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Baby Name Numerology

The birth of a newborn is a big event in the life of the family. ASTROLOGY and NUMEROLOGY has on integral part to play through out the life of an individual. The first name of any person is a very important thing as it is a personal identity and everybody listens and uses his/her first name frequently, everyday. It is found that a better first name can lead the person to success. On the contrary, some first names can invite problems and bad luck.



If you have got a new baby, you should choose a name for that baby according to astrology and numerology. The name should be meaningful and must have better name value, i.e. name number.

We can suggest you the best name for your baby. This name will be well compatible with the baby’s birth number and life path number and astrology.

Required information for Baby Name Suggestion:

- Full date of birth of the baby
- Time of birth of the baby
- Place of birth of the baby
- Gender (Baby boy or girl?)
- Father’s first and last name
- Place of Residence
- Religion
- Telephone Number
- Mobile/Whatsapp Number
- Email Address

Consultation Charges: Rs. 5100/- Only

Astrological Baby Names

Parenthood takes you into a new world. Along with joy and happiness, it brings various responsibilities, the first one being giving your precious one a lovely and unique name. Every year, we see a trend dominating the naming charts, which most of the parents follow. But if you are a believer in astrology, you would want to refer nakshatra or birth star of your baby before naming them. We brings you an exhaustive list of birth star names for babies. Before that you might want to know about nakshatra.

What Is Nakshatra Or Birth Star?

Nakshatra are star signs forming Indian astrology. When the moon travels through the sky, it is believed to pass the 27 sections or ‘lunar houses’, with each house containing a dominant star or constellation.

These 27 lunar houses are known as nakshatra in Indian astrology, with each lunar house getting its name from a dominant star or constellation in that house.

How To Find Birth Star Or Nakshatra?

To calculate the birth star, you’ll need to provide the astrologer your baby’s place and time of birth. The details help him calculate the position of the moon at the time of the child’s birth. This will be the baby’s nakshatra. The astrologer will fill out a birth chart or janam patri, which will tell not just the baby’s nakshatra, but also the position of all the planets at the time of the birth of the baby. All this information will assist the astrologer in the prediction of the child’s future. This is why birth stars form an integral part of Indian astrology and baby names. Indians also refer to the birth chart or kundali before making important decisions such as choosing a career, venturing into a new business and fixing a marriage.

How Are Nakshatras Different From Sun Signs Or Zodiac Signs?

A person’s nakshatra is determined by the position of the moon at the time of his or her birth. Sun sign, as the name suggests, are based on the position of the sun. Indian astrologers consider both nakshatra and sun sign to paint a thorough picture of a person’s personality.

Why Do People Name Their Children According To The Birth Star?

Astrologers believe that nakshatra can give an insight into the baby’s personality. Therefore, a name based on the birth star will reflect the child’s personality. This is the primary reason why Indian parents consult an astrologer to find out their child’s nakshatra soon after the birth.

Hindus believe that nakshatra plays a significant role in shaping their baby’s life, character and destiny. Each nakshatra has certain syllables that are considered lucky for the baby. Parents can select a name that starts with that particular sound or syllable. Parents look up to numerology to pick a name that will bring luck to the family and will go well with the surname.

List Of 27 Nakshatras With Syllable And Baby Names:

Below we’ve listed the syllables related to each nakshatra. All the syllables mentioned below are not spellings but phonetic sounds. So, even if the name spells differently, but creates the same phonetic sound when read, the moniker will work.

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1. Ashwini Nakshatra:

Ashwini Nakshatra, spanning the zodiac Aries, is the first of the 27 Nakshatras in the Indian astrology. The nakshatra gets its name from Ashwini constellation, which consists of three stars. Ashwini is under the influence of Ketu, the Indian name for descending lunar node. It’s at this point the moon path crosses and goes under the sun. People born under Ashwini nakshatra have a gentle personality and are skilled in whatever they do.

