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Don’t buy house near a large water tank



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Don’t buy house near a large water tank

- Rameshwar Prasad, Vastu Consultant, Delhi, India.

Q. My house is under construction. Which room should be allocated to my daughter and son?

— Raunak, Delhi

A. Ida and Pingla are lunar and solar currents of our natural system. They are also referred as Yin and Yang or female and male component. Directionally, the east is impregnated with solar currents and west with lunar; hence, Vaastu recommends your son’s room towards the east side of your house and daughter’s towards the west. Room for marriageable daughter is should be on the northwest. Along with the directions, objects and colours play an important role. Make sure they are not harsh or too strong.

Q. I am planning to buy a house which has all the rooms facing southwest. The main door is facing southeast while one enters. There is a large municipal water tank outside on the southwest side of the house. Is it okay to buy this flat?

— Vicki Nehra, Delhi

A.If your house is rotated to face northwest then see the main entrance door. Basically, if the main entrance door is from northern northwest it is not acceptable. If it is from western northwest you can go for it. Water tanks are normally quite big in size. If it is very near to house, then you should not go for the house.

Q. I live in Gurgaon and I have been offered a Vaastu yantra by one of my friends. Where do I place the yantra and do I have to do daily puja? Please advise.

— Prayas Goyal, Gurgaon

A. You can put Vaastu Yantra inside your puja place. You can also hang it on a wall facing the main entrance door. Daily puja is suggested for wellness of family.

Q. I have had frequent illnesses in the past one year. Somebody on a visit to my house saw a replica of the Taj Mahal and said that as per Vaastu, this should not be kept as it represents a tomb. Moreover, it is next to the main door which is in the south.

— R Saha, Delhi

A. Taj Mahal is a symbol of love. Shift it to the southwest portion of the living area. Put a small face or statue of Ganesha on both sides above the main entrance door. You can also hang five-rod metallic wind chime near the main door.

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