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Number 3

Number Three – The Party Animal

Famous Number Three Personalities: Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain, Jodi Foster, Alan Ada, Rudyard Kipling, Winston Churchill

Number Three Good Traits: Creative, Romantic

Number Three Bad Traits: Impatient, Unpunctual

Number Three Lucky Color: Crimson Red

  • Your lucky number is 3.
  • The planet governing you is the Jupiter, the master of all planets.
  • You are very hardworking, courageous and religious. You like to have strict discipline. You don’t like the interference of anybody in your work and also don’t like to interfere in anybody’s work.
  • You will be more influenced by Jupiter if you are born between 19th January to 21th March. In that case you can be a good businessman and a respected person in the society.
  • For business you can succeed in the field of clothes, food items, hotel business, acting, broker, banker, priest of temple, advertisement and publicity etc.
  • For luck and success in your business, and job, the directions of south-east and south-west will be favourable to you. The directions of North-west are not be favourable to you.
  • For MARRIAGE purpose, the persons born on 1, 3, 5, 7, 8 and 9 of any month will be suitable to you and they can be your FRIENDS also. But the people born on 2, 4, and 6 of any month are not suitable to you as a marriage partners. You are advised not to keep friendship with them.
  • Every year during the end of December, take special care of your health and keep control on your expenditures.
  • The period from 19th February to 21st March and 21st November to 21st December brings progress, money and happiness in your life. The dates 3, 12, 21, 30. including 6, 9, 15, 18, 24, 27, will be favourable to you and specially if they fall on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.. You should do all your important jobs on these days.
  • The colours favourable to you are Yellow, Pink, White, Green, Dark brown and light blue. To avoid accidents you should prefer the Car and two wheelers of these colours. You should prefer the clothes of these colours and keep handkerchief, pens in your pocket of same colours. Avoid using black & dark blue colours
  • Your lucky year of your life will be the 35th year, during which you are likey to have car, house and land etc with lot of respect and possibility of an award also.. The 18, 21, 24,30, 33, 36, 39, 42, 45, 48, 51, 54,57, 60 and 66th year of your life will be important
  • You are likely to suffer from problems of lungs, liver, diabetes, skin problems, asthma, speech related problems like stammering etc.
  • For improvement in your luck and health , you must keep a fast on Thursdays . For gaining a lot of wealth and success in business, you must keep a suitable Yantra with you and at the place of worship in your house.
  • For your luck and good health wear Topaz (Pukhraj) in gold ring.


Number 3 persons should start their signature clockwise and it should slant upwards. Signature should be longer than 3 cm.

Name characteristics of number three

Only after careful study of birth number, sum number, planetary motion of sun and mercury name number is advised.

Number 3 persons can remove unnecessary hurdles in their life by making their name on favourable number.

Name number 3

This is a spiritual number, persons whose name number sums up to 3 will be spiritually inclined and intelligent persons. They will achieve good qualifications.

Name number 12

Having named number 12, a person will have the capability to sacrifice personal goals to the ambition of others. He will always work for the welfare of others. But sometimes, the result of severe emotional stress and mental anguish creates amnesia. Rather than being emotional, these persons should pay more attention to education and intellect as it will pave way to success.

Name number 21

Person whose name sums up to 21 will have general success and guarantees advancement, honors, awards and general elevation in the life and career. It gives success after long struggle. The beginning of life will be full of struggles. The later part of life is full of luck.

Name number 30

Persons whose name sums up to 30 will be full of imagination. They will have thoughtful deduction and mental superiority over others. This number is neither fortunate nor unfortunate. They won’t be interested to earn money and wealth. Even if there is no profit, they will undertake some difficult jobs for the sake of mental satisfaction.

Name number 39

These persons will work for the welfare of others. They may face health problems specially skin problems. They will struggle in their youth days and will have success after lots of hardships in later part of their life. But they are good natured and that they can go up to any extent to do good for their friends and relatives.

Name number 48

They will succeed in the face of any number of trials and tribulations. They will take up assignments beyond their abilities. They will work for the welfare of others. Fate will always play an adverse role in their lives. Success will be very late in their life.

Similarly name numbers 57, 66, 75, 84, 93, 102 have different meanings.

Numerology 2016 Forecasts

The year 2016 spells out a year of achievements, name and fame for all the Number 3 people. Your struggles will be reduced to a considerable extent and your pace to achieve success will increase. Unnecessary delays and hidden hindrances, which was the trend in last year, will no longer vex you this year. Increased workload might keep you busy but still you will enjoy peace of mind. You have to use your common sense to make the year progressive. This will guide you to reach the target.

Money, Career and Business :

Explore all your options for expanding the reach of your company and for developing new product lines. You may be able to increase your business turnover even more. Make sure you save some of these financial gains for a rainy day. If you have been looking at options to invest your money, real estate or property would be a good option. There are chances to hear some good news from abroad or be offered to travel abroad for work. For Business entrepreneurs it will be a good time to start new partnership business. You as Birth Number 3, has a great chance to get a good opportunity in the fields of sports, chemical, trading, real estate, films etc...Try to avoid hasty decisions. There are chances of getting some legal issues this year. You may have encouraging results at work location. You will enjoy every work in your career. Now that you know where you stand, be extra careful in any business deals. Avoid to sign business contract in hurry. Drive safe !

Marriage and Love :

In year 2016, focus on giving time to your romantic relationship as it is blooming at this time. Time you put in on this, will give you benefits for many years to come. The year 2016 provides good opportunities to those who are still unmarried or who are desirous to have marital alliances. It is advised that you must not jump on a proposal of a marriage without going into the depth about the nature of the partner. The partner may be artistic in nature and provides you quite a happy companionship. You should be expressive and polite in your communications to avoid unnecessary conflicts. Keep patience who are thinking to take divorce. 2016 may help you to show you big direction particular in personal life. Unexpected positive things may happen with you.

Health :

In the first part of 2016, you will be tireless and will enjoy good health. The second half of 2016, your energy will go down but still you have enough energy to manage. There might be problems such as Infection, food poisoning, muscle problems etc. You will be successful in recovering from a backache or neck pain. You may therefore have to do some modifications in your fitness regimen or posture to keep yourself physically fit. Also, keep the stress level down and diet healthy, you'll find your digestion functions in better way from this point on.

Celebrities :

Rajinikanth (12/Dec), Swami Vivekanand (12/Jan), Benazir Bhutto (21/Jun), Rani Mukerji (21/Mar), Kareena Kapoor (21/Sep), Yuvraj Singh (12/Dec), Abraham Lincoln (12/Feb), Warren Buffett (30/Aug).

Favorable Months : March, June, September, December

Lucky Days : Wednesday and Friday

Lucky Color : Orange and Purple

Click on your date of birth to find out the business suitable to you, your marriage partner, your lucky stone, your enemies & friends and the colour of car/ two wheeler suitable to you. Make 2016 your Best Year Ever with the help of our extremely useful forecast. 

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