Name syllables for Ashwini nakshatra babies:

  • Chu
  • Choo
  • Cho
  • Che
  • La
  • Laa

Baby boy names for Ashwini nakshatra:

  1. Chetan
  2. Lakshya
  3. Lalap
  4. Lavyansh
  5. Lavish
  6. Lavanya
  7. Larshan
  8. Chetak
  9. Lahit
  10. Lakshit

Baby girl names for Ashwini nakshatra:

  1. Cheshta
  2. Chetana
  3. Laalima
  4. Laavanaya
  5. Lakshanya
  6. Lakshita
  7. Lakshmi
  8. Lalika
  9. Latika
  10. Lavanika

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2. Bharani Nakshatra:

Bharani, corresponding with 35, 39 and 41 Arietis and belonging to the Aries zodiac, is the second nakshatra in the Hindu astrology and is ruled by Yama, the God of death. It’s believed that babies born under Bharani nakshatra grow up to be loyal, affectionate and friendly. And since Bharani is a bright and active star, people of this nakshatra also take interest in multiple fields.

Name syllables for Bharani nakshatra babies:

  • Li
  • Lee
  • Lu
  • Le
  • Lo

Baby boy names for Bharani nakshatra:

  1. Leelachandra
  2. Lekhan
  3. Likhil
  4. Lochan
  5. Lohit
  6. Loknath
  7. Lubdhaka
  8. Luhit
  9. Lukesh
  10. Luv

Baby girl names for Bharani nakshatra:

  1. Leepakshi
  2. Leesha
  3. Leher
  4. Lekhana
  5. Likhita
  6. Lipika
  7. Lohini
  8. Lohita
  9. Lopa
  10. Lunasha

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3. Krittika Nakshatra:

Krittika, the third nakshatra is the first of all the constellations, spanning the cusp of two zodiac houses, Aries and Taurus. Being ruled by Agni, the God of fire, the Nakshatra burns all that is negative, and purifies the remnants. Babies born under Krittika nakshatra are perfectionists. And they are also very nurturing, warm and caring, but can flare up if things don’t go their way.

Name syllables for Krittika nakshatra babies:

  • A
  • Aa
  • E
  • U
  • Oo
  • Ae
  • I
  • Ai
  • Ee

Baby boy names for Krittika nakshatra:

  1. Aakhash
  2. Aarush
  3. Aatreya
  4. Abhigyaan
  5. Aekanth
  6. Arnit
  7. Eeksha
  8. Ehsan
  9. Ishrit
  10. Oorjit

Baby girl names for Krittika nakshatra:

  1. Aakshi
  2. Aarini
  3. Anchal
  4. Avanthika
  5. Ekatha
  6. Iraa
  7. Ishanya
  8. Oorja
  9. Oorvi
  10. Udayanjali

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4. Rohini Nakshatra:

Rohini, spanning the Taurus zodiac, is named after the most favorite wife of the moon. The nakshatra is symbolized by the bull head surrounded by five stars. Rohini is also the first nakshatra residing entirely in Taurus. People born under Rohini are critical, materialistic and are surrounded by an air of entitlement to their character.

Name syllables for Rohini nakshatra babies:

  • O
  • Va
  • Vaa
  • Vi
  • Vee
  • Vu
  • Voo
  • Wa
  • Wi
  • Wu

Baby boy names For Rohini nakshatra:

  1. Ojas
  2. Om
  3. Vadish
  4. Vatsal
  5. Veer
  6. Veerinder
  7. Vibhav
  8. Vilohit
  9. Wanraj
  10. Wignesh

Baby girl names for Rohini nakshatra:

  1. Oditi
  2. Omshree
  3. Vaagishwari
  4. Vaanika
  5. Vanshika
  6. Vasavi
  7. Veenagana
  8. Vistarini
  9. Wasudha
  10. Wineeta

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5. Mrigashirsha Nakshatra:

Mrigashirsha, spanning Taurus and Gemini, is symbolized by the Orion constellation surrounded by three stars that form celestial huntsman’s head. It’s believed that Orion was the sky god and became obsessed with Brahma’s daughter, Rohini. One of the most positive features of this nakshatra is the people are capable of immense love.

Name syllables for Mrigashirsha babies:

  • Ve
  • Vo
  • Ka
  • Kaa
  • Ki
  • Kee
  • We
  • Wo

Baby boy names for Mrigashirsha nakshatra:

  1. Kaarthik
  2. Kalpak
  3. Kalpin
  4. Kamalaj
  5. Kaustav
  6. Keerthikumar
  7. Kinshuk
  8. Kirav
  9. Kishore
  10. Vedant

Baby girl names for Mrigashirsha nakshatra:

  1. Kaaberi
  2. Kaadambari
  3. Kaajal
  4. Kaamya
  5. Kashish
  6. Keerti
  7. Kinjala
  8. Kirtana
  9. Vedanshi
  10. Venuka

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6. Arudra Nakshatra:

The sixth nakshatra, Arudra, traversing the Gemini zodiac, is symbolized by Betelgeuse, the star present on Orion’s shoulder. The symbol of Arudra, which is the head of a deer, refers to Orion taking the form of an antelope after his demise. People belonging to Arudra nakshatra emphasize strongly on their mind and thinking capacity. They are also motivated by desire and passion.

