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Philosophy of Red Book

Philosophy of Lal Kitab

Lal Kitab is essentially palmistry. The astrological contents that are added to it are to reflect the findings of a palmist or rather to corroborate it.

The palm has been divided into 12 parts just as the natural Zodiac is divided into twelve signs like Aries Taurus etc.

Some types of shapes have been allotted to planets. These shapes wherever they exist on palm are supposed to be occupying particular houses of the birth chart. These signs represent the planets they are allotted to. Thus we have the twelve houses and the nine planets posted in the chart having twelve houses. The astrological chart is ready on the basis of the palm. They are often different from the birth charts prepared on astrological principles. The authenticity of astrological charts is to be corrected by the chart prepared from palm imprints. How charts are made from the palm is not our subject here. We propose only to discuss and deal with astrological contents of the book.

Whatever be the system or method of preparation the chart has ascendant or the lagna and the other twelve houses numbered serially. Though they are the 12 sings of the Zodiac the signs have no significance in the chart. For signs, we may say, each horoscope is to be treated just like the horoscope of Kala Purusha; that is, house No. 1 should be considered as identical with Aries in all cases. As Sun is exalted in Aries and debilitated in Libra, we say that Sun is exalted in Lagna and debilitated in the 7th house. The lordship of the houses will also go likewise. Mars is always the lagna Lord and Venus the 7th Lord.

In the palm we talk of lower Mars and upper Mars. In Lal Kitab's astrology we have two Mars, one a malefic or bad Mars and the other a benefic or a kind of good Mars. This is one peculiarity of Lal Kitab's astrology. Both the Mars have their own properties.

As regards the comparative power of the planets it is the same as given in classical texts but at the same time we come across the concept of equivalent planets. Mercury for instance, is considered to be equivalent to Sun in power of giving results.

We have a concept of blind or sleeping planets and blind or sleeping houses in Lal Kitab. The planets are supposed to have an aspect of some houses and affect the results of those houses. In Lal Kitab if the aspecting planet has no planet in the aspected house the aspecting planet becomes a blind planet in the aspected house the aspecting planet becomes a blind planet himself. It may be pertinent to note that the aspect of the planet is not the same in each house. Sun if posited in house 2 shall not aspect the 8th house but the 6th house only and if 6th house is unoccupied sun becomes blind. In short it is the house that grants aspect to the planet. The house is blind if it has no planets in it. This is the concept in astrology also. We call that house as weak.

There is also a concept of the artificial planets. A group of two planets together form one particular artificial planet or a substitute of that planet. Sun and Venus together form one artificial Moon. Likewise there are artificial planets for each of the planets including the nodes Rahu and Ketu.

There is also a concept of sacrificial goats. If, suppose, Sun is afflicted by Saturn the effects of Sun shall be affected. This will not affect the effects of any other planet like Mars, Mercury or Rahu etc.

According to Lal Kitab the affliction of Sun shall be passed on to Ketu. In other words the affliction would affect the results of Ketu. The affliction of Saturn would be spoilt. The wife of the native may die or suffer from miseries and troubles. It may be brought on record that such effects have actually been noticed although Saturn does not represent wife nor he is the significator of wife. Such results do need a deep research and the results are likely to enrich our astrology.

We have a basic assumption that a planet gives the results of the houses of his lordship and those of the house occupied by him. He may, according to some, also offer the results of house or houses of which he is the natural significator although we have our own reservations but the planet in Lal Kitab can give results of any house by applying suitable remedies. This is a revolutionary concept and really needs deep research work like the assumption of sacrificial goats referred to above.

These are some of the special features of Lal Kitab's astrology. They may look strang but it should be remembered that the basis of astrology in Lal Kitab is palmistry. Some of these features are useful in suggesting remedies. The concept of artificial planets particularly is of great help in remedies against planetary ills. Mercury is an enemy of Jupiter. If Mercury afflicts Jupiter we may try to help Jupiter because the group of Jupiter and Rahu together is an artificial Mercury. If Jupiter is propitiated Mercury shall lose half of his strength and Jupiter shall become extra strong. In case Jupiter afflicts Mercury we should propitiate Venus because Sun and Venus constitute Jupiter. By strengthening Venus we shall be increasing power of Mercury (Venus is Mercury's friend) and decreasing the power of affliction of Jupiter.

Lal Kitab Debts

Lal Kitab Debts are made by the effect of your work done in the last birth. The debts from the last birth will now come into your current birth. So, you can be aware about your debts under this section and accordingly execute the remedies of Lal Kitab in order to reduce the burden of those debts. Now, have a glimpse on your debts here, if any and be prepared in advance.

Lal Kitab Father Debt

Marks (Reason) :-
Stopping of temple’s construction, breaking of the temple, cutting of the Papaya tree, changing of dynastic Brahmin or breaking the relation with him, growing of a papaya tree on the roof or wall or shadow of the papaya tree at home and the religious place is to be established connected to the house etc are some reasons of these debts.

