A Multi Disciplinary Approach To Vaastu Energy


Vastu and Astrology

Vaastu Shastra is a developed branch of Indian Astrology for science of dwelling/architecture. They are the only part those are closely related to each other. Vaastu is interrelated with astrology.

While buying a land, or making a building, entering a new house or office, we consider the "Muhuratha", timings of starting of constructions, inauguration of house or commercial buildings.

All these things also depend on the horoscope of owner of land and building. Set up the doors, and other concerned things also should be done accordingly. All such knowledge, we get from the astrology and all these information's are necessary for us to have a peaceful, happy, healthy and wealthy life. Vaastu Shastra and Astrology has a great significance in our life and both Shastra provide maximum benefit and safety to the nature and environment around us.

Vaastu and Astrology are not directly connected but both have inherent symbolic relationship where one compliments the other. Although, Astrology is primarily concerned with influence of planets, their transits in different Zodiac/natal charts and their subtle influence ( positive or negative) on the human life affairs, still it's inclusive of the principles of the Vaastu-Science of Directional forces. As we know each planet, zodiac and star has a ruling planet and direction so we can say that Vasstu is an extension or manifestation of the Astrological principles of planetary energies in cosmos.

Below given points shows important relation of Vastu Shastra and Astrology with respect to Main Entrance and Zodiac signs. The direction and the entrance of your home are very important for your personal development as well as for the development of your family. You may decide on this issue according to you. A person belonging to zodiac sign Aries, Taurus and Aquarius, should keep the entrance of their homes in north. If you belong to Virgo, Capricorn and Cancer then you must keep the entrance of your homes in the south. If you are belonging to Sagittarius, Libra and Gemini than you must keep the entrance to your homes in the west direction. If you belong to Scorpio or Leo then you must keep your entrance in the east.

To find best entrance and the location of your doors and windows you should hire a qualified Vastu consultant so that you can get the maximum benefit from all the directions.

There is a relation between Vastu and the astrological planets. The following chart illustrates this.

Directions Ruling Planet
North Mercury Living (Sitting) Room, Safe
Northeast Jupiter Worship Room, Living Room
East Sun Living room, Bathroom (No Toilet)
Southeast Venus Kitchen
South Mars Kitchen, Storeroom
Southwest Rahu Master Bedroom, Heavy Storage
West Saturn Children’s Bedroom, Store Room, Study
Northwest Moon Guest room, Bathroom, Grain Storage Room


Vastu and Astrology for Career

Career or ‘Karma’ indicates the effect of our actions upon the world, the status we are able to achieve in life, regardless whether it is a service or business. The Occupation becomes more benefic when it is motivational, gives you space to grow in financial and other aspects such that sky is the limit. However, this is not always the case and this is where Vedic Astrology and Vastu can help.

Each profession has its own governing and supporting planets as well as planets that act as hurdle creators. Following are the various profession governed by different planets.

Sun (‘Surya’)

If Sun is placed appropriately in birth chart, it indicates a person will be self - confident, kind hearted, sincere, fatherly, inspiring and motivating, encouraging people to meet their goals and will have leadership skills.

Professions governed by Sun are: Administrator, Manager, Director, Leader, Celebrity, Sports Person, Government Officer, Interior Decorator.

Sun can be enhanced by performing following Vastu remedies:

1. Place a bamboo plant in East direction of drawing room.

2. Display a rising Sun picture in the East direction of living room.

3. Interior of East direction should be light weight and of orange hue.

Moon (‘Chandra’)

Moon acts as a “Mother” taking responsibility for a social environment of a place. A person who has favorable Moon in birth chart is open to others, tolerant, hospitable, nurturing, intuitive and empathetic and sensitive about the anxieties and problems of others.

Professions indicated by Moon:  Humanitarian workers, Healers, Nurses, Counselors, Psychologists, Social Workers, Child Care, Women-care activities, Food and Beverage Business, Water Workers, Irrigation, Sailor, Fisherman, Importer & Exporter of sea products and Raising Animals ( Dairy).

Moon can be enhanced by performing following Vastu remedies:

1. Place a Conch filled with water in the North-West direction.

2. Display a Crystal Globe in the North-West direction of ‘Study’ or working table.

3. Place a bunch of peacock feathers in the North-West direction.

Mars (‘Mangal’)

Mars is a warrior who feels proud to show courage and determination. Person whose Mars is good in birth chart is action oriented, enthusiastic, energetic, ambitious and always ready to accept challenges.

Occupations related to Mars

 War, army, police and work related to fire are associated with Mars. Businesses like Metal and Weapon factories, Machines and Tools and professionals like Surgeons, Dentists, Barbers, Cooks, Blacksmiths, Butchers, Chemists and Owners of Medicines, Box Makers, Sweet Vendors come under Mars.

Mars can be balanced by performing following Vastu remedies:

1. Display a red Phoenix in the South direction of Living Room.

2. Decorate the South direction with your certificates and medals.

3. Avoid placing water feature in South direction.

Mercury (‘Budh’)

Favorable Mercury in birth chart indicates person will have systematic approach, good in numerical skills like accounting, finance, measuring and surveying, writing.

