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Healing Powers of Gemstones

Healing Powers

The deficiencies of cosmic rays due to the planetary position in Janam Kundali or Horoscope causes an imbalance of Chakras. These Chakras are the energy wheels that balance the spin factor of the human aura. An imbalance in the spin factors leads to various diseases and problems. Highly sensitive and radioactive gemstones help to balance the spin factor of the human aura. When these spin factors are balanced the person becomes "Healthy, Wealthy and Prosperous".


The secret healing power of the colourful gemstones exercises a fascinating influence on human life. Gem therapy can even change the entire course of life. Gemstones have proved to be of great value to mankind in counterbalancing the malefic effects of various planets and stars on human life. The mystical elements arise from the rainbow which is composed of seven brilliant colours known as VIBGYOR in short. Each gemstones is a highly sensitive radioactive crystal of cosmic rays or colours. Each cosmic  ray contains a particular amount of element in it and our body also contains similar elements.

When one suffers from a deficiency of cosmic rays, an imbalance is caused in the Chakras, thus leading to diseases and problems. When the spin factor is balanced, the chakras will help the body to be able to convert the food which we eat into proper nourishment. The Chakras (the energy wheels) speed up or the slowed-down vortex. The Vertices actually break the molecular structure of food into carbon, hydrogen oxygen and nitrogen plus traces of minerals.


All the diseases and problems are caused due to disruption in the spinning vertices, if one of the minerals is not transmitted the cell is not properly nourished and hence the person falls seek. When this happens an appropriate gemstone ring can be prescribed to the affected person. The gemstone works towards transmitting the required rays into Chakras and filtering out the negative influences. Therefore, before wearing a gemstone it's attributes, such as name, composition, weight, density, specific gravity and radioactive index should be kept in mind.

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