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  Vaastu for Accidents
Road Accidents happen when the Agneya and Vayavya directions have defects, some times if Nairuthi is also had defect then accidents may occur. In Vastu shastra old sages (Rishis) clearly mentioned that if some alterations has done to our living house then the inmates cannot have all these troubles.

Vaastu shastra explains how to do the alterations and how to overcome from all these troubles.

To be frank we cannot feel that we are going to met with accidents, but after that we are searching for the ways to over come from the results of the incident.

If one takes care for the safety one�s he never met with accidents or roads accidents, if might it may be happen, but that should be a very minor one. Believe it or not, this happens several times with the running experiences in this field. Some residents may take cautious.

If we divide the plot into four equal portions or blocks say NE, NW, SE snd SW and all the parts are equal. This is auspicious. If one block is extended towards to the opposite direction i.e., outer side, that will say it's effect. This is the important in vastu shastra. If the northeast and southwest parts are less and northwest and southeast parts are extended that means, the inmates has to suffer with max troubles. if the northeast block is extended towards east side or north side, then the inmates will enjoy the peaceful and happy life. We never expects the almighty's decision. But we have to take care on all of our daily routine works. Any thing may happens, but who knows this facts, only God knows everything. We the human beings has to take precautionery measurements. In this same way now we are following this vastu shastra.

There are several reasons for accidents, here we discuss some of them :

If southeast towards east direction extends, that will cause for accidents.

if Agneya street focus hits the house, then also accidents happen.

If Northeast portion is less in measurements, it may also be a reason for accidents.



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