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  Vaastu for Back Yard
A nice backyard or garden is a perfect addition to any house, it creates a place for family members to sit outside, enjoy the outdoors and change their atmosphere completely. Backyard is an important portion of house but with the time and paucity of space now days there are rarely built any backyard. However who have space sometimes build their backyard in any direction whichever they feel suits their need. 

Vastu lays down some norms for backyard alike frontyard or balcony because if this portion of house is not constructed properly affects inmates with ill health and other complications. 

Backyard should be build with care and caution as construction of this significant area is directly linked to health of occupants living in house. To negate the undesired effects of wrong backyard it is essential to note down some basic points when building backyard:

  • According to Vastu Shastra backyard should be constructed towards Eastern side or Northern side for better results.
  • East & North are favourable directions in Vastu due to which any open space left in these portions always give away good result.
  • In West facing house, ideal position to build open backyard is towards East which is good for occupants. But do not left any space in the front or entrance of West.
  • An open space towards front in West facing house should be avoided because in such case there may be undesirable affects on health of occupants.
  • In South facing house open space backyard is ideal towards the North but ensure that you won�t leave any space in front that is in South.
  • Adverse affects of backyard in wrong direction leads to complications like enmity, low name, slow development, bad name, stress, mental tension, and bad health and financial constrain.
  • Ideal position for backyard are said only to be East and North while both South and West must be avoided.

A nice backyard or garden is a perfect addition to any house, it creates a place for family members to sit outside, enjoy the outdoors and change their atmosphere completely. Once you have a place that has an outdoor backyard or garden you will need to put in some effort into the design of the garden, it has an amazing affect on your family's health and well-being. Here we will discuss the creation of harmony in your garden or backyard and bring peace and happiness within your home.

According to the science of Vastu, all of the five elements (earth, water, fire, air and space) aspire and need to be in harmony. This is true to all living things, including plants, we all requires that all five elements be balanced. The disproportion of any one element - quality of the earth, quality of water, wind, sun, or the amount of space it is planted in - will inhibit its growth. In this way a wise gardener sets up a balanced environment for his plants to grow free from disease and stress.

You should remember that each area of your garden is associated with one of the five elements. The southwest area of your garden is associated with the earth element and creates a sustaining and grounding force. In the northeast, water element is at home. This element will allow your plants to flourish. The fire element in the southeast supports disease-free plants. The northwest is related to the air element encouraging cross-pollination.

So now that we discussed the theory, here are few great tips you can use to bring the five elements into better balance with your garden and make it a sanctuary that is not only beautiful to look and wonderful to spend time in, but will actually have an empowering affect on the health and well-being of you and your family.

1. Invest in the southwest area of your garden. This should be done in order to stabilize the force of the earth element. You can do this with a rock garden, tall trees and even a stone statue. 

2. The water element can be used in the garden by using low plantings in the northeast that will allow the flow of positive solar energy. Add a fountain or reflection pool or pond in this area to reflect this beneficial energy throughout the garden.

3. The southeast side of your garden should be devoted to the fire element, here you can place a fire pit, the fire pit is a great way to serve the fire element, and it will also be a delight to look at, once placed in the right location and setup properly, you and your family will enjoy a fire pit. Red symbolizes this direction so plant tulips, geraniums and dahlias here.

4. Use wind chimes to balance the air element in the northwest. Since blue is the color of this area, plant bluebells, forget-me-nots and iris to enhance the influences coming from this direction.

A well-designed and tended garden, using the principles discussed here, consideration to space, earth and fire using a fire pit will benefit you and all the members of your family for years to come.



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