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          Vastu Shastra

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  Vaastu for Garbage
Waste material, like old clothes and newspapers etc. should be disposed off at the earliest, and should never be stored in the house for a long period of time.

Garbage should never be dumped in the north-eastern side of the house. Never collect any kind of empty bottles or boxes in the house for latter use, as this may lead to bad luck. And never keep defective watches in the house, as these cause hindrance in the progress of business and other plans.

Never dump any wastage or defective things on the roof of the house, as it may lead to bad luck, and clean the roof/store on monthly basis.

If using any old magazines and newspapers in the house, for any purpose like packing or storage etc., try using the papers with good news i.e. not any news of murders or deaths, as our brain reacts to what we see, and seeing pleasant things and news ensures better thinking and fresh ideas.



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