Symptoms (Incidents) :-
Sudden hair fall or hair gets white without any reason in the early age. Overnight stolen of gold, wear rosary of rounded manak, barriers in education, spread out speculations, being innocent, need to go to jail, regular marriage break ups or finalized relation beak up etc.

Remedies (Father’s debt) : -
• Accumulate wealth from each of the family members and donate to the religious places.
• Take care of papaya tree.
• Make an establishment of the statue of God Vishnu or Sai baba in any temple.
• Always wear a turban on the head.


Lal Kitab Mother Debt

Symptoms :-
Presence of pure and worshipped river, pond or well near to the residence or throw dirt in that etc.

Disastrous results :-
The person leaves his/her mother out of the house for encountering several problems. His/her mind remains restless and repeatedly attempts to suicide. The person starts shouting while seeing any sea or pond. The person misbehaves with his/her mother and gets cursed by her. Apart from this, sudden death of milk giving animal in the house, frequent wastage of wealth or one who comes to help the person to be harmed etc.
Remedies ( Mother's Debt) :-

• Accumulate silver in equal quantity from each of the family member and Leave it in the flowing water in a day.
• Offer milk to the old women.
• Make the construction of Vradhashram.


Lal Kitab Self Debt

Symptoms : -
The person discards his/her customs. He/she changes his/her religion and suffers from heart diseases, body weakness, problem in eyes and liver diseases. He/she always fears from Government system.

Disastrous consequences (symptoms) :-
Initially, the person reaches on the peak of glory, earns and reserves wealth, achieves acclaim and reputation. Suddenly, a plenty of problems come in his/her way. He/she spends or loses the entire wealth or it is stolen. Acclaim and reputation decay in the clay.

Child gets aborted. Even after so many prayers, the individual does not get any child. If he/she gets a child, then the child suffers from diseases on regular basis or die. The body remains affected completely and body parts get iced. The person finds problem in moving his/her body and gets regular spits in his/her mouth.

Remedies (Self Debt) :-
• Perform Yoga after accumulating wealth from each member of the family.
• Worship at temple (Church, Mandir, Gurudwara, Dargah) on every Sunday.
• Give donation at religious places in the name of ancestors on every Amavasya.


Lal Kitab Relative Debt

Signs (reason) :-
Giving poison to friends or relatives, a fire in the ripe crop or to set somebody’s house in fire, to get a fertile buffalo killed etc are the symbols of familial debt.

Symptoms :-
The person doesn’t maintain relationships with his/her dearest one and relatives, he/she hates them. Evil incidents occur on child’s birthdays etc.

Reaching at adult stage, person starts getting respect. Starts saving a lot of money. Property yields. People who try to create hurdles in his/her way, they lost themselves. Success certainly appears. But suddenly dice reverses. Lot of troubles occurs. Child birth doesn’t take place or if child takes birth, it dies or if alive, it becomes handicapped. Lack of blood in the body, have Cyclops eye, fighting, doing black magic while digging the foundation etc are the symptoms.

Remedies (Relative's Debt) :-
. Donate money to any doctor after collecting equal amount of money from all family members.
. Distribute medicines free of cost.
. Make the arrangement of medicines for children in the school.


Lal Kitab Daughter/Sister Debt

Sign (reason) :-
Someone’s sister or daughter to be killed or tortured. Selling innocent child or keeping tendency of revenge.

Forbidding result :-
Unfortunate events occur abruptly at the time of sister or daughter’s marriage or at the time of their birth. The person ruins completely. Also, if the person is wealthy then becomes bankrupt. Sometimes, unlucky events occur at the time of male children’s birth.

It impacts badly on individuals’ body. Teeth fall. Sense of smell loses.

Remedies (Sister's / Daughter's Debt) : -
. Collect yellow Cody from all the family members. Make them scorch and flow that ashes in the water.
. Wear gold ring in nose after piercing for ninety six days.
. Visit orphanage for upbringing the poor and orphan children.


Lal Kitab Female Debt

Signs (reason) :-
Kill the woman at the time of delivery due to any greed, hatred from cow, usurp someone else’s woman, stay at south door home, having own wife and still make relations with another woman.

Symptoms :-
If Venus hurts then it gives you unwanted results in which joy moments fill with mourns. If anyone dies at the time of marriage or anyone got paralysis or if some awful disease attacks then it is clear that due to female’s debt, Venus is affecting. One side wedding procession and palanquin and on the other side, bier and mourn is the symbol of Venus suffering. Agund of the person is disabled for no reason.

Remedies (Female's Debt) :-
. Feed 100 cows with green fodder in a day after collecting money from all the members of the family.
. Donate milky animal or cow to any poor person.
. Incur the expense of any poor girl's marriage.

Do any convenient solution.


