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Annual Forecast For 2024

2024 : A Saturn Cycle!

Universal Energy for 2024 :   2 + 0 + 2 + 4 = 2 + 2 + 4 = 8

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The Numbers of 2024 :

2024 will pass under the auspices of the number 8. Number 8 will send you new energy to gain more strength and determination. Now is the right time to get things in order and set new goals in your life. This is a moment to come to terms with the past, resolve conflicts and say goodbye to old bad habits.

2024 Numerological Significance and Universal Numbers

Understanding the numerological vibrations that make up this year and how they might affect both the general world and individual destinies is crucial.

The numbers 2, 0, 2 and 4 make up the year 2024. The combination of these numbers in this particular order, each of which carries its own distinct energy and symbolism, results in a particular vibrational atmosphere for the year.

Number 2: In 2024, a focus on partnerships, relationships, and diplomacy are suggested by the number 2, which is known for its qualities of harmony, cooperation, and balance.

Number 4 is related to stability, diligence, and laying a strong foundation. It might signify a year of methodical advancement and initiatives to strengthen different facets of life in 2024.

Number 0: The number zero, which is frequently thought of as a multiplier of the numbers it follows, emphasizes potential and endless possibilities. It implies that in 2024, the energies of 2 and 4 might have a stronger impact.

The overall energy and themes that will have an impact on the entire world are represented by the Universal Year Number, which is given to each year in numerology. Simple addition of the year's digits yields the Universal Year Number for 2024: 2 + 0 + 2 + 4 = 8.

So, for 2024, the universal number is 8!

Influence of the number 8 on 2024

In numerology, a person’s life is divided into cycles that last 9 years. Each year that forms a 9-year cycle represents a unique life lesson. It can give us positive incentives or guide us towards serious life challenges. All these experiences build and strengthen character and aid in personal development.

The new numerological year will be ruled by the number 8. Eight is a symbol of reward, justice and power. This is a unique time, bringing us closer to summing up and completing the entire evolutionary cycle. Your pace of life may slow down a little, but it will benefit you in the long run. You will feel grateful for the effort you have put into your work and development over the past few years. The number 8 signifies success and coming to terms with what has already happened. So this could be a year for a bountiful harvest or a time to endure the consequences of past unfavorable decisions and actions.

Eight as a symbol of infinity in this case signals an infinite number of possibilities. Fate gives you many opportunities to take a fresh look at what you already have. Karma will return and bring you important lessons – accept them with humility and draw conclusions for the future.

After a numerological 2024 focused on spiritual development and learning self-awareness, it’s time for a whole new energy. Numerological number 8 is a sign of the desire for satisfaction and happiness. During this time, you will feel a surge of strength and become more purposeful and courageous. You will take matters into your own hands and go in the right direction to change your life for the better.

In numerology, 8 is a source of strength and motivation. This portends financial happiness and success at work. If you have worked hard over the past years, improved your skills and treated your work with due diligence, your efforts will be appreciated. You will receive a professional promotion or promotion. Your efforts will also pay off in monetary rewards.

For singles, 2024 is a great time to meet new, valuable people. There will be a chance for love and a successful, happy relationship on the horizon.



2024: Numerology year 8

The ultimate expression of the 8 Universal Year is sheer empowerment, manifestation and infinite abundance.

The 8 Universal Year is an “accelerator”

The 8 Universal year is a time to make intentional moves. With a focus on the material aspects of life, we can take direct and powerful leaps forward to manifest our dreams—and get paid doing it.

Eight is the ultimate “power number” representing abundance on the highest level. Get ready for a year of power plays with a spotlight on money, control and authority.

The 8 Universal Year brings us closer to completing a 9-year cycle

We move into action in 2024 as we enter a three-year push time of global transition and transformation. This cycle moves us from the 8 Universal Year to the grand finale of a complete, nine-year cycle in 2025, which is a 9 Universal year (2025). We begin anew with a global reset in 2026, which is a 1 Universal Year.

How to harness the energy of the 8 Universal Year

Fierce determination will be required as we enter this three-year global shift. Old systems may crumble while new ones emerge. An 8 Universal Year can feel hectic and daunting at times. Remind yourself often that these changes are necessary in order to pave the way for progress.

To make the most of the 8 Universal year:

Get clear and serious. An 8 Universal Year brings tons of opportunities to expand and reach new heights. You can also expect to be driven way out of your comfort zone, forced to step up or get stepped on!

Put your money where your mouth is. Take your goals seriously in the 8 Universal Year. Your “money moves” could pay off handsomely with 2024’s intense vibration of empowerment and manifestation.

Add value. In 2024, you might feel particularly compelled to align more directly with your authentic calling in life.

Celebrate divine feminine power. The 8 in numerology is also associated with divine feminine power. 2024 is an intensely powerful year demanding that we all step into the world with our eyes and hearts wide open.

Monetize and invest. Our material resources are governed by the number 8 and this Universal Year supports massive undertakings in how and what we monetize.

Prepare for a global economic shift. In an 8 Universal Year, existing systems, structures, and concepts soar to new levels of success or they may disintegrate while new ones take over.

Take control and be your own authority. We reap what we’ve sown in an 8 Universal Year. The more you can step into your own authority in a way that exerts power versus force, the more abundance you’ll be open to receiving.

Brace for power struggles. It will be difficult for authoritarians to operate under a cloak of invisibility. During the 8 Universal Year, breeches of trust from leadership surface.

Share your wealth. Share your wealth and stimulate the economy by spending with businesses and people whose values you support. The 8 is the symbol for infinity and it symbolizes constant and consistent flow. The energy of money needs to flow to attract more of it.

In 2024 the seeds of creation we've planted the last two years have now germinated and are starting to push upwards towards the light of the Sun and Moon. Now is the time to tend to our desires and dreams and put some focus and devotion into growing our "garden" of life. With this new year comes a fresh opportunity to catalyze the creative process in our lives, as well as cultivate greater strength and grace as we work with the archetypal energies at play.

The year 2024 will be about learning to listen to your intuition, tap into Higher Wisdom, and align with your Higher Self, so that you can more masterfully direct the forces of heaven and the universe into your manifestations.

You will learn to use your tools and gifts to work with the seeds we planted in the previous years. Now it's time to start watering the garden of your new life, tending to it, and harnessing the energy so that it can become something truly beautiful.

It's time to step into being your Higher Self and allowing that part of you to direct your life, helping you maintain grace and equanimity even when under pressure. Being more tuned-in to your intuition to help guide you as you discover new gifts and resiliency within over the coming year!

The Symbolism of the Number 8

The number 8 is frequently linked to achievement, wealth, and success in numerology. As the two circles in the number 8 stand for the cyclical nature of life, it represents harmony between the material and spiritual worlds. It implies that the energies of 8 may present chances for monetary and personal power to increase.

Due to its phonetic similarity to the word for "wealth" or "prosperity," the number 8 is particularly lucky in Chinese culture. The number 8 is widely used in phone numbers and license plates because of the widespread belief that it is lucky. It frequently commands a premium in business transactions.

The number 8 is regarded as a sign of harmony and balance in Indian culture. It stands for the harmony between worldly and spiritual goals, which is crucial for overall wellbeing. It is also connected to dharma, or the morally upright way of living.

Overview: 2024 Numerology Horoscope

The number for 2024 is 8. Depending on how the number 8 connects to your root number in 2024, either positive or negative things will happen in your life.

Number 8 also has a fundamental character. You'll get similar results if you choose option number eight. This implies that a single number can affect you in various ways. You can find out how the number for this year will impact you in various areas of your life by consulting the Numerology Horoscope 2024.

Saturn's number is 8, according to Numerology Horoscope 2024, but it should be noted that starting in 2024, the numbers 2 and 4 also contribute to the number eight. Because the number 8 created by the conjunction of the Moon and Rahu is thought to bring ups and downs, the Moon and Rahu conjunction will not be regarded as particularly energetic. Even though stability is a factor, the combination of two Moon numbers and one Rahu number can indicate stability after ups and downs.

As a result, 2024 might experience ups and downs in a number of areas. For those who are actually sensitive, this year may be emotionally taxing. There may be instances of political change in regional governments or cabinets. Even at the national level, elections can be violent.

The numerology of 2024 indicates a year of infinite potential, with personal year numbers bringing opportunities for growth, self-improvement, and radical change leading to abundance and success.

In 2024, expect career and financial opportunities, improved time management, personal discovery, and a focus on rebranding and authenticity.

2024 is a year of personal growth, financial expansion, and liberation, with a focus on manifesting goals, speaking truth, and embracing independence.

2024 will bring a focus on creativity, communication, and completion, leading to new beginnings, self-transformation, and powerful relationships.

Embrace deep transformation, prioritize self-care, and focus on healing and new relationships in 2024.

2024 will bring success and recognition in relationships, career, and business, with potential for engagement, big purchases, and increased exposure, as well as opportunities for reconnecting with the past, stepping into the unknown, and achieving financial success.

Trust your desires, attract Gemini, Scorpio, and Virgo energy, shed limitations, overcome inner critic, and reclaim your power in 2024 for healing, success, and transformation.

