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          Vastu Shastra

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  Vaastu for Heavy Expenditures
Now a days this is a common phenomena in every body's life. Without expenditures we cannot live happily, this is also a disease. Previous days our elders did not go for all these expenditures, but now a days we are accustomed for the expenditures, we used to go for shopping malls, no need to buy the items, but we are taking them and ask them the shopping staff "pack this".

Before buying an item, first select the thing and spare 3 days for buying that thing, after 3 days you want to take that item and its very need for you, then only go for purchase that item. This method will also helps you for saving of your money.

If Northwest block has heavy weights, then it happens for the heavy expenditures. So don't put heavy weights on this part. The best part for putting the heavy weights are southwest block.

Placing heavy weights at south side brings you heavy income from different sources. Do practical on this method. This is very useful for business persons.

West direction is also a best suitable place for putting the heavy weights. This type of placing heavy weigths are more beneficial to politicians, employees etc.

We should not keep the heavy weights at east side. Some times this may disturb the entire system.

North side is not a good position to keep the heavy weights at our house. We should not keep the heavy weights at this place. This is also a very good reason for heavy expenditures.



Rameshwar Prasad invites you to the Wonderful World of Vaastu


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