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Readers Questions and Answers

Use Compass To Know Plot Directions

- Rameshwar Prasad, Vastu Consultant, Delhi, India.

Q. I am planning to buy a plot of land which has three faces: West, north and east. But on the west and north side corner, there is a small Ganesha temple. Is it okay to buy this plot? Please advise.

— Sirin Bhan, Noida

A. If the temple is small, then there is no problem.

Lord Ganesha is a kind and understanding deity. Go ahead with your purchase

We are planning to buy a house where the main entrance door faces east. The garage is in the front on north, i. e., northeast corner of house. The master bedroom on the first floor is on the southeast corner of house, the living ( drawing) room is on the west. There is a backyard the west side. The kitchen is in the southeast corner. Are there any problems with respect to Vaastu and if yes, what can we do to correct those.

— Sandy Singh, New Delhi

If the garage is covering the northeast corner of the plot then it is a major fault.

You have to reduce the size of the garage to open the northeastern corner of plot. Master bedroom in southeast is also not preferable.

If there is another room in the southwest corner, you can use it as master bedroom. Open space in western backyard should be less than eastern side. Kitchen in the southeast is a good location. Go ahead and plan accordingly.

How do we know what direction the plot faces when the corners are north, south, east and west and the walls are northeast, southeast, northwest and southwest?

— Raj Dhingra, Noida

Use magnetic compass for finding directions and degree of tilt. The direction you face while going out from the plot is the facing direction of the plot. If the house is more than 30 degrees off north orientation then this is a corner plot. Like if you face northeast during exit, it is northeast facing plot.

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