Lal Kitab Unborn Debt

Reason :–
Cheat and harm people, who are in contacts, existence of a deserted graveyard along with the south wall of home. Below the threshold of the main door of the house, messy sewer flow.

Forbidding result :-
Rahu gives forbidding results suddenly. Within a very short span of time, misfortune knocks your door. Where justice is expected, one gets injustice. Criminal allegations like theft, fire, rape etc are imposed. Trials run in courts. Instead of being blameless, individual suffers a lot behind the bars or imprisonment. Black dog dies or misses. Nail of hands falls down. Ability to think reduces and enemy increases.

Remedies (Unborn Debt) :-
. Take one coconut from each of the family member and drop these altogether in a river.
. Keep a ponytail on head and live in combined family.
. Offer a coconut in Shivalaya on every Monday.


Lal Kitab Ruthless Debt

Reason :-
Slaying of creatures or grabbing of anybody’s house by cheating and do not pay the price.


Main door of the house is in the south direction. If construct a house by taking land from orphans or construct building in transit or on the roof of the well.

Forbidding result :-
Evil Saturn is responsible for demolition. Due to this, family face plagues. Fire tragedies occur. Suddenly, house collapses. Family members become the victim of troubles. They become disabled. Body hair starts falling. When Saturn suffers then hair fall specially occurs in eyelids and eye lines. Despite repeated efforts, business does not run.

Measures (Ruthless Debt) :-
. Offer food to 100 workers together in a day after collecting money from all the family members.
. Feed 100 fishes.
. Give bread to crows continuously for 43 days.

Make a solution as per the convenience.


Lal Kitab Natural/Divine Debt

Reason :-
Harm other’s dog or son due to bad intentions. Keep bad intentions towards relatives, urinary problem, sudden death of kids and deafness.

Forbidding result :-
Due to the bad effect of Ketu, male kid dies. At first, it is hard to get male kids and if it happens then he hardly survives. If he is alive, then he suffers from physical disorders like deafness, blindness etc. The person gets the results like dog bites, kid’s death after falling from roof, filling of water into backbone etc.

Remedies (Natural / Divines's Debt) :-
. Collect wealth in equal amount from all the family members and feed bread to hundred dogs in a single day.
. Donate a gold made dog at any religious place.
. Pierce your ear and wear gold earrings.

Do any one of these remedies as per the convenience.


Signs of Discovering Wicked Planets


The parts of the body feel stiff, there is difficulty in movement, the person feels that saliva is always in his mouth, a red cow or brown buffalo might be lost from the house. All these symptoms indicate that the Sun is not favourable.


Eat anything sweet and sip some water before starting any work.


The sense of feeling is destroyed, wells and ponds are dried up, water is not sucked through hand pump, cattle or domestic animals like horse may die. These are the symptoms which reflects evil effect of Moon.


Touch the feet of elders and seek their blessings.


The person may not be getting children inspite of being capable. If they are born, they pass away soon after birth. There is deficiency of blood and the person becomes short tempered; there are often quarrels. All these are signs of wicked Mars.


Apply white surma  in eyes.


The person might break his teeth, he may loose the ability  to smell. He may be incapable of performing sex.


The teeth must be kept clean and get the nose pierced to get rid off the ill effect of Mercury.


Skin disease and night fall are the symptoms of a malign Jupiter. The thumb of the hand becomes weak and inactive.


Wear neat and clean clothes. 


Eyebrows and eyelashes start falling, buffaloes may die, there may be fire or the house may be destroyed or ruined due to the wrath of Saturn.


Donate iron. Brush teeth with Keekar Daton. Offer chapati to crow for 43 days.


Black dog may die, the nails of hands might start falling, the natal may not be able to think coherently. All these suggest that the person is under the evil influence of Rahu.


Maintain a plait on the nape of the head. Live in a joint family and establish good relations with in laws.


Nails of leg may start falling. Children may be ill. The person might suffer from urinary problem or pain in joints. Symptoms reflect that Ketu is unfavourable.


Keep dogs. Get ears pierced.

Use of Gems and Metals

Different gems or metals are used to minimize or eliminate the evil effect of the planets. They are also used to enhance the auspicious effect of the planet.


Take two copper pieces of equal weight. Pledge as though you are performing kanya daan. Throw away one piece in the flowing water and keep other piece very carefully with you. Make sure that the copper piece remains always with you.


Take two original pearls or two silver pieces of same weight. Pledge as though you are performing kanya daan and repeat the action mentioned in the previous step.


Repeat the same action but in this case a red stone is to be used and kept back carefully.


The same process is to be followed as in the previous case, but diamond or shells are to be used.


Use gold or pieces of saffron in the above process.


White pearl is to be used and kept carefully.


Use iron, black surma


Use sapphire


Use double coloured stone in the same process.


If mercury is placed in the 12th house then take two iron rings without a Joint and perform the previously mentioned procedure. One of the rings may be immersed in the running water and the other shall be worn in the middle finger of the left hand.

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