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Vastu For Pisces Sign

Vastu is an important when planning your dream home. But vastu also plays an equally important part when it comes to each individual planning their home and life. In this section we will look at vastu considerations for each zodiac sign and how it will help to plan their life and home accordingly.

Vastu for each sun sign will help bring in focus the planetary position for each sign and how it affects the vastu accordingly.

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Pisces can hope for making their dream home come true with these simple vastu tips for Pisces. The vaastu considerations for Pisces will help you find the right location and place to build your dream home. Make an auspicious start and make each room of the house pure and perfect.

Pisces in first phase : Pisces who are born in the first phase will have their house facing north, in a lane going west to east. Close to the house there would be a pond or a gutter. Due east and west of the house there would be beautiful houses and towards north a big bush, garden or a temple.

Pisces in the second phase : Pisces who are born in the second phase will have their house of a bizarre shape, with a temple in the south west side of the house. The house owner must have used someone else’s name for owning the house.

Pisces in the third phase : Pisces who are born in the third phase will have their house in a lane going from west to east. The house itself must be south facing. There would be bushes, a well or fountains close to the house. There would also be a temple close by. Close by the house there would be a turning point. The house owner must be the worshipper of a Male Deity.

Pisces in the fourth phase : Pisces born in the fourth phase of the sign will have their house facing west, in this lane going from south to north. Towards east there would be a temple or pond.

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