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Colors play a very important role in our lives and have a definite bearing on our fate. Just as our choice of colors reflects our attitude and approach towards life, the color of the walls and every corner of our home deeply impact the happenings around us and affect us negatively or positively. Colors have the capacity of pacifying our mind and stimulating our energy. Our mood, health, happiness are all affected by the colors of our house. 

Colors can have emotional, intellectual, materialistic, intuitive and many other types of influence on humans. The article deals with the king of Vastu colors, which are suitable to use while painting your house. 


Color has a profound effect on our mood. In clothing , interiors , landscape and even natural light , a color can change mood from sad to happy , from confusion to intelligence , from fear to confidence. Particular colors have different effects on each individual . Response to a color may be influenced by a number of factors such as the body's need for a specific color , a sad or happy memory associated with a color. In previous decades , certain colors or group of colors dominated every palette . Now in millenium , the stopper is out and uniqueness and personal preferences are really in. There are no absolutes in the world of color. Some colors make you want to get out of your chair , others make you want to nestle down and read. Some colors are articulate and must be listened to. Others are very quiet . Some colors indicate that you have travelled or are well read. Yet others create a desire for closeness , intimacy and love. Following are some of the most typical responses to various color groups.

NURTURING NEUTRALS : These colors create a sense of peace and well being. They foster quiet conversation with family and friends and can dispel loneliness. Throughout time , mankind has found a sense of peace and tranquility when in touch with " Mother Earth " . It follows that colors which impart a sense of warmth and serenity come directly from the earth. In addition to the earth colors in the neutral group are colors associated with sea such as sand , shell , coral , pearl , stone , seaweed. GREEN is a color which helps us to adjust to new environments and situations. It will always be found among the 'nurturing neutrals'. The BLUES represented here will range from winter sky to stream to midnight. The neutrals are somewhat like the furniture while other palettes are more like accents or accessories.

INTELLECTUAL COLORS : These are the sharp , witty and unique colors which convey a message that the owner has travelled , is well read and has something to say. These colors will command respect without being overbearing. This palette also starts with a earthy , warm base. Grey is a color which promotes creativity and will often be found in foundation of an intellectual palette. These greys will be warm and gentle. Some tones of blue suggest communication and trust , so it will naturally be found in the intellectual palette. Navy blues will often find their way in this palette , but its effect is warm and never cold and fragile. Red also appears in this intellectual palette , but the shades will be earthy and complicated burgundy , cranburry.

PLAYFUL COLORS : These colors are exiting and used for a fun providing environment These playful , whimsical palettes create their own kind of music , like the sounds of children playing. There are highs and lows , lights and darks and always movement and activity. Used in active spaces within the home , a 'playful' palette can add energy and vitality. But if overdone , this type of palette becomes irritating and stressful. The foundation of this palette is WHITE . This could be anywhere from vanilla ice cream to snow drift to winter moon. Then comes the bubble gum pink , buttercup , wintergreen , all the berry colors and crayon colors. Many of these colors will be cool , and even in lighter tones there will be brightness and clarity. The bottom line in creating this type of palette is that the colors should suggest a sense of freedom , play and downright fun.

HEALING COLORS : This palette includes the colors which are very refreshing and rejuvenating. Like nurturing colors , 'healing colors' also begin by getting in touch with nature. The first group of colors considered in this palette is GREEN. Because they have the power to help us adjust to new environments , skillful designers use lots of plants and other forms of green . Healing greens may be warm or cool , but not muddy or mysterious like those in the intellectual palette. Healing palettes also take inspirations from warn earth tones. These palettes usually contains contrast as well as a clarity of color that is inspiring. They will include a range of lights and darks but will never be muddy.

ROMANTIC COLORS : Many species including the human beings attempt to attract the opposite sex with colors. RED is the color of sex and lust and is often called the most romantic of colors. It is no accident that red is the chosen symbolic color for the Valentine's Day. In interior design , however , a less intense , softer tone of red is far more conducive to romance than the pure hue. Often referred as PINKS , these colors vary from cool to warm and from light to dark. Pinks have an interesting quality that seems to halt the body's ability to stay angry. PURPLE is another color which is definitively romantic because of its passionate , unpredictable and quixotic characteristics. Paler , less intense tones of ORANGE such as apricot and peach are often included in the romantic palette , suggesting purity and innocence. BLUES in the romantic palette will be cool and inspired by water.

PERSONAL STYLE : There are no trends in color as important as personal style. Today , most designers draw from many historical periods as well as contemporary influences and mix them together to create unique personal spaces. The most effective color palettes reflect and enhance the interests , collections and activities of the people who live there as well as architectural features.

The effects of color on mood will vary from individual to individual. Color schemes have emotional messages too. An awareness of the emotions generated by different colors is helpful in planning personal palettes that will be pleasant to live with , but it must be understood that this information is not absolute. Subtle changes in tone can increase or decrease the emotions evoked by a particular color , allowing it to be included in many diverse palettes.

Vaastu Colors To Use In House

Red color is known for its vitality and zest. It displays warmth and enlightens your mood the moment you look at it. Due to the qualities it possesses, red is one of the favored colors to be used at home. Red represents power and valor. It is dramatic in mood, emotional, active and ignites passion and desire. It enlivens the interior space and creates excitement and enthusiasm for life. However, red should not be used in the bedroom, as it is too energizing. When used in bedroom, it can be overpowering and stressful for the ones anxious by nature.

Orange color has its own beauty, due to its ethereal qualities. The color inspires spirituality as it represents transcendence and an otherworldly aspect of life. It the best color for your dining room as orange color has the ability to stir, rather stimulate your appetite. Communication, positive feelings, cheerfulness and interaction is enhanced, if you paint your dining room or living room orange. Peach color can also be used in the dining hall, as it gives a cool affect.

Yellow is associated with sun. It nurtures clarity of mind and natural alertness. Yellow also gives a sense of patience and wisdom. Its placement should be chosen with care, as it is a very bright and energizing color. A room that gets direct sunlight need not be painted yellow or peach. However, yellow or sandal-colored walls are just perfect for the prayer, room due to their ability to inspire intellectual clarity.

White symbolizes purity and is highly recommended by Vastu for your ceilings. It also reflects light and brightens the room. In a bedroom located at the northwest direction, white color can be used.

Pink color can be used in the master bedroom or bedrooms located in the south and southwest direction. It is a color which reflects joy, happiness and pure feelings, essential for a happy life.

Green represents harmony and peacefulness. As green is symbolic of nature, it generates calm and inner peace in the house. Green can be used in the study room, as it augments intelligence. Since green brings quick healing and rejuvenation as well, disturbed people or those who need refreshment can calm themselves in a green-colored room.



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