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Feng Shui Tips for Garden

Garden Fengshui is quite important and essential to invite good CHI into your main door or the house. A well maintained Garden reflects the energy of the Building and the occupants. Few suggestions and tips for Good Garden Fengshui and Flowers to energize the home are given below.

Keep the front of your house with a nice garden space and a neat pathway. Placing kerbstones and getting a meandering pathway is very good to channelise "CHI" into your home. Do not plant trees very close to the house or in line with main door as they block entry of "CHI".

Trees very tall and overshadowing the house on the West are considered bad Feng Shui as it implies "Tigers waiting to pounce". Good trees are Magnolias, Apple, Willows and Maples.

A healthy garden conducts good energy and is said to be filled with the Cosmic Dragon's breath.


Colours of plants for the various corners of the house:-
Bright coloured flowers especially Red if the door is facing South and has a garden in the front is considered very auspicious. Have an open area immediately in front of the door and do not put plants in front of the main door.

Good Green and healthy plants in East and South East of the garden area are considered good Feng Shui to enhance wealth and luck.

Meaning of some Flowers:-
Flowers are often used as decorative piece and the meaning is ignored.
We could utilize the energy of the flowers, shape, size and colour to stimulate ourselves and move ahead towards our goals and lead a better life.

Abutilon Hybridum - Chinese lanterns
These are bright yellow flowers, which symbolize mental power and promise to realize our goals.

Allamanda Catahartica
A golden yellow flower, which has a heavy creeper and funnel, shaped flower is said to overcome obstacles.

Several colours of small waxy flowers with coloured leaves will bring about a balance to stabilise oneself.

Brunfelsia Americana
Also known as the Lady-of the Night are fragnant flowers in small clusters ranging from cream to yellow and they are said to help self-development.

Catharanthus Roseus

Known as Madagascar Periwinkle has several striking colours and are star shaped. They represent our presence on earth.

Chrysanthemum Morifolium
Also known as Florists Chrysanthemum has several colours of medium to large doubleflowers representing powerful life energy.

In several colours with flat petals and hard center represents vanity.


Known as Larkspur are erect, dense in sky blue and other colours aiding one to soar high and fly higher.

Dianthus Caryophyllus
Known as Carnations in several colours represent ever ready to help.

Eucharis Grandiflora
Known as Amazon Lily is a pure white fragrant flower representing simplicity.

Euphorbia Pulcherrima
Known as Poinsettia in pink and red flowers represents that Divinity has overcome the ego.

Sterlitzia Reginae
Known as Birds of Paradise is a spectacular orange, yellow and blue flower resembling the head of a crested bird representing the supramental bird which remains where it has descended.

A bi-coloured flower represents enthusiasm in actions.

Rounded flowers in several colours represents spiritual happiness.

Ocimum Sanctum
Known as Rama Tulsi or Krishna Tulsi, tiny leaves with fragrance and medicinal value represent devotion without seeking anything in return.

Oncoba Spinosa

Fragrant white cup- shaped flower with multiple stamen, yellow in colour at the center represents mental chastity.

Polianthes Tuberosa

Known as Tuberose is a white single flower, which are extremely fragrant and represent strong lasting fragrant rising towards the skies.

Nelumbo Nucifera

Known as Lotus, a sacred flower with pointed bud on long stem opening into the large fragrant petals representing pure and powerful divine consciousness.

Known as Orchid is an exquisite flower with five petals and a central lip blooming in many colours representing attachment to the divine.

Viola Odorata
Known as Violet is fragrant flowers, which are small and purple in colour representing modesty.

Known as Water Lily blooms in many colours with numerous petals and yellow centre representing Wealth.


Known as Peony, a fragrant rotate flower in many colours is a beauty of Art and Love.

Known as Tulip blooms in many colours and forms and represent trust and success.

Celosia Plumosa
Known as Chinese wool flower is long and feathery representing aspiration for immortality.



Feng Shui Tips for Garden

The entry of your home or office should be open and inviting, trim away foliage that may be blocking the path of Chi.
Throw out dead flowers or plants, they have lost their vitality.
Never use dried flowers: where possible live is always better than silk.
Try to make walkways leading toward your door and all paths of energy curvilinear to invite good energy to flow.
Do not have ant thorny bushes or shaped edged accessories any exterior or interior pathway.
Landscaping should be manicured regularly not to get overgrown, cover walkways or entry, or shadow the house.
Where natural light is not readily available, especially in corridors and entry vestibules, make sure they are well illuminated.
Avoid sharp pointed buildings, wall corners, furniture or accessories pointed directly at your house, bed or desk. It is reminiscent of a cutting knife edge or a disapproving finger.
Always keep garbage cans hidden.


Always use your intuition before making changes, consider first how it effects the rest of your decor. Do not just use traditional rules such as painting your front door red, it would cause disharmony if your home was peach or rose.


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