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  Vaastu for Enmity
Any way our elders enjoy the peaceful life, now a days we are experiencing all the problems, some what quarrels with neighbours, family members, wife and husband quarrels, some disagreement marked by a temporary or permanent break in friendly and family relations.

In our own family also we are now experiencing arguments, contentions, controversies, differences, fights, why these things happens, it may be with erratic construction. 

If vastu is perfect at houses, there might be very less percentage of quarrels at house. What will be the problem if we once approach the vastu shastra for this problem. 

If Diagonal joining NW and SE is More than Diagonal joining NE and SW i.e. Northwest or Southeast is extended in plot or building or house, there might be quarrels, misunderstandings etc may happen in between the family members or with outsiders.

If there is a door towards southeast towards east side is also a major part in quarrels, enmity.

If there is a extension of southeast towards east is also pivotal role in this type of enmities.

If there is a door towards southeast is also a major act in this enmity.

If there is a door towards northwest plays enmity situations at house.

If there are doors towards southeast and northwest also cause for enmities.

If there is a sump at southeast towards east may cause for enmity.

One road is hitting the house from exact southeast, it causes all disturbances to the house inmates. This is also a major part of controversies, this is a street focus and called as southeast street focus.

If the South Eastern part is large in extent, it brings problems. Ill effects of South-East create lot of enemies.

In case, Eastern compound space is low and the Western compound space is high, it sometimes creates enmity. North-West and South-West running space is excessively lengths or width, it also invites enmity.



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