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  Overhead Water Tank
Overhead tanks are an important feature of a building or a house. The water that is stored in the well or the borewell has to be pumped into the overhead tank, in order for it to be able to flow down into the house. According to vastu shastra, there are some set principles that should be followed during the construction of water sump in a building. The ancient sages had founded these principles and it is considered a science or an extension of architecture. 

If the water tank is placed in the right area, it would definitely lead to an increase in wealth, prosperity and knowledge. To get tips and guidelines about vasthu for overhead tank, read through the following lines. 

Vastu Tips For Overhead Water Tank

  • The location or placement of the overhead tank is one of the main factors one should look into. Ideally, the overhead tank should be in the west or south west direction.
  • For the overhead tank which is placed in the southwest direction, it should be at least two feet over the uppermost slab. Due to water, the side becomes heavy which acts advantageous. However, make sure that there is no dampness. The best bet would be to place the tank on a slab higher than the slab of the building.
  • Though northeast corner belongs to the element - water, it is not advisable to have a big overhead tank in the area. This is because the side should not be heavy under any condition. However, a small tank can be placed.
  • Overhead tank in the south-east corner is a bad omen and results in loss of wealth and accidents. The effect of overhead tank in the south direction is of medium effect. However, make sure that the tank is two feet above the slab of the roof and should not leak.

  • Placing the tank in the west side (not southwest) would be extremely beneficial as the direction belongs to Lord Varuna, lord of rains. In such a case, there is no need of a slab and the tank can be built over the slab as well.
  • Avoid placing the overhead tank in the north-west direction. However, if the tank is of a small size, less height and situated at a distance of at least two feet from the north-west corner, it can be permissible. However, the water in the tank does not get used properly and finishes earlier than expected.
  • Never place the overhead tank in the middle. Remember, this place is known as the Bramhasthan. If there is load on the Brahma, life of the individuals living in the house would be unfeasible. One would also not like staying in the house for a long time.
  • Avoid overhead tanks made out of plastic. If you were to get one, make sure it is blue or black in color, as darker shades absorb sunrays.
  • Make sure you have different tanks for different purpose. While drinking and cooking water can be from one tank, water for toilets and bathrooms can come from another one.



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