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People may find such write ups gag and scam that how can relationship of siblings in a house be strong by cleaning entrance? However this is a true and gem fact that has been followed in the good olden days but they might not be acquainted with literal facts instead must had followed old rituals.

Strong bonding between children is desired by every parent and for which different ritualistic fests are being celebrated which signifies the commitment of brother for his sister in every difficult hour of life. But how many of us hold such norm or abide by these rituals anymore, may be hardly few! As the rituals and customs are still on with swing but the essence is lost between the siblings either it is brother sister relation or sisterly relation.

Family values and togetherness is no more in the family relations and siblings due to law equalities and western culture is the primary reason which has deteriorated Indian culture as well by camouflaging. But managing strong ties in siblings is not a tedious task because Indian culture is known for its rich culture heritage having imbibed with attributes like respect and bonding of relationships. Change is a static thing while maintaining strong ties in sibling is one�s own sensibility.

Vastu is a sole solution of all problems and it suggests to clear door ways and entrance to strong the ties of siblings. Entrance of house must be kept clean, tidy and bright; cracked mirror must not be installed or kept in house; avoiding junk material or scrap in the house; keeping garbage bin at invisible place and adorning entrance gate with auspicious symbols are some of the Vastu ways to make sibling relation strong.



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