Name syllables for Arudra nakshatra babies:

  • Ku
  • Gha
  • Da
  • Cha
  • Na
  • Jha
  • Ja
  • Kam

Baby boy names for Arudra nakshatra:

  1. Chakrin
  2. Chamaraj
  3. Darpan
  4. Ghanshyam
  5. Javesh
  6. Jhaswin
  7. Kamesh
  8. Kularanjan
  9. Kush
  10. Naitik

Baby girl names for Arudra nakshatra:

  1. Darpanika
  2. Ghanavathi
  3. Ghantika
  4. Jainika
  5. Jhanvi
  6. Kamalika
  7. Kamna
  8. Kushmandini
  9. Nagaveni
  10. Namya

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7. Punarvasu Nakshatra:

Punarvasu nakshatra, spanning the cusp of Gemini and Cancer, is governed by Aditi, the mother of all Gods. Also known as the ‘star of renewal’, the significance of Punarvasu birth star is revival, renewal, and restoration. People born under this nakshatra have high moral values. Punarvasu also happens to be the birth star of Lord Rama.

Name syllables for Punarvasu nakshatra babies:

  • Ke
  • Kay
  • Ko
  • Ha
  • Hi
  • Hee

Baby boy names for Punarvasu nakshatra:

  1. Hakesh
  2. Hansh
  3. Hari
  4. Harindra
  5. Himanshu
  6. Hirak
  7. Hitansh
  8. Kayshav
  9. Kedar
  10. Kohil

Baby girl names for Punarvasu Nakshatra:

  1. Hansa
  2. Harshika
  3. Himagouri
  4. Himaja
  5. Hityshini
  6. Ketaki
  7. Keya
  8. Komal
  9. Konkana
  10. Koyel

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8. Pushya:

Pushya, residing in Cancer, is ruled by Brihaspati, the chief advisor to the gods. The essence of Brihaspati is embodied in the three stars in the constellation of Cancer. The exalted nature of this nakshatra is evident by its symbol, the cow’s head. People belonging to this nakshatra have a generous, nurturing and unselfish character.

Name syllables for Pushya nakshatra babies:

  • Hu
  • He
  • Ho
  • Da

Baby boy names for Pushya nakshatra:

  1. Darpak
  2. Dayakar
  3. Dayaswarup
  4. Hemadri
  5. Hemamdar
  6. Hemant
  7. Hemendra
  8. Honhar
  9. Humesh
  10. Hunar

Baby girl names for Pushya nakshatra:

  1. Damayanti
  2. Darika
  3. Darshana
  4. Dayita
  5. Hemala
  6. Hemangi
  7. Hemani
  8. Hetal
  9. Houmesha
  10. Humisha

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9. Ashlesha Nakshatra:

Ashlesha, the ninth birth star resides in Cancer, where Naga is immortalized by three stars housing in the southern claw of the crab. The nakshatra, ruled by Naga, the serpent god, revered for its Kundalini energy and wisdom, is signified by a coiled snake. People born under ashlesha are intelligent but are prone to explosive anger and rash judgments.

Name syllables for Ashlesha nakshatra babies:

  • Di
  • Dee
  • Du
  • De
  • Do
  • Me
  • Da

Baby boy names for Ashlesha nakshatra:

  1. Debashish
  2. Deenanath
  3. Deependu
  4. Devakanth
  5. Dinesh
  6. Divyam
  7. Divyansh
  8. Durjaya
  9. Meghnaad
  10. Meghraj

Baby girl names for Ashlesha nakshatra:

  1. Debjani
  2. Deepa
  3. Deepal
  4. Deepanshi
  5. Devika
  6. Dia
  7. Dipannita
  8. Dishita
  9. Doyel
  10. Mehal

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10. Magha Nakshatra:

Magha akshatra, also known as Regulus, is a triple-star, spanning through Leo. The ruling planet for Magha is Ketu and is represented by the shoulder of the lion. Instead of being ruled by Devatas, Magha is ruled by Pitra. People belonging to this nakshatra are believed to be leaders in their fields.

