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Lal Kitab - Effects of Moon (Natal Chart Reading)


Permanent House: 4
Best Houses: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9
Weak Houses: 6, 8, 10, 11, 12
Enemy Planets: Rahu, Ketu
Friendly Planets: Sun, Mercury
Neutral Planets: Venus, Saturn, Mars, Jupiter
Work: Treasury, Navy or Education
Exalted: 2
Debilitated: 8
Time: Entire moon lit night, forenoon
Day: Monday
Disease: Cough and Stomach related
Substitute Planets: Sun + Mercury

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Moon In First House (Natal Chart Reading)

Moon in the First House- Due to the influence of moon you will be of fair complexion. You are blessed with a unique attraction on your face which will draw people’s trust in you. You will be of short height. You are likely to have small but attractive eyes. You ll have a handsome and attractive personality with broad shoulders and strong muscles.

Nature- You will have a quiet and peaceful nature due to which you will lack the burning desire in your heart to acquire anything quickly. This is the reason why you are never in a hurry to finish any work in your life.

Due to the strong influence of moon you are blessed with the special nature of never criticizing others even when you disapprove of their behavior. But once you get angry you will take long to come back to normal. One decided ,none can alter your decisions. You will follow the path of truth and will show strong dislike for all false things.

You will especially like travel and outing which will cause you to spend more and you may have to face numerous difficulties in life.

Means of education and Employment- You will be an intelligent person. Moon is in your favor and therefore it would beneficial for you to take up studies related to the field of accounts, or banking. Your capable of completing any managerial job well. You will be a highly knowledgeable and due to this you will be able to make a good income. In your social circle also you will be highly regarded by others.

You will be inclined to acquire technical education, management, computer engineering, communications, astrology, etc.

You may even succeed in the job of a salesperson, it has often been observed that those who have moon in their favor are liable to be engaged in work on voyages etc. You will find it relatively easy to accumulate wealth.

Family life- You will enjoy a great family front. Either you mother or father or both the parents will be enjoying government jobs. You mother tends to be a diligent and hard working person, who does not stand even a single word spoken against her. She will exercise a good hold over the family. Your father is a simple but a highly revered personality in the society. He tends to be quite bossey out of home and in office but is happy to be under the dictates of a superior person at home. For siblings you may have one or two brothers only. The chances of having sisters is very bleak. Your thoughts will be in synchrony with your brothers’.

You are liable to have a love marriage rather than an arranged one. Your wife would find it difficult to adjust at her in-laws’ house. Her heart will be inclined more towards her own family rather than her in-laws’ family, nevertheless she will be a strong and educated life partner who will be able to support you either by her salaried job or by giving her full support to you in your side business. It’s advisable that you take no action without your wife’s prior approval. You cannot stay away from you family for long. You will be drawn towards your wife and children by their love. Your wife and mother will be at loggerheads with each other. Due to which you will have to bear some inconvenience. There are chances of your being blessed with a son. But the health of your son may be a cause for concern. You will sit at the helm of a balanced family.

Health- Regarding your health you may have problems related to water. You are prone to illnesses like dehydration, dysentery, running stomach etc. therefore it is advisable for you to take precautions during the period of changing seasons. At an older age you will be prone to illnesses of the mind. Your frequent complaints of health will be of headache, neck-pain, cervical, cough and cold, burning sensation in the eyes.

Omens- If the moon is observed by inimical stars, water will pose threat to your life or you will be greatly fearful of water. Because of weak influence of moon in your life you will be short tempered, and you would not have any fears of the unknown. You will need to travel abroad which will distance you from your family. Your mother’s health will be a cause of worry for you. The prospects of your having children will remain bleak.

Your wife may contact womb related health problems. You’re liable to wed the same lady once. You will be easily fooled and cheated by people


Remedies for Moon In First House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Donate coconut in a religious place.

2. You must take silver from your mother and carry it in your purse. Both mother and silver are akin to the power of moon and therefore it increases the benefits of the influences of moon.