Occupations related to Mercury are:The use of advanced speech, Speech Therapist, Publishing, Editor, Writer, Entertainer, Consultant, Analyst, Accountant, Mathematician, good in communication or related fields like Call Center, Journalism, Fiction and Non-fiction Writing, Telecom, Internet, Digital Networks, Financial Controller, Librarian, Advertiser, Skin Care, Youth-oriented Program Organizers and Gardener.

Remedies to enhance Mercury:

1. Place a Jade or Basil Plant (‘Tulsi’) in the North direction of Living Room.

2. Keep the North direction open or with very light furniture.

3. Avoid restroom in this direction.

4. Place your cash box in North direction.

Jupiter (‘Guru’/‘Brihaspati’)

Jupiter or the Dev Guru, if favorable in birth chart makes you optimistic, accepting, truthful and spiritual, giving you ability to handle stress in a balanced way, honoring the trust that people put in them, adheres to values in spite of difficult circumstances.

Occupations related to Jupiter: Judge, Advisor, Counselor, Psychologist, Financial Advisor, Social or Charity worker, Professor, Educationalist, Priest, Human Resources and Employee Development, Consultant, Studies in Ancient Traditions and Spiritual Nature.

Jupiter can be enriched by following remedies:

1. Place a bowl filled with water and fresh yellow flowers in North-East direction of Living Room.

2. Do not keep any iron or black shade item in the North-East direction of any of the room in house or office.

Venus (‘Shukra’)

Venus is a planet of beauty, art and joy of life. A favorable Venus makes a person’s persona charismatic, a good host, good sense of art and culture, building relationship and networking, focus on harmony, highly diplomatic, skilled reader of people and situations, knows to enjoy pleasure and comfort.

Occupations related to Venus: Art, Design, Fashion, Photography, Textiles and Fabrics, Boutiques, Spa, Cosmetician, Beauty Products and Services, Gems, Precious metals, Florist, Interior Decorator, Music, Drama, all forms of Entertainment, Working with Women and their Associated Affairs, Sexual Issues, Fancy Restaurants, Sweets and Desserts.

Venus can be strengthened by following remedies:

1. Place an Amethyst crystal lotus in the South-East direction of Living Room.

2. Place a crystal ‘Shree Yantra’ in a silver bowl in the South-East direction of worship area (‘Pooja’).

3. Wear a rose quartz bracelet.

4. Place an artificial pomegranate in the dining area.

Saturn (‘Shani’)

The positive Saturn in the birth chart indicates good stamina and endurance making the person hard working, who puts in the extra effort to make things right, follows traditions, knows the rule and abides by them.

When Saturn is weak in the chart the person becomes unenthusiastic, depressed, low on intelligence, gloomy, poorly groomed, sluggish, follows orders to one’s detriment, displays lack of vitality, has a life filled with delays and losses, uses drugs or alcohol.

Occupations related to Saturn: Jobs entailing Hard Work or Labor like places where one gets dirty or soiled, Work in Land Development and Agriculture, Oil, Gas, Mining, Minerals, Geology, Excavation, Antiques, Archaeology, Museums. Saturn also governs professions related to Monasteries, Sanitariums, Civil Engineering, Disaster Relief, Insurance Sales, Drug Rehabilitation, Animal Care and Prison Work.

Saturn can be made favorable by:

1. Place Metal furniture or metal decor in the West direction of your room.

2. Always help laborers, needy and handicapped and give them food on Saturday.

3. Feed wheat flour to ants.

4. Keep mustard oil in an iron bowl and place it in the West direction of your storeroom.

Dragon’s Head and Dragon’s Tail (‘Rahu’ and ‘Ketu’)

‘Rahu’ and ‘Ketu’ are shadow planets they do not have their own identity. They indicate according to the associations of other planet or significance of house where they are placed.

In general Rahu acts like Saturn. Rahu gives a person a vision to come up with innovative solutions to the problems in difficult times. If Rahu is positive in birth chart the person will be clever and will have technical brain.

Occupations related to Rahu: Technicians, Technologists, Pharmacist, Bio-energy Worker, Secret Service, Magician and Profession in Foreign or Exotic Travel.

In general ‘Ketu’ acts like Mars. ‘Ketu’ indicates intuition, enlightenment (‘moksha’), feel of inner silence, ignoring the material in favor of the spiritual. When ‘Ketu’ is weak in a chart a person has low self image, full of doubts and fear, lets others take advantage of them, do not have any aim in life, hypersensitive, nervous and unreliable.

Occupations related to Ketu: Monk or Nun, Meditation or Self-Improvement Guru, Connection with Mystical objects, Alternative Medicine Practitioner, Unique Healing Methods and deals in Occult Science.

Rahu and Ketu can be made positive by:

1. Display a painting or picture of ‘flying birds’ in the North-West direction of office or drawing room.

2. Place green plants in the North-East direction.

3. Place some magnets in a crystal bowl in the South-West direction.

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