Name syllables for Magha nakshatra babies:

  • Ma
  • Maa
  • Mi
  • Mee
  • Mu
  • Me

Baby boy names for Magha nakshatra:

  1. Maahir
  2. Maandeo
  3. Manthan
  4. Meet
  5. Meghdutt
  6. Mehul
  7. Mihir
  8. Mitrajit
  9. Mudit
  10. Mukut

Baby girl names for Magha nakshatra:

  1. Madhulika
  2. Medha
  3. Meenakshi
  4. Meenal
  5. Meera
  6. Menaka
  7. Mishka
  8. Mitika
  9. Muguda
  10. Muskaan

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11. Purva Phalguni Nakshatra:

The 11th Nakshatra Purva Phalguni, also known as Bhagadavaita, spans through Leo constellation or Simha rashi. The star is symbolized by a swimming hammock. The star in one hand symbolizes creation and joy, and the other hand symbolizes insipidity and lack of desire. People born under Purva Phalguni have an artistic side to them, which is why most are lovers of music and other forms of art.

Name syllables for Purva Phalguni nakshatra babies:

  • Mo
  • Ta
  • Taa
  • Ti
  • Tee
  • Tu

Baby boy names for Purva Phalguni nakshatra:

  1. Mohajit
  2. Mohandas
  3. Monish
  4. Taaksha
  5. Teerth
  6. Tilak
  7. Timir
  8. Tirumala
  9. Tulsidas
  10. Tushaar

Baby girl names for Purva Phalguni nakshatra:

  1. Moitreyee
  2. Mokshika
  3. Taani
  4. Tanushree
  5. Teesta
  6. Tijila
  7. Tisya
  8. Titiksha
  9. Tuhina
  10. Tushti

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12. Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra:

Uttara Phalguni, existing in a pair with its stellar counterpart Purva Phalguni derives its spiritual force from the governing deity Aryaman. It is ruled by the planetary force of the sun and is spread from the zodiac Leo to Virgo. Babies born under this star sign wish to seek the truth through action and knowledge. They do not assume things. The symbol of Uttara Phalguni is a bed.

Name syllables for Uttara Phalguni nakshatra babies:

  • Te
  • Ta
  • Taa
  • Pa
  • Paa
  • Pi
  • Pee
  • To

Baby boy names for Uttara Phalguni nakshatra:

  1. Padman
  2. Parvesh
  3. Pavanjit
  4. Peeyush
  5. Pinakin
  6. Taaresh
  7. Tamoghna
  8. Tej
  9. Tejas
  10. Tohit

Baby girl names for Uttara Phalguni nakshatra:

  1. Paakhi
  2. Pahi
  3. Pankaja
  4. Peeya
  5. Piyali
  6. Tanishka
  7. Tanmayi
  8. Tejal
  9. Tejaswini
  10. Toshika

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13. Hasta Nakshatra:

Hasta, the 13th Nakshatra, spread through Virgo zodiac, derives its power from the powerful arena of ‘Surya Deva, the governing deity. It is ruled by the force of the moon and is demarcated by the symbol of a fist. People born under this star sign are marked by traits like kindness, sincerity, and loyalty.

Name syllables for Hasta nakshatra babies:

  • Pu
  • Poo
  • Sha
  • Shaa
  • Na
  • Tha

Baby boy names for Hasta nakshatra:

  1. Nalinaksh
  2. Nandlal
  3. Navalan
  4. Poornachandra
  5. Purujit
  6. Shaaji
  7. Shailin
  8. Shaunak
  9. Thaaresh
  10. Thavanesh

Baby girl names for Hasta nakshatra:

  1. Nainadevi
  2. Nalina
  3. Navika
  4. Pooja
  5. Poorabi
  6. Poorvi
  7. Punita
  8. Sharmishtha
  9. Shatakshi
  10. Thanvi

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14. Chitra Nakshatra:

Chitra Nakshatra is looked up as a single or solitary star in Vedic astrology. Being the only star in the celestial firmament, Chitra Nakshatra exemplifies and embodies the supreme craftsmanship of the governing deity Twashtar. This star sign extends from the sun sign Virgo to Libra. A Chitra Nakshatra baby has an innate charm, which makes him or her endearing.