In 2024, you will discover your inner magic, gain confidence in your talents, find fulfillment, and focus on self-love, self-expression, and natural living, with a prominent influence from Libra, Capricorn, and Pisces energies.

January Monthly Numerology Predictions

January is a month of new beginnings and personal development according to numerology. The energy of number one inspires us to seize fresh opportunities, make resolutions, and lay the groundwork for the year to come. It's time to put an emphasis on improving oneself, make positive changes, and move boldly toward our objectives.

February Monthly Numerology Predictions

The month of February, symbolized by the number 2, places an emphasis on connections and concord in one's personal life. This month, let's make an effort to strengthen our bonds with others, expand our capacity for empathy, and strike a better balance in our relationships. Now is a great time for showing affection, fortifying bonds, and settling differences with empathy and tolerance.

March Monthly Numerology Predictions

The month of March, with its mystical connection to the number 3, is a time of inspiration and growth. It encourages us to be more creative, to express ourselves openly, and to listen to our gut instincts. This is a month full of possibilities for developing oneself, broadening one's horizons, and welcoming constructive change.

April Monthly Numerology Predictions

The month of April, represented by the number 4, is all about the real world. It inspires us to build sturdy structures, arrange our schedules, and set our priorities straight. This month is perfect for looking forward, making plans, and establishing achievable objectives.

May Monthly Numerology Predictions

The month of May, with its corresponding number 5, stands for independence and exploration. It motivates us to try new things, expand our horizons, and break out of our comfort zones. The month of May is a time to challenge ourselves, broaden our horizons, and seize opportunities for growth and improvement.

June Monthly Numerology Predictions

Relationship building and striving for peace and harmony are highlighted this month of June. It encourages us to invest in one another, show kindness, and work toward a more peaceful world. This November is a great time for getting together with loved ones, making new friends, and strengthening ties to the neighborhood.

July Monthly Numerology Predictions

July, the month symbolized by the number 7, is a time for looking inward and gaining insight. This is the perfect time to reflect on our lives, develop our spirituality, and learn more about who we are as people. Introspection, self-care, and spiritual inquiry are all encouraged during this time.

August Monthly Numerology Predictions

The month of August, symbolized by the number 8, emphasizes individual strength and success. This is the month to find our inner strength, make some big plans, and start making progress toward them. We can expand our resources, advance in our careers, and bring our dreams to life during this time.

September Monthly Numerology Predictions

The month of September, with its corresponding number 9, represents transformation and flexibility. It encourages us to let go of the past, welcome change, and get ready for a fresh start. There is no better time than January to take stock of our lives, consider the lessons we've learned, release the past, and make way for the future.

October Monthly Numerology Predictions

The month of October, ruled by the number 1, is all about getting along with others. It inspires us to work together, forge bonds, and bring people together. Possibilities for cooperation, diplomacy, and the development of positive bonds exist during this time.

November Monthly Numerology Predictions

The month of November (represented by the number 11) is a good time to tune into one's own intuition and inner guidance. It invites us to develop our psychic faculties, look for meaning in life, and make contact with the spiritual realms above. Now is the time to listen to our intuition, focus our attention inward, and delve more deeply into our spiritual practices.

December Monthly Numerology Predictions

The month of December (3/12) is a time for introspection and giving thanks. It's a time to reflect on the past year, give thanks, and look forward to the future. During this time, we should allow our imaginations to flourish, spend quality time with those we care about, and look forward to what the coming year has in store.

So our thoughts turn to our Personal Numerology Predictions / Forecast for 2024.

The ancient mystic and philosopher Pythagoras, father of our modern number system, believed that you can identify the ups and downs of each approaching year by studying the numbers in your birthday. Pythagoras saw that everything in the universe operates in predictable cycles, and the basic units of his measuring system for these cycles were -- and remain -- the digits 1 through 9.

According to Pythagoras, each number has a meaning or vibration. By adding the numbers within your birthday and reducing them to single digits, you reveal your life’s road map -- as well as the energetic influences that affect you every year.

Since most of your learning takes place within the vibrational range of these single-digit numbers, it’s best to focus on a different challenge and potential each year within a repeating nine-year cycle. After every nine-year-cycle is complete, a new one begins, bringing the benefits or burdens of the last cycle into the new one. As you look back at your life, trace the nine-year cycles and you’ll notice the repeating patterns and come to realize how you’ve gotten better at mastering certain challenges over time.

Where are you in that nine-year cycle, and what does that mean for your career in 2024? Your current personal year is determined by the single digit numbers of your birth month and day, added to the current calendar year and then reduced to a single digit (or master number, 11 or 22).

How to find your Personal Year

In numerology, whenever we encounter a compound number, we reduce it to a single digit by adding the numbers together. For example, 2024 (2+0+2+4) equals 8 (2+2+4).

Each person has his or her own Personal Year, Personal Month, and Personal Day numerical vibrations. Let’s say you were born on March 6, 1964, and you want to know the number of your Personal Year in 2024. To find out, you would add the day and the month of your birth to the number of the Universal Year. 2024 is a 8 Universal Year, so you would add 3 + 6 + 8 to find your Personal Year, which would be 17 or 8.

Detailed Method -

In order to work out what number year you'll be on in 2024 you need to start your workings out with 2024 itself.

2+0+2+4 = 2+2+4 = 8

2024 reduces to the single digit of 8.

Then all you have to do is add up the day and month of your birthday and add those numbers to the 8 from 2024.

For example if your birthday is 23rd February, this is how you work out what year you'll be on in 2024:-

2+3+2+8 = 1+5 = 6

So we get single digit of 6.

Therefore your 2024 numerology forecast would be a 6 year.

Master Numbers 11, 22 and 33 are not reduced to single digits. 

If you were born in November (which is an 11 Month) or on the 11th or 29th day of a month, you do not reduce those numbers to a single digit. They are 11.

If you were born on the 22nd day of the month, you do not reduce that to a single digit, since it is a master number 22.

Here are some more examples of calculating the Personal Year Number in 2024 which is a 8 Universal Year:

May 20th birthday in 2024 is a 33 Personal Year: 5 + 20 + 8 = 33 The 22 and 33 aren’t isn’t reduced since they are Master Numbers.

November 12th birthday in 2024 is a 22 Personal Year: 11 + 3 (1+2 = 3) + 8 = 22. 11 and 22 aren’t reduced since they are Master Numbers.

January 2nd birthday in 2024 is an 11 Personal Year 1 + 2 + 8 = 11. 11 is a Master Number and is not reduced.

Work out your own year, your partners, friends and colleagues etc. to find out how the New Year will affect you all.

As with all metaphysical subjects; exciting as it may sound that someone else can tell you your future, you do still have free will.

What follows is a keyword for each of the 9 years that people will find themselves on, plus a list of Do's and Don'ts to consider.

Everyone has come back to this earth plane in order to learn the lessons that we didn't learn the last time we were here. And learn those lessons we will, but it's always easier to swim upriver than against it. That is what the Do's and Don'ts are all about; basically, how to make the journey easier.

Now discover your numerology forecast for 2024 ...


KEYWORDS: New beginnings, initiatives.

DO: Be Positive. Act alone. Use your intuition and make long term plans.

DON'T: Give up too easily. Enter into any business partnerships. Be moody or hang onto the past.

The start of a new 9 year cycle - A time for change, & new BEGINNINGS.

This is an ACTION YEAR: The influence of this year will have a significant effect for you to plan your long term goals, & to consider where you would like to be in a few years time. An inability to begin a new venture this year may delay your prospects until the start of the next nine year cycle. You should clarify your goals & start working toward their achievement. This is a year to stand on your own two feet, to attain independence & be determined. Any opportunity which comes your way, take advantage of it without hesitation. (Opportunities though, should be considered carefully, as impulsiveness isn’t likely to be helpful). Plan & begin anything new - or make changes or expand, at least, widen your interests & activities. Now is the time to ACT. Hard work may be necessary to get things moving. Independence is paramount. This may be a time to ‘go it' alone particularly in relationships/partnerships & especially if a relationship/partnership came to a close last year (in the nine Personal Year). If a situation has been of concern, this is the time to break free or make any necessary adjustments. This is also a time, to express courage, assertiveness & confidence without arrogance or impulsiveness. Any change of direction made this year will probably be due to your own efforts. Make use of this POWERFUL, period & use it’s fullest advantage.

Year cycle #1, ruled by the SUN:

Important year of significant changes. Difficulties and problems that have existed for many years will vanish. One develops a new outlook. One hones down to the essentials and shines bright like a sun. One will feel lucky, special and receives help from people, especially people in authority and the government. One feels more healthy, robust and progressive about all ones involvement's. There will be easier success in business if one gets focused, organised and plans ahead as it is a cycle of new beginnings, so sowing seeds. One will meet interesting people that provide impetus for new directions. One will be less fearful, anxious or insecure. One will work hard however experience less stress. One will achieve name and fame, especially in competitions. This is also an excellent cycle for buying something new, starting a new venture or investment scheme. For artists/musicians this will be a superb year to make a significant societal contribution and or composition.

