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  Vaastu for Doors
Doors and windows are essential furnishing articles of the house and make living a pleasurable experience. Doors and windows not only act as a passage through which air enters the house, but also as a gateway for energies. A window in the wrong direction would let in negative energies in the house. However, a window in the right direction would allow positive energies and increase the prosperity and affluence of the people staying inside. 

While, today, people are mostly concerned about the designing done on the doors and windows, it's the direction and placement which should be a matter of botheration. In the following lines, we have provided tips and guidelines to installing doors and windows, as per vastu. 

Vastu Tips For Doors & Windows

  • The direction of the doors and the windows is an important consideration to make. Ideally, a house with maximum number of doors and windows opening in north and east sides, rather than south and west, of the building is considered auspicious.
  • The main door of the house should be bigger in size as compared to the other doors in the house. Also, it should be more beautiful than others.
  • Preferably, doors of all the rooms should be of the same size. However, if you want one of them to be bigger, then doors in south and west side should be the one. Make sure not to make the north and the east side doors bigger than the rest.
  • A house should have even numbers of doors and windows.
  • At the time of fixing the doorframe in an internal wall, make sure that the doorframe is not fixed contiguous to the main wall of the house. There should be a minimum of 4" pad built, before fixing the doorframe to a lateral wall.

  • Take care of the cross ventilation at the time of fixing the doors and windows. A good way to ensure this would be to fix doors and windows opposite to each other, so as to have better light and air.
  • Make sure that the doors are not in the center of the wall. Instead, a door should ways be off-centered.
  • For an east facing house, the main door or entrance should be towards the east, so that the main door falls in the Northern half of that side. Such a door yields good results and is considered very auspicious.
  • A west facing house should have the main door in the west, so that the main door falls in the Northern half of that side.
  • If the house is north facing, the entrance should be fixed towards North, so that is falls in the eastern half of that side.
  • When a house is south facing, the entrance should be fixed towards North, so that the door falls in the Eastern half of that side.
  • If you have two houses in the same floor, opposite to each other, make sure that their main door does not open exactly towards each other.
  • As for the material used for the door and windows, try to have one type of wood for all. Teak serves as the best option for doors and windows.
  • Irregular shaped doors and windows are a strict no-no, as they are deemed inauspicious. Ideally, the door size should be in ratio of 2:1 in respect to height and width, its normal size being 7' X 3'.
  • For the windows, though the sizes of width may differ, they should have symmetry in height.
  • Ensure that there is no obstruction in front of main door such as rails, staircase, big trees, and so on. Temple, lamppost or any other obstruction is also not feasible.
  • Making doors at the beginning and the end of the staircase is a good sign.
  • A doorway in the east is extremely auspicious. However, one can also have doorways in the northern and western side. A doorway in the south side is not permissible.



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