Name syllables for Chitra nakshatra babies:

  • Pe
  • Po
  • Ra
  • Raa
  • Ri
  • Ree

Baby boy names for Chitra nakshatra:

  1. Pehlaj
  2. Pourab
  3. Porush
  4. Rajan
  5. Raaghav
  6. Rameshwar
  7. Rishi
  8. Ripudaman
  9. Riddhiman
  10. Reedhay

Baby girl names for Chitra nakshatra:

  1. Pernita
  2. Pori
  3. Pornima
  4. Raagini
  5. Rachita
  6. Radhiyaa
  7. Reema
  8. Ridhika
  9. Rikisha
  10. Ritkriti

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15. Swati Nakshatra:

Swati nakshatra, the symbol of art, creativity, and freedom, corresponds to the western star Arcturus and spans through Libra zodiac. Swati, meaning purity, defines the features and characteristics of this star sign. In Sanskrit, Swati also means sword, indicating the sharpness as shown by the natives of this nakshatra. The symbol of Swati is sprout or plant shoot. People belonging to this star are soft-spoken, sweet, mild, merciful and skilled in their trade.

Name syllables for Swati nakshatra babies:

  • Ru
  • Roo
  • Re
  • Ro
  • Ta
  • Taa

Baby boy names for Swati nakshatra:

  1. Revant
  2. Roochit
  3. Ruhan
  4. Rupak
  5. Rutvik
  6. Taanuj
  7. Tanmay
  8. Tapan
  9. Taradhish
  10. Tarak

Baby girl names for Swati nakshatra:

  1. Reva
  2. Rohana
  3. Romila
  4. Roop
  5. Roopini
  6. Roshni
  7. Ruhika
  8. Rupika
  9. Tamanna
  10. Tanusiya

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16. Vishakha:

Vishakha nakshatra consists of five stars and is symbolized by a potter’s wheel. Since its rulers are Agni and Indra, Vishakha nakshatra symbolizes authority, position, and power. People born under Vishakha are thoroughly goal oriented. They never stop working towards their goals until they achieve them. Visakha nakshatra spans through Libra and Scorpio zodiac.

Name syllables for Vishakha nakshatra babies:

  • Ti
  • Tee
  • Tu
  • Tae
  • Too
  • Te
  • To

Baby boy names for Vishakha nakshatra:

  1. Teeraj
  2. Tejaswin
  3. Tejorasi
  4. Tirtha
  5. Tonmoy
  6. Tooshar
  7. Toshan
  8. Tuhin
  9. Tushar
  10. Tuvijat

Baby girl names for Vishakha nakshatra:

  1. Tejaswita
  2. Tejini
  3. Tilaka
  4. Tillana
  5. Tirna
  6. Titiksha
  7. Toshal
  8. Toshani
  9. Tulya
  10. Turvi

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17. Anuradha Nakshatra:

Anuradha nakshatra, extending into the realm of Scorpio and governed by the lordship of Saturn, dictates the cosmic firmament with honor, balance, and harmony. With its ability to strike a balance between the contradictory forces, Anuradha symbolizes the fusion of joviality, sociability, and energy. The nakshatra derives strength from its ruling deity Mitra. People belonging to this nakshatra cannot withstand hunger. And they like to live in foreign countries.

Name syllables for Anuradha nakshatra babies:

  • Na
  • Naa
  • Ni
  • Nee
  • Nu
  • Noo
  • Ne
  • Nae

Baby boy names for Anuradha nakshatra:

  1. Naagpal
  2. Navishtha
  3. Navodit
  4. Nayandeep
  5. Neerav
  6. Nehal
  7. Nimit
  8. Niral
  9. Nirnay
  10. Nuha

Baby girl names for Anuradha nakshatra:

  1. Nagaveni
  2. Nalika
  3. Navika
  4. Neeharika
  5. Neelaratna
  6. Neisha
  7. Netrani
  8. Nikhila
  9. Nila
  10. Nupur

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18. Jyeshta Nakshatra:

Jyeshta nakshatra, the star sign existing in the zodiac Scorpio, epitomizes the divinity of Indra, which is its governing deity. Meaning ‘the eldest one’, Jyeshta reflects the planetary forces of Mars and Mercury. The Nakshatra reflects the attributes of its ruling deity Indra. Its general characteristics are kindness, traditionalism and philanthropic deeds. People belonging to Jyeshta are brilliant.