Personal Year 1:

This year is an important new beginning for you! Launch your own business, get a new job or title, start a graduate program or move to a new location. Everything you do this year will influence the events of your life for the next nine years. There’s lots of new energy helping you change directions. There’s never been a better time for reinvention. This is also a year of intense self-focus, personal development and cultivation of talents. You are like the Sun, a self-sustaining center of your universe. Everything evolves around you and is dependent upon you. Have courage to make important decisions and move forward bravely -- like a pioneer. At times you may feel alone, but this year demands that you work mostly alone. Avoid starting trivial relationships now, because they will linger with you for the rest of your nine-year cycle.

1 Year is a time to go after what you want, to keep moving, and to exercise initiative. 1 years always signify new starts.

This year is one of the high energy which should be used. It’s ideal for beginnings of any kind and is therefore considered a year of sowing. Pause for a moment, relax, and think about what you’d like to start doing this year of number 1. There’s a good chance it’ll be successful. Isn’t it great to know the universe is on your side?

Don’t wait for things to fall into your lap. What wishes or ideas would you like to work on? Make a list and imagine that you’ve already accomplished them. It’s more effective to write them down because that way they remain in your subconscious. Start with the clearest idea, the one that excites you the most. All doors are open for you now.

In the previous year of number nine, you were supposed to get rid of burdens and end all bad relationships. If you still haven’t done so, you have time to do it now, because only if you make decisions without any burdens will success follow. What does this mean? If you’re unsatisfied at work, make some changes because you should have already done so. Be prepared to move if that was supposed to happen. Separate or divorce if you’re in a bad relationship, or get married if you wanted to do so last year but circumstances didn’t allow you to do so.

The year of number one is considered to be the most important in the nine-year cycle – what you sow now will follow you for the next nine years. That’s why you need to think carefully about everything because now you have an opportunity for a new beginning, to change your life and habits for the better.

This year will open many doors and offer you many opportunities. Be cautious and don’t rush into anything, because not all options are equally good. Let the situation develop gently like a flower, otherwise, it may be difficult to realize your plans. If you get carried away by the energy of number one and disregard advice, your ideas will fail. That’s why you need to be patient and learn to control the strong energy of number one in order to direct it properly.

This is a year when you should act as an individual, so creating new business partnerships is not recommended. Rely on yourself, and the energy of number one will give you the power to persist until the end. Be open to new meetings and acquaintances, watching things from a new perspective, and don’t be afraid of new experiences.

Predictions for Personal Year Number 1 - Love, Health, Career & Relationships

Work & Profession

Positive changes are waiting for you at work. If you wish to start a new, independent job, this year is the right time. Be courageous and happiness will follow you. If you already work, this is a year when it would be good to stand out, so consider new ideas and projects.

You will have the help and support of your superiors and the feeling that you are fortune’s favorite. Listen carefully to the advice of others. If everything goes its course, you can count on a promotion, a reward, or a raise. In business terms, it’s not recommended to create partnerships – it’s better to leave this until next year. During this year, try to make it on your own, because that will give you the greatest chance of success. Your financial situation will be favorable.

Love & Relationships

As this is a good year for beginnings, it is also good to start a relationship. Be open to new acquaintances, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities. There’s a good chance that everything you start this year will last and the person you let in will play an important role in your life, but in the end, it all depends on you. If you’re in a relationship, you may be able to move things on a higher level, which could lead to engagement or marriage. However, if you’re in an unhappy relationship, then end it, because this is something you were supposed to do last year.


You may suffer from headaches and tension. Find a way to relax. Number one brings improvements to your health, so if you’re ill, expect to be healed.

This is a year of a new beginning. Don’t live in the past. Don’t let your past hold you back in any way because you’re a new person this year. Make a list of wishes you would like to realize and think which of them brings you the most joy. Don’t be lazy, because the worst thing you could do would be to sleep through this year which could offer you so much.



KEYWORDS: Balance in all things, relationships.

DO: Be co-operative. Save money. Be patient and follow through with whatever you started last year.

DON'T: Start anything new. Be alone. Overspend or be aggressive.

This is a year to wait, to exert patience & understanding.

The influence this year is one of co-operation. A time to wait for any plans or goals made last year to begin to mature. Co-operate with others, be diplomatic & don’t be in a hurry to move things forward. Stay in the background & wait for developments to come to you rather you to them. It is not necessary at this time to force conditions & situations, listen to your intuitive voice. Aggression will be followed by problems, so be patient, particularly if there are delays or detours in your goals & plans. Try to maintain balance & harmony with others, a task, which could prove difficult if you try to force a situation. Be tactful in your relationship/partnerships & listen to the ideas of those around you. Take care of details when necessary. Your emotions & sensitivity need to be kept in balance, be diplomatic. This is a good time to enter into a relationship or partnership. Clarity may come forth if you are currently in a relationship, you will realise why you are in this relationship. Look at both sides of the coin in your relationships, particularly those concerning women. Try not to let nervous tension provoke any disharmony. It is now time to rest & slow down in readiness for the year ahead.

Year cycle #2 ruled by the MOON

This cycle will bring an increase in personal happiness and richer magnetism, feeling attractive to others. As well as new friends who will be helpful in the future. Overall there will be less worry and stress, yet deeper emotionality superseded by more practicality. One will experience benefit from real estate and find a new house/home/apartment and an overall improved living situation through patience and good planning. One will experience profound changes in the way one thinks and perceives. The most important factor will be to observe the necessity of worrying and hurrying less and thereby becoming more conscious of each moment.

Personal Year 2:

This is the year for cooperating with others to develop the vision you started last year. This is a slower, more questative year which will see you nurturing what you’ve already started rather than launching new things. Collect and assimilate data, and organize details. Your success hinges on working with -- and cooperating with -- others. Be receptive. Soften the forceful energy you thrived on last year. You might feel highly sensitive this year and develop warm friendships ... even romances.

2 Year is a time to be cooperative, to follow rather than to lead. Things begun in a 1 Year grow slowly during a 2 Year. Don’t expect immediate results. Do small things that will make last year’s new start work. This is a time to be receptive. The accent is on partnerships and on give and take in close relationships.

The number 2 year is a little difficult to explain, as the focus will be on inner feelings, not on words and events. After a year of high energy comes a year when you should slow down. It’s your job now to wait patiently and see what will grow from the seeds you planted last year.

This will be a year full of challenges that can only be overcome if you learn what patience, tact, and diplomacy are. Now is not the time to start new things, because you had your chance last year. Continue with what you’ve already started. Think about what you can fix and whether you’ve overlooked something that could cause problems. After fixing issues, you should wait patiently for results.

Number two comes with emotional instability. You will be more sensitive than usual, so you may have fears or want to cry, but know that it’s completely fine to feel so because you are having such a year. Anxiety, unrest, and insecurity may also be present, but try not to pay too much attention to them and over time you will surpass these feelings. It will be much easier to provoke you or make you lose your temper. Be calm and don’t react violently.

free numerology reading This is a fateful year, which means you will have little impact on external events. Everything that will take place must happen that way, and nothing is based on what you do. This is why you won’t be able to influence the outcomes of events.

It will be challenging and frustrating to observe how things happen beyond your wishes and control, but that’s also the positive side of this year because it will shape and polish you. Be grateful and don’t curse your luck so you can overcome all the challenges that number two imposes on you as painlessly as possible. Now you are in the hands of destiny, both good and bad will emerge. Find inner peace and have faith, and this year won’t be that difficult.

During this year, there might be people who would like to con you and, given the fact that you are in the year of number two, that won’t be too hard, so be cautious. These are frauds, people who will try to pull the wool over your eyes, so you shouldn’t trust their word. Take your time and approach everything carefully. Look into things before you embark on anything.

This isn’t the most favorable year for selling or buying real estate, and great caution is advised. It’s not good for moving either, but it is good for renovating your apartment or house.

Predictions for Personal Year Number 2 - Love, Health, Career & Relationships

Work & Profession

Keep working on what you started last year. It’s not a favorable period to make important decisions because you had your chance last year. You shouldn’t stand out, dominate, or impose yourself on others. Step aside, because this will be better for you. Make sure to pay attention to cooperation and diplomacy in all aspects. Work with others and include them in your projects. If you need to launch new projects, consider carefully all possible omissions, as it is very likely you’ll have to start everything all over again. Be a good communicator by listening carefully to others. This is a good year for creating partnerships. Your material situation won’t be favorable as you will face unforeseen costs.

Love & Relationships

Emotional instability will certainly not help you. Don’t act in haste and think carefully about who you are giving yourself to, as the situation can easily become unstable. You don’t want your emotional happiness to rest in the hands of others who could put you in a subordinate position. Know that whoever enters your life does so because it was bound to happen and you couldn’t have influenced it in any way. Establish your inner world and don’t place too much importance on minor things. Those in a happy relationship might get married, whereas those who aren’t might go through a divorce which affects them badly.


You may have problems with your digestion and stomach. Take plenty of fluids and be active. If you already have issues with your health, take timely precautions. Otherwise, your condition may worsen.

Take a break this year, stay put and learn what patience, tact, and diplomacy are. Be gentle and tolerant of yourself. Strengthen your friendships. Succumb to fate and know it is for your own good. Although it may seem like you have taken one step forward and two steps back, you will reach your goal if you set the appropriate foundation. If you wish to regain control (for a moment at least), you will achieve this by helping others. This year will shape and improve you.


