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Vastu For Marriage And Married Life

Posted by Rameshwar Prasad in Vastu Blogs
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Weddings are one of the most momentous days in our lives because we are able to express our love to one. Marriage is the most important turn in one’s life. If delayed it leads to tensions and depression. Marriage compatibility is the most important aspect in everyone's life. Because each one enters a redesigned life after marriage. Lot of learning and sharing takes place between the partners. Some disharmony may erupt between partners. It may be due to subsequent clashing of existing negative forces in the house.

From a Vastu perspective, if your home is not in proper balance, those things that you desire most in life can elude you causing sadness, disappointment, and lost opportunities. Relationships, like other areas of your life, can be compromised when your home is not in balance with the natural forces that permeate the world and our Universe.

In nature all five elements (earth, water, fire, air and space) are in balance. When building, very little attention is placed on the importance of creating a structure that benefits the well-being and happiness of the inhabitants or that brings in support from solar and magnetic energies.

Vastu Shastra is the architectural science that can create maximum harmony in a relationship through a unique process of balancing the five elements in your home. It allows for the beneficial energy to be readily available to support your desire for peace, happiness, and fulfillment.

Each of the five elements is associated with a direction and each direction has a particular influence on us. Different aspects of relationships are most optimally supported in a specific direction. When there is stress caused by finances, sexual imbalances, overwork, inability to communicate, children, and health challenges, relationships do not thrive.

The northeast area of your residence is associated with the water element and influences the growth of your relationships. The northeast is good for entrances. If this area has proper Vastu, your finances will be good and this aspect will have a positive affect on your relationships. If there is a toilet, a missing corner, clutter, heating or lighting systems, or blockage in the northeast, growth of your relationships will stagnate. If your bedroom is in this area, there will be a lot of tension.

The southeast area of you home is associated with the fire element. The southeast influences the energy needed to have lively relationships. Kitchens, heating and electrical systems work well in the southeast. If this area is balanced according to Vastu, there will be passion in your life and relationships. If there is a cut or blockage in this area, your relationships will suffer. If the master bedroom is in the southeast, there will be quarreling.

The southwest area of your residence is associated with the earth element. The southwest influences the stability of your relationships. The optimum place for the master bedroom is in the southwest. Whether or not this is possible, having your bed in the southwest area of your bedroom with the head of the bed on the south wall is very beneficial for positive relationships. If this area has proper Vastu, your relationships will be very solid and grounded. In this area, if there is a missing corner, toilet, or heating source, there will be some obstacles to your relationships.

The northwest area of your home is associated with the air element. The northwest influences the ability to create and communicate. Toilets and guest bedrooms work well in the northwest and support mental stability, attraction, and clear communications. If there is a missing corner, no windows, or very little space between your home and another building, there will be mental instability, poor communication, and a lack of attraction between people.

The central area of a residence is associated with the space element. If this area is open there will be good communication in relationships. If there is clutter, toilets, a kitchen or no open space in the central area of a home, there will be disagreements.

Relationships are difficult to keep fresh and exciting. After a few years, we become complacent in our surroundings. Move your stuff to bring in new energy to spark your relationship. You can create harmony, better lady luck, immense happiness, peace and serenity by applying following tips in your house.

  • 1. Buy new bed sheets for your bed. Think exotic rather than practical.
  • 2. Put a fresh coat of paint on your bedroom walls.
  • 3. Place some fresh flowers in your room. Red roses or tulips are a great addition.
  • 4. Move your stuff around. Do not keep your bed in the same position year after year. Just moving your bed an inch or two will change the flow of energy in the room.
  • 5. Open the windows everyday to let the old energy out.
  • 6. Do a thorough cleaning at least once a year. Declutter the room of clothes and objects that are no longer used by you and your spouse.
  • 7. Close the bathroom and closet doors in your bedrooms. Keep them clean and clutter free.
  • 8. Read poetry to each other.
  • 9. Keep the television out of the bedroom.
  • 10. Play soft and soothing music in the bedroom to bring romance into the air.
  • 11. Have luxurious and soft furnishings. Keep the cold designs for another room.
  • 12. Place a crystal in your window to bring the colors of the rainbow into your bedroom.
  • 13. Place two objects of similar size on the bedside table to represent you and your partner.
  • 14. Have photos of your partner and you enjoying life.
  • 15. Jewelleries like mangalsutra, kangan, ear rings enhance the lady luck.
  • 16. Observing Karva Chauth by married women brings welfare, prosperity, good health and longevity for their husbands. It also shows that the lady cares for her man.
  • 20. An attractively made up face highlights the beauty of the lady and keeps the marriage on a strong hold.
  • 20. Use of red and pink colour, whether in clothes, jewellery or make up boosts the positive energies, bringing pleasures and happiness into the married life.
With the help of these small tips partners beconme more compatible they can lead a Happy, Comfortable and Prosperous Life.