Name syllables for Jyeshta nakshatra babies:

  • No
  • Ya
  • Yaa
  • Yi
  • Yee
  • Yu

Baby boy names for Jyeshta nakshatra:

  1. Nomesh
  2. Nomit
  3. Yaadav
  4. Yaduvir
  5. Yakshit
  6. Yashal
  7. Yishai
  8. Yudhajit
  9. Yugesh
  10. Yuvraj

Baby girl names for Jyeshta nakshatra:

  1. Nondini
  2. Noyonika
  3. Yaadhana
  4. Yaagnya
  5. Yaamini
  6. Yachana
  7. Yashi
  8. Yashika
  9. Yukthi
  10. Yuvarani

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19. Moola:

Moola, the 19th nakshatra in Vedic astrology, is ruled by Maa Kali, the Goddess of destruction. Its symbol, a bunch of roots tied together, drives home the fact that every event happening in the world is associated with some reason or the other at its root. Thus, people born under this nakshatra are inclined towards quest and research. Moola nakshatra falls in Sagittarius zodiac.

Name syllables for Moola nakshatra babies:

  • Ye
  • Yo
  • Bha
  • Bhaa
  • Bhi
  • Bhee
  • Ba
  • Bi
  • Yu

Baby boy names for Moola nakshatra:

  1. Baren
  2. Bhaumik
  3. Bhavik
  4. Bhiswas
  5. Bijin
  6. Biman
  7. Yekath
  8. Yogeshwar
  9. Yogiraj
  10. Yukesh

Baby girl names for Moola nakshatra:

  1. Bhavyata
  2. Bhimanshi
  3. Bhini
  4. Bijal
  5. Bindusri
  6. Yenakshi
  7. Yesha
  8. Yeshna
  9. Yoshita
  10. Yutika

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20. Purva Ashada Nakshatra:

Purva Ashada, also known as Jal nakshatra, is the twentieth star sign in the Vedic astrology. Since the ruling planet of this nakshatra is Venus, the natives born under this star sign are influenced significantly by this planet in their lives. A person born under Purva Ashada Nakshatra is compassionate and kind-hearted. Purva Ashada belongs to Sagittarius zodiac.

Name syllables for Purva Ashada nakshatra babies:

  • Bhu
  • Bhoo
  • Dha
  • Pha
  • Fa
  • Da
  • Bu

Baby boy names for Purva Ashada nakshatra:

  1. Bhudev
  2. Bhupen
  3. Bhuvanesh
  4. Buddhadev
  5. Dalip
  6. Darpan
  7. Dhairyash
  8. Dhanendra
  9. Dhanu
  10. Falak

Baby girl names for Purva Ashada nakshatra:

  1. Bhoomika
  2. Bhoovana
  3. Bhupali
  4. Bhuvi
  5. Bulbul
  6. Dakshayini
  7. Damini
  8. Darpana
  9. Dhanashri
  10. Falguni

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21. Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra:

Uttara Ashadha, the 21st nakshatra, spans through the constellation of Sagittarius to Capricorn. The nakshatra is symbolized by a cot or the tusk of an elephant. People born under this nakshatra are known for their calmness and good manners. They are pure-hearted, refined, and innocent.

Name syllables for Uttara Ashadha nakshatra babies:

  • Bhe
  • Bho
  • Ja
  • Jaa
  • Ji
  • Jee
  • Bha
  • Be
  • Bo

Baby boy names for Uttara Ashadha nakshatra:

  1. Bhargav
  2. Bhesaj
  3. Bomik
  4. Jaanith
  5. Jagmeet
  6. Japendra
  7. Jayadev
  8. Jeevan
  9. Jitender
  10. Jitesh

Baby girl names for Uttara Ashadha nakshatra:

  1. Benisha
  2. Bhovana
  3. Bobitha
  4. Jaagruti
  5. Jainika
  6. Janisha
  7. Jayanthi
  8. Jeeval
  9. Jilpa
  10. Jiya

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22. Shravana Nakshatra:

Shravana, the 22nd nakshatra, ruled by Lord Vishnu, spans across the Capricorn constellation or Makara rashi. This nakshatra is ruled by the Moon and represents the culmination of the lunar energy. Its symbol, three stars outlining Aquila, wings of the eagle, represent the three steps taken by Lord Vishnu while restoring order to the cosmos. People of Shravana nakshatra are liberal minded. They are also destined to be famous.