Personal Year 11/2:

Your intuition is super-charged now. This is a Master Number Year for you, which means you will need to master your life. There will be greater opportunities, and greater challenges.

You can avoid many of your challenges by acting on your intuition. This takes courage to be yourself and share your gifts with the world. If you have a desire to teach others, or be a healer or artist NOW IS YOUR TIME! Do not delay sharing your gifts. You have what it takes right now to succeed.

To access your gifts, you need to listen to your inner voice above all others. Perhaps you want to take up yoga or meditation, and spend more time in nature. Use this beautiful time to know yourself better and have the courage to take care of yourself!

This is also a relationship-oriented year. It can be a wonderful time to meet someone who helps you feel good about yourself, romantic or otherwise. But remember, finding loving relationships begins with honoring and loving yourself first!

Boundaries will be your best friend, so make sure you are making your well-being and happiness a priority. You need to have more balance in your life, AND bring more of your gifts to the world, so you need to be deliberate about how you invest your energies. You have so much to share, and this is a great year to do so!

In this highly charged year of personal illumination, your intellect is capable of achieving its greatest capacity -- as well as intense psychic perception and artistic creation. Inspiration and revelation are yours! The spiritual, psychic and artistic realms are your focus, and meditation or prayer will enhance all your gifts. Refine your tastes, collect art, and associate with creative people. This is not your best year for commercial success, but rather for inner evolution of your spiritual, intuitive and artistic gifts.

An 11 Year accents ideals, dreams, and inspirations. It is not a time for practical affairs. Always read the fine print on contracts. Some will be sensitive to music, poetry, and art, while others will express their sensitivity as a 2, which means consideration for others. Avoid escapism, fast cars, and drugs.



KEYWORDS: Expansion, creativity.

DO: Re-decorate. Socialise. Advertise and promote whatever you do.

DON'T: Make substantial changes. Start anything new. Lock yourself away or scatter your energies.

There are opportunities to expand & develop, the fruits of your labour of the past few years is about to be rewarded, whether in business or personal relationships.

The influence this year is to experience pleasure & happiness & to express the joy of being alive. Be enthusiastic in your endeavours. Enjoy your friends, lead an active social life, & enjoy yourself, it is time to have fun with as little responsibility as possible. You must not however, indulge only in superficial activities. Love & romance are here to be experienced & enjoyed with the possibility of marriage or long-term commitment, be careful of pregnancies, particularly if they are not on your list of long-term plans. Concentrate on opportunities for self-improvement, particularly in the area of using any creative talents. Emphasise your ideas involving your creative talents such as acting, singing or writing, (you may surprise yourself). Use your intuition, imagination & inspiration. It is possible for a promotion or recognition in your area of employment, whatever happens will be a sound basis for the future. It’s important to handle emotions constructively & try not to waste your energy. You may enjoy the satisfaction & accomplishment of bringing certain projects to a conclusion. Self-indulgence or extravagance could impeded your progress. All in all, enjoy & have fun!

Year cycle # 3 ruled by JUPITER

This will bring more knowledge and practical everyday wisdom. It will be a time to complete old projects and get ready for a major shift and life transformation during the year. One will meet new acquaintances who will become friends. Overall an auspicious year as it brings financial gain, name and honour in society if one efforts to express oneself clearly. This is a meaningful cycle for writers and orators. These people should be careful as the influence of Jupiter can make them exaggerate the truth and make them frank and fearless that could get them into trouble. It is a very good cycle for planning the next venue and or getting a job promotion. Not good for lawsuits however and also a time to tests ones new friends before trusting them completely.

Personal Year 3:

This is a joyful, playful year, full of social contacts and new interests. Express yourself, get into the center of things and entertain socially. Forget long-term planning and just enjoy life; don’t make important decisions about your future. The performing arts will call you, and it’s time to look your best. Develop your skills with words -- written or spoken. Life is your stage, so enjoy it! Whatever you started in your personal year 1 is now reaping enjoyment for you. It’s your year to blossom.

3 Year means social activity with both old and new friends. You may scatter your energies and undertake too many things at once. It is a time to be happy but not frivolous. The accent is on charm and creativity. Buy some new clothes and express the joy of life.

The number 3 year is one of emotional awakening, following the year of number two when you were sleepy. You’ll want to socialize, distract and entertain yourself, communicate, work on and present yourself in the best possible light. You will feel joy, positive energy, and ease, which will make you mingle and enjoy life. You will be led by your heart, not by reason, this year, and that’s perfectly fine.

Let it be so, but think your decisions through. There will be plenty of opportunities and should you take advantage of them, success, socializing, entertainment, and new acquaintances will follow. Allow people to enter your life, as now is not the time to avoid them. Before any become your friends, test them. Chances are you will acquire friends who will support you.

The year of number three lets us see the first results of what we started in the year of number one. If we compare it to a garden, during the first year we planted seeds, then we prepared the soil, only to see the first shoots appear in year three. Let this be an incentive to continue working and expressing yourself through creativity. Think about what makes you feel joy and dedicate yourself to it. Create joy and optimism, and you will see the first results of your work in the year of number five.

Use this year to earn money. If you were planning to sell a property, now is a good period. Buy and invest money in the things you’ll need. Don’t strain yourself too much this year, because you’ll need strength and endurance next year, which will be tough in this aspect.

Beware of your impulsiveness, especially when it comes to what you promise, and to whom, in public, so you wouldn’t get into trouble later. Searching for excitement and excessive optimism may lead you astray, by causing you to make promises you won’t be able to keep, so you may end up disappointed, or worse, feel forced to tell lies and manipulate people.

It’s a good year for traveling, socializing, going out, and entertainment – meaning your pockets might empty. It’s time to test some friendships and strengthen others.

Predictions for Personal Year Number 3 - Love, Health, Career & Relationships

Work & Profession

There are favorable circumstances at work. You will be energetic and enthusiastic; you’ll want to get so much done, but to avoid starting and then leaving things half-finished, it’s best to stick to the goals you’ve already set. Having accomplished them, you’ll have time to deal with new ideas. If your tasks are big, split them into smaller parts and deal with one at a time.

You will be open in communication with colleagues, and they will be interested in hearing your opinion. Your relationships with superiors will also be good, so you may get a raise or be promoted. If you don’t get satisfactory results, don’t despair. Failure serves to point to our wrongdoings and give us new wisdom. Next time you will be aware of what you have missed, and be able to prevent it from happening again. Signing new business contracts, projects, or court agreements is not advisable.

Love & Relationships

As this is a year of emotional awakening, there will be plenty of events on the emotional front. If you’re open to meeting new people, you will have an abundance of opportunities to do so.

You will long for love and look for it in and around you. Be careful not to make any impulse decisions, because you’ll be guided by your heart, not reason. You might experience many enjoyable gatherings, flirting, romance and travel. This is a year when your body awakens, and you’ll want to indulge yourself in sensual pleasure.

If you’re in a relationship and decide to end it this year, you won’t be open to new serious opportunities. Postpone getting engaged, if possible. Those already in a close relationship might decide to have a baby.


You might experience emotional overload, disappointment, stress, nervousness, or fatigue. Don’t forget to rest, because next year will be tiring.

Enjoy yourself and be happy this year. Let your heart lead you instead of your mind. Be open to meeting new people. Travel, have fun, hang out with friends. Use the inflow of inspiration you’ll have this year to develop new ideas. Be careful what you promise and to whom. To avoid disappointment, don’t expect any major results at the end of the year. Instead, enjoy this year, don’t take it too seriously – and cheer up. It would be a shame to sleep through this year because it could be favorable for you.



KEYWORDS: Order, work.

DO: Be ready for hard work. Be orderly and methodical. Deal with all details. Make a budget and stick to it.

DON'T: Be lazy. Waste money. Rely on others. Complain.

This is a year for hard work, to stabilise any of your ventures, & to establish a secure base for any future development.

The influence this year is to strengthen your areas of weakness, take care of details & put everything in order. Now is the time to establish a solid foundation for future growth. This is now the time to put things in order, (with your business ventures, home & personal life). You must try to meet your obligations, be tactful with others as you are charged with energy. This year is one of challenges. Be practical & down to earth when necessary. There may be a tendency to annoy others & become quarrelsome because of your high charged level of energy & motivation. Move in a practical & rational manner whenever possible, organise & place all your affairs in order. Be sure to complete each task as it arises otherwise the year ahead may not be as enjoyable or satisfying. Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. Expect some feelings of limitation or restriction, economise & don’t be greedy. Be reasonable & find a common ground to work around others. If any legal matters arise this year, do not ignore, any documents which need your attention. Keep a check on health matters.

Year cycle #4 ruled by RAHU

This year will bring success with difficulties. There will be strength, undisturbed by unforeseen troubles and obstacles. There is alertness, hard work, and calm. There are also financial gains, increased sources of income, and financial stability. You will experience new ventures, such as a new house or apartment. This year will also be auspicious, for one may get married, but if one does not want to marry officially, one gets a life partner. Married people with no children get a child. This year is good for relationships with friends and life partners. It is not successful for love affairs and romance. It will be good for relations with government officials and men of authority. This year will be good for travelling, spiritual pursuits and religious activities.

