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  Vaastu for Griha Pravesh
Griha Pravesh ceremony is the first entry into a newly built house. It is one of the important Hindu rituals in India. It even finds an important place in Vaastu Shastra, the astrological book of architecture. According to the book, after the new house is completed in all respects, an auspicious moment is determined on astrological considerations. To start living, the entry into the new house on this auspicious day is termed as the Graha Pravesh ritual.

According to the Holy Scriptures there are three types of Griha Pravesh:

Apoorva: Apoorva means new. It states the first entry to live in a newly constructed house on a newly selected land.

Sapoorva: Sapoorva griha pravesh states the entry to live in an already existing house after traveling abroad or migration elsewhere.

Dwandwah: Dwandwah or old Griha Pravesh states the entry to live in a house after reconstruction or renovation on account of damage by fire, flood waters, electricity, wind etc.

It is laid down in the scriptures that the Graha Pravesh ceremony should take place at an auspicious time i.e. muhurat and defect-less Panchang. For Apoorva Graha Pravesh stick to perfect auspicious time and for Sapoorva and Dwandwah Graha Pravesh, the purity of Panchang should be given priority. As far as possible Graha Pravesh should be performed during the day time as it is considered auspicious. Normally, it can be done at any auspicious moment in the day or night.

According to Vaastu, the first entry into the house should be done only after the doors of a house are fitted with shutters, the roof is covered, the God, Vaastu have been worshipped and offered sacrifices and the priests have been offered feast. Failing to abide by this, one may face troubles and problems in the new house. There are also some specific months for Graha pravesh. These auspicious months give good results and therefore should be followed.

  • Magh month provides gain of wealth
  • Falgun month provides gain of children and wealth
  • Baishakh month provides growth of wealth and prosperity
  • Jeshtha month provides gain of son and cattle.
Besides these, Graha pravesh in the months of Kartik and Margashirsh produce medium results. In the months of Ashadh, Shravan, Bhadrapad, Ashwin Paush, Griha Pravesh is considered inauspicious and should be avoided. Apart from this, the tithies (dates) 4, 9, 4, 30, Amavas (no moon night) and Tuesdays should be avoided for Graha Pravesh. Other than this ceremony, there is another ritual of Graha pravesh that takes place in India that is discussed below.

According to Indian tradition, after marriage the arrival of the new bride at her new or marital home for the first time is also called as the Graha Pravesh. When the bride arrives at her new home, her mother-in-law, welcomes her with the traditional 'Aarti'. This is done in order to ward off any evil influences from her. After this, the bride kicks a vessel filled with rice and coins. This symbolizes the arrival of wealth and prosperity in her marital home.

It is then followed by another ritual wherein the bride puts her right foot onto a tray kept on the entrance of the house. The tray contains vermilion powder mixed with water or milk. She covers her both the feet in the red paste and enters the house bare feet, making footprints on the floor. This symbolizes the arrival of good luck and fortune in the new house. In India, the newly wedded bride is considered as Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. Due to this the Graha pravesh of the new bride is a very auspicious ceremony.



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