Name syllables for Shravana nakshatra babies:

  • Khi
  • Khu
  • Khe
  • Kho
  • Ju
  • Je
  • Jo
  • So

Baby boy names for Shravana nakshatra:

  1. Jegannath
  2. Joginder
  3. Jograj
  4. Jugal
  5. Jugnu
  6. Khemraj
  7. Khileshwar
  8. Khirash
  9. Khushansh
  10. Soham

Baby girl names for Shravana nakshatra:

  1. Jeevika
  2. Jelakshmi
  3. Josha
  4. Joyeeta
  5. Juhi
  6. Kheyali
  7. Khiaa
  8. Khusbu
  9. Khushi
  10. Sonal

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23. Dhanishta Nakshatra:

Dhanishta nakshatra, deriving its power from the eight ‘vasus’, happens to be the 23rd birth star in Vedic astrology. Being guided by the planetary force of Mars, this birth star stands for adaptability, prosperity, and symphony. The symbol representing this birth star is drum or ‘mridanga’ and the flute. People born under this nakshatra are fond of music. Dhanishta nakshatra spans through Capricorn zodiac and constellation.

Name syllables for Dhanishta nakshatra babies:

  • Ga
  • Gi
  • Gee
  • Gu
  • Ge

Baby boy names for Dhanishta nakshatra:

  1. Gagnesh
  2. Ganaraj
  3. Gavisht
  4. Geerva
  5. Geet
  6. Geet
  7. Giri
  8. Gunav
  9. Gunvant
  10. Guru

Baby girl names for Dhanishta nakshatra:

  1. Gagana
  2. Gandaki
  3. Geethika
  4. Gehna
  5. Giriganga
  6. Girija
  7. Gita
  8. Guhika
  9. Gunasundari
  10. Gungun

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24. Satabhisha Nakshatra:

Inhabiting the constellation Aquarius, Satabhisha nakshatra, ruled by the power of Saturn and Varun, symbolizes physical and spiritual healing. Its symbol, an empty circle, represents ‘maya’ or the realm of illusory perception. People born under this birth star by opinionated by nature. At the same time, they are also very healing and caring.

Name syllables for Satabhisha nakshatra babies:

  • Go
  • Sa
  • Saa
  • Si
  • See
  • Su
  • Soo
  • Gau

Baby boy names for Satabhisha nakshatra:

  1. Gaurav
  2. Goraksh
  3. Saakar
  4. Saaket
  5. Sachin
  6. Sargam
  7. Seejoy
  8. Siddid
  9. Sooraj
  10. Sudhir

Baby girl names for Satabhisha nakshatra:

  1. Gaurika
  2. Godavari
  3. Gopini
  4. Saakshi
  5. Sahana
  6. Satviki
  7. Siddhi
  8. Sooriyapriya
  9. Suchika
  10. Suhasini

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25. Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra:

Purva Bhadrapada, existing within the zodiacs Pisces and Aquarius, is the 25th Nakshatra in the stellar horizon. It derives its planetary force from Jupiter, its ruling Lord and the divine power from its presiding deity Aja Ekapat. People belonging to this nakshatra are skilled at making money. This nakshatra’s symbol is a sword, or two front legs of the funeral cot.

Name syllables for Purva Bhadrapada nakshatra babies:

  • Se
  • So
  • Da
  • Daa
  • Di
  • Dee
  • Dha
  • Dhi

Baby boy names for Purva Bhadrapada nakshatra:

  1. Daarshil
  2. Darpak
  3. Darsh
  4. Deepan
  5. Dhananjay
  6. Dipendu
  7. Soham
  8. Sonit
  9. Souparno
  10. Sourish

Baby girl names for Purva Bhadrapada nakshatra:

  1. Dakshina
  2. Darsha
  3. Deepakshi
  4. Dhanvi
  5. Divisha
  6. Divyana
  7. Sejal
  8. Sevati
  9. Sohini
  10. Sonakshi

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26. Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra:

Uttara Bhadrapada, extending between the constellations Andromeda and Pegasus, etymologically implies ‘possession of lucky feet’. Its planetary lord is Saturn. The birth star is associated with strength, prosperity and wonderful marital qualities. People of this nakshatra are very caring towards everyone, especially children and grandchildren. Uttara Bhadrapada falls in Pisces zodiac.