Personal Year 4:

It’s time to get to work in this serious and responsible year. Get practical, establish organizational and efficiency systems, build the foundation for future growth, set a budget and do the physical work. Focus on the physical details of getting your home in order, whether that means moving, remodeling or cleaning. Engage in fitness and sports activities. Dependability and responsibility are your keys to success this year.

4 Year means facing reality. Sometimes it means digging in and doing the hard work. Not a time for 3 loafing or 5 restlessness. A time to be practical, to take care of health, and to be patient. Increased responsibilities require attention to duty.

The year number 4 is a year of labor, organization, and commitment to work. And it won’t be an easy year. There will be a lot of difficulties, unpredictable situations, and frustration, all of which could be overcome with work and good organization.

In the year of number 3, you saw the first shoots grow from your labor, and now it’s time to water, weed, fertilize, or rearrange them and set a solid basis for the following year. This is why you shouldn’t avoid your responsibilities. Do everything that is asked of you. Don’t cut yourself any slack or ask others for help. You’re on your own. However, when you see the results you will be proud of yourself. You will accomplish more than you expect.

It’s a good year to learn what discipline and organization are. Approach everything meticulously with your eyes wide open, because someone might be waiting for you to make a mistake. Now is not the time to take risks – leave such moves for next year.

Look at each task from different perspectives and think of possible shortcomings that could cause you problems. At times it may seem that you are expected to do the impossible and you won’t be able to cope, but number four will give you the strength you need. Come to terms with the fact that this is a year of hard work and success depends on you exclusively.

Predictions for Personal Year Number 4 - Love, Health, Career & Relationships

Work & Profession

It will be hard at work. Too much will be expected from you, but if you do everything properly, you will be rewarded eventually. Work overtime if necessary, as this will pay off. There will be plenty of unforeseen situations and burdens that could frustrate you, but success will follow. You will be expected to work harder due to the many obstacles and difficulties. After completing all tasks successfully, you will find calm, fulfillment and financial gain. If you’re thinking about changing your job, bite the bullet and stick with it until the end.


As this will be a tiring year, you’ll have to pay attention to your health. The best way to vent accumulated negative energy and frustration is through work, which will also prevent any bad effects on your body or the progression of any illness. Also, any physical activity will help you, so exercise, run, or ride a bike. Back pain, as well as problems with your kidneys or bladder, are possible.

A hard year awaits you, but don’t let that scare you. You will learn what hard work, discipline, organization, and responsibility are. Approach everything seriously and success will come for sure. What follows is the year of number five, in which you will be relieved by and proud of the results. Your efforts and hard work will pay off in many ways.

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Love & Relationships

You will be more focused on business, so love will be somehow cold and lacking in emotion. This year will be the opposite of the previous one when you were emotionally awake and open, which is why you shouldn’t expect too much from love just now.

You might meet the person you’re looking for and start a relationship, but bear in mind it won’t be easy. Perhaps you won’t have the same expectations of the relationship and you could experience difficulties, but you will be able to overcome problems eventually.

If you’re already in a relationship, at the end of the year you could realize that you have a life partner beside you who’s passed all your tests. If you’re in an unhappy relationship and want to end it, it’s not advisable to do so this year, because such a situation could occur again.

It’s better to wait for next year because then it will be possible to break up without consequences. Couples without children might have a baby. The year will also be unfavorable for those looking for flirtations and short liaisons. If you’ve recently ended a relationship, use this year to reflect on what was wrong and what mistakes you made. Think about what you’re looking for in a relationship and what your partner should be like.


Personal Year 22/4:

This is a Master Number Year for you, which means you will need to master your life. There will be greater opportunities, and greater challenges, yet the payoff can be immense.

You need to have discipline as you focus your intentions on building your dreams and taking ACTION toward making your dreams come true. You might feel there are some days you don't have what it takes, yet this is a strength building year, and you achieve your goals one step at a time.

Physical activity is paramount toward keeping you healthy, so this is a great year to start a do-able exercise regimen. Don't try to do too much. This may cause you to lose hope. It's more important you find something fun that you enjoy that you can stick with.

If you have a desire to teach, start a business, or invest, this is a GREAT year to do it. 22 is the number of the Master Builder, which means you want to build a lasting foundation for you and others to benefit from. This is sure to be a remarkable year!

This year, your greatest aspirations and inspirations will be put into practical reality. You’ll be bringing your most advanced ideas to a realistic and workable form. Humanity and society as a whole will benefit from your work if you choose to step up to the plate. It’s a year of putting petty personal concerns aside and doing your best for the world at large. Make big plans and introduce enormous changes. By focusing on the positive vibrations of this number, you’ll have the opportunity to ascend to your greatest career achievements and acquire abundant financial rewards. You’ll also feel the sting of criticism that greatness attracts; in response, simply focus on your work and keep moving forward.

22 Year favors success for the artist, the musician, and the sculptor. You can succeed at any work that matches your ideals. Think big and don’t be skeptical about what comes to you via intuition. Most people will respond to this vibration as a 4, unless they are in the position to do something for the progress of humanity. Though you are inclined to be nervous during this period, try to remain calm and be careful not to break the law.



KEYWORDS: Go with the flow, self-promotion.

DO: Think things through. Keep an open mind. Accept all invitations. Expect the unexpected.

DON'T: Break any laws. Fight change. Over-indulge! Overspend.

A year to expand your horizons, to grow, to change, to experience extraordinary events.

The influence this year is to move away from old routines, in a constructive manner. To experience a sense of new found freedom. If you’re stuck, then this is a good time to seek new directions. Expect lots of opportunities but try not to take on more than you can comfortably deal with or your energy will become scattered & there will be little sense of accomplishment toward the end of this 12 month cycle. Involvement with detailed work is likely to feel confining. If you are restless or impulsive, there’s likely to be interference which will affect your potential in the opportunities which are offered. This is one of the years in the cycle in which an important change is likely – most probably a change of residence, career or family situation. Though the change may not be due to your own initiative, ultimately, the effect is dependent on your ability to take advantage of the change & use it to help you move forward. Due to the intensity of your feelings expect a sudden appearance of romance, you exude happiness at this time in the cycle. Maybe someone from the past will suddenly re-appear, out of the blue. If you are currently in a relationship it could take on a different meaning, allowing things to be lighter. Expect excellent business opportunities to come your way but consider your options carefully before making any decision.

Year cycle #5 ruled by MERCURY

This year will be a year of success and financial stability. It brings an increase in one's circle of friends. It is also good for business and businessmen. It will be good for travelling and for going abroad on business or for enjoyment. It will be good for partnership in business. It is a time to be conscious while talking, and also to be conscious while signing a deal or a contract. It is good for those employed in the media and communications business: writers, poets, actors, entertainers, radio artists, and journalists. It will be good for appearing in competitions and taking risks. It will be a memorable year.

Personal Year 5:

Get ready for change, adventure and the unexpected in this turning-point year. During this fast-moving, action-packed time, you’ll be happiest -- and doing your best work -- when everything is changing around you. Take trips, investigate opportunities and get rid of anything that is monotonous or has outlived it's usefulness. Eliminate conditions and people that are holding you back. Make room for the new. Focus on freedom and adapting to change. Enjoy this sensual year with many opportunities for physical indulgences. You’ll be super-charged, attractive and sexual. Revive your stagnant relationships or work circumstances with new energy.

5 Year means investigating the new. Expand your horizons. It is a time for travel, excitement, and adventure. Some of you will do a lot of dating. Be ready for surprises, and be open to change and to opportunity outside of the usual routine.

The number 5 year is one of relief, change, travel, and adventure. After the hardships of last year comes a shift of energy. After plenty of effort, burdens, and difficulties, you yearn for freedom and moments of joy. And that’s exactly what this year brings you.

Go out and have fun! Enjoy spending time with your friends, going to parties, and forgetting about the past. You will be awakened, you will open up, wishing to live your life to the fullest. Be open to meeting new people, gaining new knowledge, and traveling. This is a year for your development and you’ll want to try and learn many things.

Try diving, paragliding, or hiking, and read about things you know nothing about. Some of you will be interested in the deeper meaning of life and spirituality.

Observed from the perspective of the nine-year cycle, this is a year when you will see the first fruits of your labor. The previous year was good for setting foundations and, given that you did everything in the right way, you’ll now reap the rewards. However, if you don’t see results, don’t despair but think of how you can fix the present state of things.

What did you miss and how can you resolve this? Make an effort and you’ll be surprised by the opportunities you’ll have this year. Your plans will go through a series of changes before they take their final form. Be careful not to get carried away and go too far along this road.

Think carefully about everything, make a plan, and try to stick to it, bearing in mind the changes that can occur in the meantime. If you go too far, you might lose people from around you, as they won’t be able to follow you, believing you to be too unstable, which will frustrate them. This is a year when you can take risks because the chance is on your side.

Forget about the past, because it would be bad to let it slow you down. Break free of the shackles imposed on you by your surroundings. Now is a good time to set the score with certain people and things and turn to activities that bring you joy. This is not a time for boredom and routine tasks.

