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Vastu For Medical Room

The reason behind the implementation of the science of Vastu Shastra in houses is quite simple it plays a major role in bringing all the desirable effects and changes and repels negative energy. It is particularly seen to be properly used in the designing of different rooms of a house but one room which gets neglected most of the times is the medical room.

As the name suggests, the medical room is responsible for the quick recovery of patients and it can be catalyzed by the use of Vastu Shastra in the room. The medical room houses the most adverse of conditions and should be Vastu perfect else it can even lead to unimaginable losses. The various Vastu factors which influence the conditions in a medical room are the construction, walls, windows and the entrance to the room.

Going deeper into the Vastu requirements of a medical room, the following points should be kept in mind:

The Construction

Ideally, the medical room should be large in size. For this, the most appropriate size should be more than 200-250 square feet. The large size enables more space and room for fresh air, which is the most important thing a patient needs. In order to maximize the comfort and ease of reaching the medical room, it is advised to construct the medical room on the ground floor of any apartment.

Cleanliness is another factor which plays an important role here. The medical room should not house dirt or small insects as that is bad for the health of the patient.

The Structure

Structure of the medical room includes the entrance, the reception, doors and windows and the parking space. All these play a vital role in Vastu perfection. The doors as well as the windows of a medical room should face the same direction- the north, east or the north east direction. When it comes to the entrance, it should ideally be in the direction of east or north. It is most preferable in these directions. Same goes for the reception which should face either the northern or the eastern side. There should be some empty space left/ an opening, in the north east side of the recovery room. It helps in the speedy recovery of the patient. Vastu allows the parking space to occupy the south east or the North West direction.

Electronic equipments which are a must in the medical room should be adjusted in the south- east direction. Books, if any should occupy the west or south direction.

The walls should be light in color since heavy shades bring dullness into the mind of the patient. Toilets should be neat and hygienic and should be constructed in the North West direction only.

The medical room is no less important than rest of the rooms of a house and proper investment should be made upon the development of the room so that it is comfortable as well as Vastu perfect.

Er. Rameshwar Prasad invites you to the Wonderful World of Vastu Shastra

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