Ketu, Rahu
Mars Sun, Moon, Jupiter Mercury, Ketu
Mercury Sun, Venus, Rahu Moon
Jupiter Sun, Moon, Mars Venus, Mercury
Venus Saturn, Mercury, Ketu Sun, Moon, Rahu
Saturn Mercury, Venus, Rahu Sun, Moon, Mars
Rahu Mercury, Ketu, Saturn Sun, Venus, Mars
Ketu Venus, Rahu Moon, Mars


A part from friendship or enmity of planets there is also a concept of equivalent planets. The planets so grouped are supposed to be equal in strength. The list of planets is as given under.

Mercury Sun
Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars Moon
Venus, Saturn, and Rahu Mars
Saturn, Ketu, Mars and Jupiter Mercury
Rahu, Ketu and Saturn Jupiter
Mars and Jupiter Venus
Ketu and Jupiter Saturn
Jupiter and Moon Rahu
Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and Sun Ketu


Mercury and Sun or Rahu and Mars are posited in one sign together Mercury or Rahu would always be quiet. Moon and Sun when posited in any sign with Rahu and Ketu respectively will be less powerful.


Artificial Planets

Kitab has the concept that a group of two planets are equivalent to planet noted against each. The list is given below.

Mercury Sun
Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars Moon
Venus, Saturn, and Rahu Mars
Saturn, Ketu, Mars and Jupiter Mercury
Rahu, Ketu and Saturn Jupiter
Mars and Jupiter Venus
Ketu and Jupiter Saturn
Jupiter and Moon Rahu
Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and Sun Ketu
Planets individually equal to Planets
Mercury Sun
Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars Moon
Venus, Saturn, and Rahu Mars
Saturn, Ketu, Mars and Jupiter Mercury
Rahu, Ketu and Saturn Jupiter
Mars and Jupiter Venus
Ketu and Jupiter Saturn
Jupiter and Moon Rahu
Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and Sun Ketu


Sin and Sinful Planets

Often there is reference of  Paap (Sin) and Paapi (Sinful) planets in Lal Kitab. From Paap or sin is meant Rahu and Ketu from Paapi grahas the reference is to three planets namely Rahu, Ketu and Saturn. Also some astrologers consider Mars is included with them. If any other  planet is sitting with any of these planet then the sitting planet also become a paapi planet.


Kayam Graha or Established Planet

If a planet reside in a house then it becomes the lord of the same house. The planet which can give his results freely and without hindrance is called an established planet. In other words no enemy planet should occupy his houses of lordship, exaltation, debility and of  his signification. He should also not be a saathi planet or comrade and he should have no aspect of any planet.


Dharmi Grahas or Righteous Planets

Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are known as Paapi Planets but they also some times become the Dharmi or righteous planets. Rahu and Ketu become righteous in the 4th house or anywhere in the chart with Moon. Similarly Saturn becomes righteous when posited in 11th house or anywhere in the chart with Jupiter.

By becoming righteous they do not give good results or become benefices. They shall not simply afflict the house or the planet. They become neutral. They on there part will not promote or cause any bad effects.


Muqabla ke Graha or Matching Planets

This is a enormous thing in Lal Kitab. Each planet has his own friends who behave in a friendly way. Some times one of such planets may occupy the house of lordship or the Pakka Ghar of his friendly planet and that planet does not occupy any such house of the former. In such a case the two planets, although friends may not remain the true friends. The behavior of the former will be suspected. He may at times spoil the results of  his friendly planets. The planet shall be known as matching planets. Sun and Mars are friends. If  Mars occupies the Lagna and Sun does not occupy such house of mars, Mars behavior under such circumstances may or may not be friendly to Sun. Mars would be called a matching planet to Sun. Both can harm each other.

Classifications Of Planets 

On the basis of gender

Male Planets: Sun, Mars, Jupiter
Female Planets: Moon, Venus
Neutral Planets: Mercury, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu

On the basis of caste

Brahmin Planets: Jupiter, Venus
Khatriya Planets: Sun, Mars
Vaishya Planets: Moon, Mercury
Shudra Planets: Saturn, Rahu, Ketu

On the basis of virtue

Satvika Planets: Sun, Moon, Jupiter
Rajsika Planets: Mercury, Venus
Tamsika Planets: Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu

The Satvika planets motivate the natal into being honest, kind hearted, soft spoken and ardent devotee. The Rajsika planets inspire the man to become an artist and famous. He is involved in the world of domestic family life. The Tamsika planet makes the person hot tempered, deceitful, foolish, lazy, etc.

Auspicious planets

Moon, Mercury, Ketu and Jupiter are serially most auspicious planets.

Wicked Planets (Krur)

Sun, Mars, Saturn and Rahu are serially more wicked.

Mercury is in itself an auspicious planet, but it becomes an evil with wicked planets. It becomes all the more wicked if placed with auspicious planets.

Moon is also primarily an auspicious planet but from the sixth day of Krishna Pakash to Amavasya the strength of Moon is less powerful.

From Pratipada of Shukla Paksha to the tenth day it's power is of medium strength.

From eleventh day of Shukla Paksha to fifth day of Krishna Paksha it is in its full form, i.e. with maximum power.

Difference between the effect of Jupiter and Venus

Jupiter is a divine teacher (guru) while Venus is a devil teacher (guru). Venus helps people in acquiring materialistic values while Jupiter helps the person in obtaining spiritual values. Venus makes the person selfish while Jupiter inspires him to think of the well being of others.

Difference between the cruelty of Saturn and Mars

Although Saturn is cruel but its ultimate result is good. Just as gold emerges out sparkling after being burnt in the furnace of fire, Saturn purifies the man by means of punishments. It has an effect of catharsis, the man emerges as a free and pious man after getting liberated of the evil deed. Mars, on the other hand, fills the man with excitement and cheerfulness; the man is inspired by egoistic feelings which drive him to evil and violent deeds.

On the basis of Feet

Two legged (Dwipaya): Jupiter, Venus

Four legged (Chatushpod): Mars, Saturn

Winged (Pakshi Roop): Sun, Mercury

Insects (Keet): Moon

On the basis of aspect

Straight aspect (urdhua): Sun, Mars

Equal aspect (sam): Moon, Jupiter

Angular aspect (tirchhi): Venus, Mercury

Half aspect (adhyo): Saturn, Rahu

Time of the planet

Morning: Jupiter, mercury
Noon: Sun, Mars
Afternoon: Moon,Venus
Evening: Rahu, Saturn

Lords of Directions

East: Sun
South east: Venus
South: Mars
South west: Rahu
West: Saturn
North west: Moon
North: Mercury
North east: Jupiter

Lords of the Loks

 Devlok: Jupiter
 Pitralok: Sun, Mars
 Manushyalok: Moon,Venus

Diseases Caused Due to the Combination of  Planets

Jupiter + Rahu or Jupiter + Ketu: Asthma, Respiratory ailment, Tuberculosis
Rahu + Ketu: Piles
Moon + Rahu: Insanity, Pneumonia
Sun+ Venus: Asthma, Respiratory ailment, Tuberculosis
Mercury + Jupiter: Asthma, Respiratory ailment, Tuberculosis
Mars + Saturn: Leprosy, Blood related disease, Weight loss
Venus + Rahu: Impotency
Venus + Ketu: Disease related to Ketu, Nightfall
Jupiter + Mars (debilitated): Jaundice
Sun + Saturn:  Jaundice

Er. Rameshwar Prasad invites you to the Wonderful World of Lal Kitab (Red Book).

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