Predictions for Personal Year Number 5 - Love, Health, Career & Relationships

Work & Profession

Now is your opportunity to make new business acquaintances, which will be of great benefit to you. Get acquainted with as many business people as possible, stand out and let them see your qualities. You will feel more self-confident than normal, which will make you competitive and willing to take risks. The year is favorable for creating business partnerships. Don’t forget to be moderate and don’t get carried away by your enthusiasm. Be careful what you say and who is listening.

This year is good for business trips, as well as for traveling abroad, whether for work or pleasure. There will be plenty of opportunities for those who work in the media and communication – poets, writers, actors, and entertainers. Financial stability and a revenue increase will follow, so it’s a good time to change the space you live in, or even your job. Changes will be less painful this year.

Love & Relationships

In affairs of the heart the situation will be changeable. There will be plenty of opportunities for shorter relationships and liaisons as you will be particularly attractive this year. If you happen to engage in a more serious relationship, it will be followed by crises and changes, as this is a year of freedom, not bonding.

It will be difficult for you to give up your freedom, and relationships may seem unbearable and suffocating. However, this is the nature of this year and there are few who can keep up with you. Consequently, a breakup is possible, even a divorce. Since this is a year of change, there won’t be many consequences if you break up now.


Numerous activities may cause your body to be exhausted, so don’t forget to stop and rest when you need to. Be careful, as limb injuries are possible. Anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, and nervousness are possible due to excessive enthusiasm, changeability, and impatience. Avoid any stimulating substances. use Seven Horse Painting to Get Health Benefits.

This is a year of rebirth, freedom, enthusiasm, and excitement, so you should live to your full potential. Socialize, have fun, travel, meet new people, and make new acquaintances, because great opportunities await you, for both business and love. Relax and forget about the past. This is a year of change, so end things with certain people and things in your life. It would be a shame to sleep through such a beautiful year.



KEYWORDS: Love, home.

DO: Be responsible. Adjust to changes in the home. Take advice from friends. Be generous and loving.

DON'T: Give unwanted advice. Find fault. Be stubborn. Be selfish.

A year to focus on home life, the duties & responsibilities of your family & close community.

The influence for this year is about emotional security, love & happiness. Be careful though, that you are not treated like a doormat or that you become a martyr but, you must understand the occasional need for sacrifice. This is a time to help serve your family, partner, children, & close friends. This vibration emanates love, beauty & issues of the heart. This would be a good time to beautify & remodel the home & garden or perhaps purchase or sell real estate. Have a new makeover, change your hairstyle, pamper & treat yourself. Enjoy the pleasure of romance, love & possibly marriage. If already married, rekindle your marriage vows or go on a second honeymoon. Financial gain is imminent & you should do well in your business dealings. This is not a year in which to be selfish, this is a good time to resolve tensions. Try to understand & consider everyone’s needs, be as giving as possible. Activities will be slow moving so don’t try to hurry things along. Be creative with your feelings in any activity you undertake & you will experience immense satisfaction in all you undertake. To obtain the most out of this vibration, take some time out to relax, have faith, but do not shirk your responsibilities. This is a year to enjoy your home & loved ones.

Year cycle #6 ruled by VENUS

Year number 6 is good for family relationships, free from the problems of household affairs. It is also good for romance and conceiving a child. It is good for interior decorators, actors, musicians, poets, and painters as well as for film makers, theatre people, and those involved in show business. Good for jewelers and people involved in the perfume business. It will be good for spending on decoration, entertainment, and enjoyment. It is a time to get employment, for those who are unemployed. It is a time to deal with items of beauty, sensual enjoyment, worldly pleasure, and gifts. This year also brings the chance of getting unexpected wealth and a raise in salary.

Personal Year 6:

In this more responsible year, you’ll develop conscientiousness toward the important people in your life and career, while focusing on social order and balance. To be successful this year, you’ll adjust to the needs of others and enjoy group activities, both at home and work. Team efforts will be your focus as you shift away from the sensual and passionate excesses of your personal year 5. Marriage and close relationships will blossom due to your efforts to understand the people in your life. Let go of superficiality and take responsibility for yourself and others. At the same time, don’t take on more than you can carry, or you’ll fall into depression and overwhelm yourself. This is a year when general harmony is more important than your own needs.

6 Year is a stabilizing influence. Some will find a steady girl or boy friend; others will spend more time with their families. You may be asked to help around the house or to pitch in on some group project. Those without a steady friend will find themselves going along with the crowd. Be ready to assume responsibility with or for others.

This year you should learn what love and consideration for others are. You will turn to family and loved ones, as many events this year will be related to them. You could say that the year number 6 is filled with responsibility which you are expected to comply with. Start by solving problematic life situations.

If you’re in a happy relationship, get married because this year is good for marriage. If your personalities are compatible, you’ll have a chance of a lasting union. If your relationship isn’t happy, separate or divorce. Don’t stay trapped in a union that isn’t working. There is a possibility of having a baby for those already in harmonious relationships.

You should use this year to establish harmonious relationships with your loved ones. If you do so, fulfilling moments await you. This year will be hard for many because there will be a lot of obligations and responsibilities concerning family, friends, and relatives. Many of them will come to you for help and expect you to provide it. Some will seek advice, others may involve you in their emotional problems. Family problems or an attempt to force you to take responsibility for an elderly family member are possible.

This year you should give yourself to others, so try to help if you can. You will treat everyone according to their merit. Although it may be that some of them have never helped you, helping them will be a good deed that could clean your karma. Don’t expect gratitude in return, because often you won’t get it. You’re expected to be devoted, understanding, and forgiving.

That’s why you should help everyone as much as you can, but don’t overdo things – help them as long as it doesn’t jeopardize you. Try to recognize the dishonest and the ill-intentioned in time. Know that your supplies of love are unlimited and everything depends on your attitude. It’s okay to remain in someone’s shadow and provide support, as you’ll be rewarded for it.

You mustn’t forget about yourself while taking care of others. If you’re unhappy and unsatisfied, you won’t be able to help anyone. That’s why you should set boundaries, not promise too much, learn to say “no”, and put yourself in a position where you can truly help others. This year is renowned for making promises we cannot keep, so make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

Take care of your body and try to eat a healthy diet. Look after yourself, go to yoga or have a massage, meditate, be physically active and pay attention to your appearance. Rely on your charm, because that’s your shortcut to success this year.

Predictions for Personal Year Number 6 - Love, Health, Career & Relationships

Work & Profession

It’s a favorable year for work. If you’re looking for a job, you could easily find one now, or change job if you’re unhappy in your current position. This is a period for bigger salaries and earning money more easily, so expect a raise or a new source of income. You will have more responsibilities, but they come with professional success. Some might go away to study. Finances will be on the rise, but still, don’t spend money irrationally. Instead, reduce your expenditure and start saving. It’s a good period to invest in real estate.

Love & Relationships

As this is a year of love, it’s an ideal time to address love issues. Ask yourself if you’re happy in your relationship, and if not, separate or divorce. You will avoid major consequences, because circumstances are favorable for an agreement and a peaceful breakup, even if there needs to be a court hearing regarding assets. Joyful moments await those who are happy – marriage or a baby.

If you aren’t in a relationship, there will be an opportunity to meet someone and everything speaks in favor of a quality relationship. Surrender to it because it was meant to be.

Have you considered putting yourself first? Do you express your feelings clearly? Even though this is a year of unreserved giving, don’t neglect yourself. Learn to love yourself and the love you give to others will be stronger and more sincere. Your existence is sufficient reason to deserve love. Don’t doubt your ability to do good.


Be prepared to dedicate time to yourself and your health. Take care of your body, make some changes in your diet, and exercise and take longer walks than usual. You may suffer from Urinal Or lung problems.

Learn to give yourself without reserve and to help your loved ones without expecting gratitude. Don’t worry, good things will happen to you in return. Find solutions to problems, especially those related to your family. Use the opportunities offered to you on both emotional and business plans. Take your relationship to the next level or break up this year. The time is ideal to do so.


Personal Year 33/6:

You’re in a Master Number year so you will have intensified challenges and greater opportunities. Lessons in unconditional love, vision, and creativity will present themselves to you. Be prepared to have greater responsibilities in your home, work, and family.

Sometimes you might feel as if you have too much to handle. If you are a person who feels that nothing gets done correctly unless you do it yourself, you will find yourself burdened.

The key is to learn to love yourself enough to delegate your tasks. You’re discovering what it means to say NO when something is inappropriate for you. It’s imperative that you balance work, play, and self-care. Self-care doesn’t simply mean getting massages or doing exercise. You must truly nurture your spirit.

Creative pursuits will surely light your soul. If you feel you don’t have time to do what you love, that means you are taking on too much for other people.

Let go of your need for perfection. Remember, perfectionism is a form of procrastination. You don’t need to be perfect to be loved.



KEYWORDS: Waiting, health.

DO: Rest. Research new ideas. Get away from it all. Correct past mistakes.

DON'T: Force any issues. Be impatient. Chase after money. Try and make progress.

A year of introspection!

The influence for this year is to take some time to be alone, to look at your past, present & future in preparation for the year ahead.