Name syllables for Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra babies:

  • Du
  • Tha
  • Jha
  • Gna
  • Jna
  • Na
  • Da
  • Gy

Baby boy names for Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra:

  1. Dakshesh
  2. Durgesh
  3. Dushyant
  4. Gnanan
  5. Gyanav
  6. Jhanish
  7. Jnanendra
  8. Navishtha
  9. Nayat
  10. Thakurjeet

Baby girl names for Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra:

  1. Dhanvi
  2. Durba
  3. Duti
  4. Gnanamani
  5. Jhalak
  6. Jharna
  7. Jnanavalli
  8. Jnanavi
  9. Nayantara
  10. Thanvi

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27. Revati Nakshatra:

Revati nakshatra, existing in the zodiac sign Pisces, completes the entire series of nakshatra or birth stars. Revati is endowed with the power of hope. This encourages people of this nakshatra to see beyond the mediocrities characterizing the daily life.

Name syllables for Revati nakshatra babies:

  • De
  • Do
  • Cha
  • Chaa
  • Chi
  • Chee

Baby boy names for Revati nakshatra:

  1. Chaitanya
  2. Chahel
  3. Chayaank
  4. Chitayu
  5. Chitral
  6. Chitranjoy
  7. Chitresh
  8. Devaish
  9. Devavrata
  10. Dorai

Baby girl names for Revati nakshatra:

  1. Chaitna
  2. Chandapriya
  3. Chandrima
  4. Charvitha
  5. Chayana
  6. Chetana
  7. Chinmayee
  8. Chitramayi
  9. Devika
  10. Doyel

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So, this is our collection of baby names by nakshatra or birth star. It is better to consult with a good astrologer and numerologist for the final decision on the name.

How to Choose a Numerologically Correct Baby Name?

Criteria for Choosing Best First Names According to Numerology

● The first name should be fully or well compatible with the child’s Birth Number or Life Path Number.
● The first name should not be incompatible with the Birth Number or Life Path Number.
● The First Name Number should not be 8 or 9, especially when the child’s Birth Number or Life Path Number is 8 or 9.
● Avoid compound letter names.
● Avoid names starting with the letter K.
● The first name should not contain many R’s, I’s or K’s.
● The first name should be simple, plane and sounding sweet.
● The first name should not be very lengthy.
● The meaning of the name should be positive.
● If you are looking for a religious, mythological or historical person’s name, you should read the short biography of that person and should confirm that the person did not suffer from bigger problems.

As in most area of life, numerology plays a key role in childbirth as well. One woman may tell her story of the delivery of her child and everything went smoothly, quickly and without complication. For others, the labor was incredibly long, very painful, with many complications or difficulties. I had the privilege of watching my own children’s births.

From that experience I was inspired to research numerology as it relates to childbirth; and I have found that once again, your birth numbers play an important role in the timing for this important event.

In my research I have found that women who give birth in their harmonious birth periods are those that experienced the first kind of delivery I spoke of. Things went smoothly, the labor was shorter, the baby was healthy. For those who went into labor during their period of “opposition” are those that witnessed the more difficult experiences. These deliveries saw more occurrences of premature babies, cesarean deliveries, under-weight babies, or difficult labors. I have given some guidelines below for you to be aware of for the best and not-so-great timing for your baby’s delivery. Perhaps it may better prepare you for these miraculous experiences.

Nevertheless, whatever period of time your baby is born in, I know you will love it more than you can imagine. Cherish each and every moment, even the difficult ones. It will go by so fast. Be sure, if you are pregnant, that you take the best possible care of yourself and eat healthy. This will also ensure that your baby has the best possible chances in life.

One final note of interest: You will gain a great deal of insight and parenting ideas when you discover if your child’s birth number matches yours or not. You will enjoy learning about each other’s differences and how to best understand your child.

Giving a name to the baby is the first and most important task that would-be parents usually do. "A NAME IS FOREVER" The name stays with the baby through the rest of his/her life. Many believe that names have a significant effect on the child's development and personality. Some people believe that speaking negative creates negative energy and speaking positive creates a positive energy around the person.

Since every name has a meaning, by taking the name of a child for years it will develop their personality traits according to the meaning for that name.

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