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  Vaastu for Compound Wall
The Compound wall protects the site from animals, thieves, etc and serves to demarcate the boundary of the property.  Here, I have explained the Vastu Guidelines for Construction of the Compound Wall, and the possible scientific reasons and logic on which they were based, so that you an decide what you want to follow and what you don�t.

Compound Wall construction: The third thing to be constructed  after the Water Well and the Storage Shed is the Compound Wall. This should be built just before the construction of the House begins. The Reasoning - The purpose of the Compound wall is to protect the site and the material stored in the Storage shed, from the outside environment, from thieves, etc. However, if there are buildings all around the site, the Compound wall can be done after the construction.

Begin Compound Wall construction in South-East: Construction should begin on an auspicious day. The Reasoning - Since the Compound wall is meant to protect from the elements and thieves etc,  psychologically the owner will feel that he will be protected if the construction is done at an auspicious time.

Northern part of Compound Wall to be built last : The Reasoning - The Northern and Eastern sides are to be left open to allow Sunlight into the House, and the building is to be built in the South-West corner. Therefore, it is advisable to build the North Compound wall later as it is easier to dump building materials in the Northern open space.

Compound Wall should not be higher than the House: The Reasoning - If the Compound wall is higher than the house, it will cut off light to the House.

Compound Wall should be higher and thicker in the South and West sides : The Compound walls on the North and East sides should be a foot (12 inches) shorter than on the West and South sides. If this is not possible, then the North and East sides should be a minimum of (3 inches) shorter. The Reasoning - The higher and thicker Compound wall on the South-West, prevents the hot evening Sun rays from heating up the house and the lower compound on the North-East allows the useful morning Sunlight into the House.

Compound Wall should be two-thirds the height of the main door: The Reasoning - The Compound wall should not be taller than the house but should be tall enough to give the inmates a sense of privacy.

* The Compound wall should be constructed before the commencement of the House construction.
* The Compound wall should be constructed after the Water well/bore well has been dug and after the Storage shed has been built.
* The Compound wall construction should begin on the South-West side.
* Construction should begin on an auspicious day.
* The Northern part of the Compound wall should be built only after the house is completed.

* The compound wall should not be higher than the house. The Compound wall should be higher on the South and West sides. The Compound walls on the North and East sides should be a foot (12 inches) shorter than on the West and South sides. If this is not possible, then the North and East sides should be a minimum of (3 inches) shorter. The Compound wall should be two thirds the height of the main door.



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