Gain an understanding of yourself, take some time to study, reflect & maybe learn how to meditate or take a course in inner self-development. People may mis-understand or mis-interpret your actions & words. This could also be a very draining time on your mental state & business life. Be cautious of any legal entanglements & get advice if necessary. Try not to procrastinate, make hasty decisions, be as calm & unhurried as you possibly can. There is the possibility that you may move residence, it may come with little warning, just take it in your stride. If the opportunity of travels occurs make sure you have a health check & stock up on your vitamins. Your activities this year should be slow & quiet, & be prepared to spend time alone. Try to reduce any pressures surrounding your business affairs, & don’t fight or force any issues. Try to remain cool & detached. Be patient & wait for clarity in developments if you feel confused or limited. Contemplation is the key.

Year cycle #7 ruled by KETU

This year will hold misunderstandings and difficulties. There will be difficulties in business: more work, less profit. Success in such things as court cases and law suits. It will also be a year to test friends and helpers and to avoid unnecessary discussion. Devote energy to the healing arts, astrology, practice of Tantra, magic, and hypnosis. Take fewer risks and be conscious in love affairs and romance; there are chances of getting a bad name. Remain optimistic and undisturbed if one desires success in jobs undertaken. A patient and optimistic attitude will solve problems and remove obstacles. The difficulties are only a test. This will also be a good year for healers, astrologers, and those involved in occult sciences.

Personal Year 7:

Enjoy this sabbatical from the physical aspects of life, instead focusing your attention on studying abstract ideas, science, mysticism, spirituality and artistic endeavors. Withdraw from the center of things and write books, go to school, meditate and do research. Refine what you began in this nine-year cycle by analyzing and perfecting projects, relationships and goals. In this quiet, introspective year, you’ll do best spending lots of time alone and allowing change to occur naturally rather than forcing it. Your intuition will be at it's most powerful, so rely on it for all decisions. Pursue nothing. You’ll naturally attract what is meant to be in your life.

7 Year is a time to get it together and to spend some time by yourself. The accent is on self-examination, study, and meditation. If you find yourself dwelling on the past, know that tomorrow is going to be a brighter day. Keep the faith, investigate the unknown. Get in touch with inner strengths, with “soul” power.

This year you should take a break, find inner peace, and turn to yourself. It is fascinating how after a year of serving others you’ve decided that enough is enough and it’s now time to dedicate your efforts to yourself. That’s completely fine; it’s such a year. Moreover, it’s of great importance to do so, otherwise, problems will arise in all aspects of life. No matter what you do this year, know that it will affect future events.

You will now retreat into yourself, making way for a period of self-analysis. You’ll contemplate what you did in past years, what was good, what wasn’t, and what you should get rid of. During this time of retrospection and searching, it would be good to work on yourself and grow spiritually. Only then will you expand your views and be able to see your situation from different angles. You will be thinking about essential changes.

The year number 7 is a year of great mental effort, frustration and anxiety. You will get the impression that you can’t reach common ground with your environment. Distance yourself from people who want to do you harm or trick you in some way. You will be more sensitive than usual, which will affect your physical health. Don’t let it take hold over you, wake up and bear the circumstances, so as not to be dragged into an even bigger crisis. You’ll want to be alone this year, so you may come across as cold and reserved.

You may be annoyed by colleagues and those who are close to you. Make time for yourself during the day when you will be completely alone. Believe that this will be of great benefit both for you and those around you.

You will find salvation by working on yourself, both intellectually and spiritually. Enroll in a course, apply for a workshop, dedicate yourself to humanitarian work, read, do research. Wander off into your own world and think calmly about everything. You can make great discoveries. Turn to the spiritual and esoteric.

As this year is difficult for relationships, some connections may be broken. Some will be tested so you can see who your real friends are. Save your nerves, disregard the little things if necessary, and avoid stressful situations. Spend time in nature more often or, if you are an animal lover, spend more time with your pets and help others to avoid melancholy.

If you do everything right, this year could be good, a year when you will reap the fruits of your labor and receive recognition. Success in competitions is possible, as well as favorable outcomes in legal disputes and trials. The energy of number seven could surprise you in the form of a sudden financial gain at a lottery or elsewhere.

Predictions for Personal Year Number 7 - Love, Health, Career & Relationships

Work & Profession

Interruptions, delays, and unpredicted situations that cause you stress and annoyance are possible at work. Bad communication may cause disagreements if you don’t develop your plans in detail. Be careful when starting new tasks. You will be more engaged in work than last year, but your financial situation may be worse as there are chances that things won’t turn out as expected.

Payments may be delayed, so don’t borrow any money because you won’t be able to pay it back. On the other hand, this year is good for intellectual work and personal development (both intellectual and spiritual), research, receiving awards, and recognition for your accomplishments.

Love & Relationships

This isn’t a very good year for love. If you’re unhappy in your relationship or marriage, wait and don’t break up this year. Otherwise, there will be problems. This is a year of forced breakups, and such situations bring severe consequences that could even result in the death of one of the partners. Wait for next year – that will be better for breakups. If you meet someone and start a relationship, it will be a bond in which you will go through a sort of suffering.

Now is not the time to start a new relationship, because the two of you will be joined through sadness and suffering. These circumstances will soothe those involved because they will support and offer each other consolation through a difficult period. This could also be a secret relationship where one partner will be already committed or married. However, the following year, when you get out of the bad period, you will realize that you don’t need such a relationship and will wonder why you started it in the first place. Therefore, the advice is to rest this year.


The most important thing is to avoid getting upset so the burden of responsibilities and the difficult period of introspection don’t reflect badly on your health. Stop, get some rest, and ignore things when you can. Work on your inner peace, which is very important this year. Skin or digestion problems, as well as the health issues of a family member, are possible.

The most important thing is to avoid getting upset so the burden of responsibilities and the difficult period of introspection don’t reflect badly on your health. Stop, get some rest, and ignore things when you can. Work on your inner peace, which is very important this year. Skin or digestion problems, as well as the health issues of a family member, are possible.



KEYWORDS: Karmic, money.

DO: Be money conscious. Do all the 'big' things yourself! Push on with new plans. Be modest.

DON'T: Be dishonest. Waste money. Invest after June. Be arrogant.

This is the ultimate year of ACTION in the 9 year cycle.

The influence for this year is accomplishment. You are likely to be more affective now than at any other time in the nine year cycle. This is the year to take advantage of any situation presented to you. Whatever you began in the 1 personal year, may now come to fruition. Use all your available energy & take action at this time for maximum impact. If you use your good judgement during this vibration business & financial matters should flourish. You can achieve, more in your business life this year, than at any other time, in the nine year cycle. A cautionary note however, if you are signing contracts, agreements or legal documents, be sure to read the fine print or seek professional advice if you are uncertain in any area of concern.

Approach business matters with efficiency, practicality, executive ability & good judgment. Impress others with your resourcefulness & sustained effort. If possible, you should exude authority & self-confidence while avoiding an emotional & sensitive balance. Be realistic – do not act on impractical dreams or visions & keep a sense of perspective at all times. Even though your work commitments may be depleting of your energy, at times, reduce your ;level of activity. You must check your health matters whenever necessary. The year ahead will pass very quickly, so make the most of it.

Year cycle 8 ruled by SATURN

This year will be good for politicians, social workers, and people involved in the iron and steel industry. It brings the opportunity tot start a new venture. it will poor in the area of health. Precautions are needed, for example, avoid stress, excitement, and anxiety. Use more juices and spices, which clean the blood and strengthen the heart. Use pearl powder (mukta pishti) and powdered blue sapphire (neelam pishti). It is a time to gain success in worldly matters; one should use one' energy to become more creative. The right use of energy will bring good luck. It is good for gaining victory over enemies, and in law suits. It is a time to become independent, to rely on one's own resources and judgement. It is good for social work.

Personal Year 8:

The serenity and reflection of your personal year 7 is over as you jump headfirst into the world of career, power and money. If you wrote a book last year, this is the year to promote it; if you researched and developed your new business last year, now is the time to get it funded. Physical accomplishment and material success are your focus, as you reap the seeds of success you planted eight years ago. During this powerful year, claim recognition and take command to get concrete results. Think big while moving forward and managing and directing others, yet beware of abusing your power or becoming greedy. Be patient and generous to others, even if it feels tedious.

8 Year means recognition for those who have earned it. After last year’s sabbatical, it’s time to face the world again and assume your rightful place in it. Think big and aim for the top. Deal with important people. It is a time for power in the material world and for attending to financial affairs.

The year number 8 is a year when, after a hard year of number seven, you get to relax and take your life into your own hands. Now you will turn to the outside and the material world. Stress and nervous tension that followed you in the past years will slowly disappear and you will be calmer. Good moods, relaxation, and a laid back approach to life will prevail, but don’t let this fool you into relaxing too much, because this is certainly not the year for being completely laid back. You will feel an inflow of driving energy and will want to realize plans that will bring you material gain.

You can expect good opportunities and success in all aspects this year. It would be nice to share your success with others. Although luck is on your side, that doesn’t mean you won’t struggle to achieve your goals. Know that the final result depends on you, and what you receive depends on what you give. Therefore, don’t make yourself a victim but roll up your sleeves and start realizing your goals. Think carefully and set your goals to avoid wasting your energy. It won’t be easy, but chance favors you.

A guardian angel is also associated with the year of number eight, so you’ll enjoy additional protection. You will get into situations that couldn’t have been prevented and on which you won’t have any influence. Whether they will be good or bad for you depends on your response. If you don’t play fair, your guardian angel won’t offer help. Otherwise, you will be lucky

Predictions for Personal Year Number 8 - Love, Health, Career & Relationships

Work & Profession

It’s a very favorable year when it comes to business. Now is the right time for action and, if you do everything right, you will have great success; otherwise, you may fail. Your organizational skills will reach their peak this year. You will be more powerful than others, which they will notice and they will see you as a leader and an inspiration. Respond and roll up your sleeves, because you’ll need to make an effort in order to succeed. Be careful not to get carried away by the energy of number eight, because then you’ll become stubborn, rigid, and intolerant. As you will be impatient, other people’s mistakes and slow work pace may drive you crazy. This could be positive only in tasks that require such qualities.

As the year of number eight is associated with material gain and money, there is a possibility that you will have a large amount of money at your disposal, or that you will acquire material wealth. What is important is that you find a balance between the spiritual and the material and that you’re fair, because if you aren’t, you’ll be ruined. Are you becoming rich at the expense of the poor? If so, do you share your wealth with them? This is a year when you should share your success with others. Otherwise, you may be laid off, be in a poor financial situation, and experience other losses. If you make a mistake, admit it and move on. It’s very important to be fair now. However, if you don’t feel the inflow of driving energy, you are resigned and don’t have any goals, then ask yourself what drives you, what kind of job you’d like to do or start, but in a fairway.

Love & Relationships

This year is mainly focused on business success, but may also bring fulfilling moments in love. Those who are single may meet someone and begin a relationship based on material security, although infatuation will be present as well.

This kind of relationship will soothe you, and it may also benefit you. You will also have opportunities to return to an old love or restart a relationship if you wish to do so. Those already in a relationship may experience disagreements, arguments, or sex problems because your sexual appetite will be emphasized this year. You’re advised to leave discussions and making serious decisions until next year, which will be ideal for these things. However, if you need to break up or divorce this year, it will be peaceful, consensual, and without major consequences, but with certain material losses. This year you can also expect a wedding or pregnancy.


Overall, you will feel well, but you certainly shouldn’t neglect your health. Injury is possible, so protect yourself at work. Work overload could have a negative impact on your state of mind. Avoid stress and anxiety. There are possible problems with your bones, teeth, blood pressure, liver, bile, or headaches. Don’t forget about physical activity and a proper diet, because this year you are more prone to gaining weight and to hedonism in general.

You will have a beautiful year, which could bring you calm, safety, material gain and success in many fields. Shake yourself up, be hard-working and the results will come. Don’t forget to be fair as this year this is of vital importance. Look for a balance between the material and the spiritual. It will be an interesting year.



KEYWORDS: Completion, emotion.

DO: Finish things off. Get rid of anything no longer required. Try and be unemotional. Make plans for next year.

DON'T: Be over-emotional. Delude yourself. Feel sorry for yourself. Over-react!

This year is the end of the 9 year cycle, it is the closing, if you like, of a phase of experiences during the past nine years.

The influence for this year is about completion, & endings. It can pose as a time of emotional disruption. Now is the time to finalise, complete & to leave behind that which no longer serves it purpose in your life which have had an effect on your life during the past eight years. That which is no longer serving it’s purpose in your life such as; relationships, attitude, thoughts, & career should come to a conclusion if they no longer serve a purpose in your life; the universe will take care of it if you don’t. Now is the time to take stock, to clean out the internal & external closets. Continue only with tasks & experiences, including relationships, which still have benefit & promise for the future. It is wise, not to start anything new during this vibration such as; a new career or relationship as it may not last. Any left over residual will continue into the start of the next nine year cycle. Be prepared for emotional disharmony & expect sudden & abrupt endings in relationships, moving house or the ending of a career. Look at this year with the attitude to have a good ‘spring clean’ in every area of your life. Out with the old in preparation to commence with the new.

Year cycle 9 ruled MARS

This year will be a year of completion, success, and good fortune. It is a time for fulfillment of desires, for organising oneself and a year of gaining favours from men of authority and government officials. It will also bring slight disagreements - a harmful exchange of harsh words with an officer is possible. There will be success in combat and competitions and honour by society. The chance of unexpected financial gains, through a lottery, inheritance, or other source. During this year, one should also avoid doubting and perfectionism. By devoting more energy to spiritual pursuits, the year will bring good results.

Personal Year 9:

This year, you will wrap up what you started nine years ago. Lingering relationships will need to be examined -- then kept or discarded for the next cycle. Your career will conclude the focus it has enjoyed for the past nine years, even though you won’t see your next step just yet. Rather, open your hands and let go, with faith that something new and better will arrive next year. You may be fired or laid off, or simply come to the end of a project you’ve worked on for years. Relationships will fall away or be transformed, and you’ll grieve for your losses over the past nine years. Peace will come from finding your wisdom and developing a greater connection to spirituality. The larger lessons of life will call to you, and your insights will be heightened. Use this awareness to benefit the people around you. Give back to the universe, focus on artistic and spiritual disciplines, and wait for the new inspiration that begins soon in your approaching personal year 1.

9 Year is a time to finish old projects and to get ready for next year’s new start. Tune into current events; realize the common humanity you share with others. You can afford to give now, for next year you are starting something new. It is a period of endings.

The year number 9 represents the end of a nine-year cycle. It’s a year of liberation, love, forgiving, happiness and success. Now is the right time to liberate yourself from all unnecessary people and things in your life. Ask yourself what’s wrong, what stops you and spoils your mood, then start with the big clear out. Release bad memories, ideas, clothes, material things, and bad friends.

It’s enough that you wish to do so, and fortune will guide you to do it in the most painless way possible. It is essential to do the clearing so you can enter the next year unburdened, as that will be the year that marks the beginning of a new nine-year cycle. Don’t let things and people torture you and be part of your future unnecessarily. They no longer have a purpose, so you need to free yourself from them. Rely on your increased intuition to lead you. Memories you should leave behind after you finish this process could also help you achieve freedom.

This year you will turn to yourself more than to the outside world. You may feel lonely and isolated, so some of you will want to be alone and able to confront your feelings in peace. If you feel like crying, do so. If you feel the need to mourn something or someone, now is the time. It’s also a good time to learn the truth about yourself, no matter how painful it may be. Get rid of the past and all your memories, good and bad. Don’t be afraid to change your habits and break the patterns you have been living by. Slowly prepare the terrain for a new beginning.

The time is appropriate for asking for help and advice because doors will open for you. Therefore, accept help for uncluttering your life. Asking for assistance is also related to your bosses, superiors, the state, and authorities. As this is a year of endings, try to complete ongoing work. Don’t start anything new, at least not during the first nine months of the year.

Someone may leave you this year, a partner, a friend or a pet, which will be hard for you. Other friends may ignore you or stop talking to you. But this opens the door for new friendships. Don’t get attached to anything, forgive everything, for this is a year of forgiveness. Be humane and help others.

The circumstances are favorable for traveling abroad. It’s a great opportunity to broaden your views and meet new people.

Predictions for Personal Year Number 9 - Love, Health, Career & Relationships

Work & Profession

Circumstances at work are favorable. Successful completion of a year-long project is expected. Try to finish all the tasks you’ve started. Business activities may be directed abroad or toward something distant. The time is right to think about your future. It is not recommended to start a new job, leave that for next year. Enjoy your old, familiar job, because you have the greatest chances of success there. Don’t believe everything that’s said to you. There’s a possibility of success in competitions. It’s an opportune time to ask for help from your bosses and superiors.

Love & Relationships

Looking for a partner is not recommended to those who are single. A partner will find you. A beautiful romance is possible with someone different from you. You will be ready to make changes, no matter what consequences this may bring. Changing past attitudes and ways of thinking may feel hard, but it’s for your own good.

It’s not recommended to start anything new this year, including relationships, for they will either be short-lived or unstable. There is a possibility that your partner will return to you next year but in a new form. Rid yourself from bad relationships and don’t let your good memories stop you from doing so. This year is good for breakups, even divorce, because it will be a way to change your life code for the better. End everything that’s bad.

Those in a harmonious relationship may need to devote more to their partners and put their needs above their own. This is a year when you need to be humane, so you will do a good deed. You will be more sensitive than usual, so it will be much easier for someone to hurt you. Cry if you feel the need.


There is a possibility of injury, especially through a traffic accident, so pay attention to how you drive. Emotional and mental tension may be present. Avoid spicy food, alcohol, and opiates.

This is a year of liberation from whatever is bad, be it things, people or habits. It is of vital importance to get rid of all your burdens in order to start next year. Complete ongoing tasks and don’t start anything new. If you get the chance to travel abroad, take it. Be humane and forgive. Don’t hesitate to ask for help. It wouldn’t be good to spend this year waiting and sleeping. Organize your life.


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