3. For good health and education you must drink water or milk out of a silver glass.

4. After bathing run off the dirty water immediately into the drain, and dry the floor with a wiper.


Moon In Second House (Natal Chart Reading)

Moon in the second house- For you the moon is in the second house due to which your complexion will be fair. You eyes will be beautiful and attractive, you will tend to be of medium height and will draw people’s hearts towards yourself.

Nature- Due to the good effects of moon will be a religious and pious person. Your born into a very knowledgeable family. You will be interested in faith and religion. Your as well as your family’s economic conditions will be good.

The second house which belongs to the moon gives you the gift of becoming soft spoken. You will win all battles in life, there are less chances of struggles occurring in your life. You will be well endowed with soft skills.

You will have an ever changing mood. You will tend to remember fondly your childhood and all the memories of your past. You will view things from your heart rather than from your mind, compare to others your subconscious mind is far more capable of thinking intelligently.

Means of education and employment- Due to strong position of moon in the second house your initial education will be very good. You will have a keen intelligence.

With the means of your keen intellect you will be able to earn a lot of wealth and would never get into financial constraints.

The good placement of moon is like a boon for you. It is auspicious especially for lawyers, if you’re a practicing lawyer with your superb soft skills and convincing power you will be able to convince the judge or the jury to take the decision in the favour of your party.

If you are in a salaried job, then you stand a good job of acquiring a position in the government office. The position of the moon makes a good forecast for doctors also. Any job related to medicine will be beneficial for you and can even earn you a government recognition.

Family life- You will be blessed with a cultured family and you may need to shoulder some extra responsibilities to support your family. As the moon is auspicious you will be able to reach out and help your family members i.e mother, father, brothers, sisters etc.

Moon in the second house gives the benefit of profiting with the help of females or ladies placed highly in the society.

You will be well bred and cultured throughout your childhood. You will inherit your parent’s wealth and property, also you will enjoy their company for long in your life.

If you get into a love affair it will be fortunate for you and will bring no showdown. You ll enjoy a very harmonious domestic life. Your in-laws will be quite well off. Full moon being in the second house you will enjoy the benefits of having a son, wealth and prosperity along with a happy family life.

Health- You may suffer from tonsillitis or cough and cold. You are prone to arthritis, join t pain etc. For once you will lose good sense and may lose direction.

Omens- The negative effect of moon in your life may cause destruction in your life due to extra marital affairs. Problems may creep into your life due to this. Inauspicious moon may even cause harm to your wife’s health. Another of the ill effects maybe shortening of your father’s lifespan, or adversely affecting his economic condition. You will be compelled to carry out you family duties.

Due to ill effects of inauspicious moon, if your sister-in-law happens to live in your house, something untoward may happen. You are liable to quarrel with female relatives even.


Remedies for Moon In Second House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. You should collect rice and silver from your mother as her blessings and keep safely.

2. Get a solid ball of silver to keep with yourself for father’s well being.

3. For your health gains, distribute bananas among the needy.

4. Wear pearl.

5. For soft skills (art of speaking) wear a gold chain round your neck.


Moon In Third House (Natal Chart Reading)

Due to moon being in the third house, you will be handsome with good height, good physique, reasonably good complexion and long limbs. Nature-You will be of religious natural disposition which will bring you immense good fortune. Therefore it is essential for you to be inclined towards religious activities, have faith in the almighty and give alms. You will be greatly inclined towards working for others.

Due to the good effects of moon being in the third house, you will not bother to unnecessarily quarrel or argue with others. You prefer to spend your life amicably and peacefully. You will keep good neighborly relations and therefore will reap great benefits .You will be of a very strong character and will despise illicit relationships.

You will get little peace of mind and will tend to be short tempered.

Education and Vocation- The good effects of moon in the third house will enable you to get excellent education. You will complete education in Commerce stream. You will acquire skill and knowledge pertaining to sports and you will succeed in life after making one of them your means of livelihood.

You will continue to enjoy fame and good fortune throughout your twenties till the age of thirty –three. In the absence of ill-effects of moon this good phase may continue till the age of twenty five.

You will enjoy your good economic condition. You will earn a lot of respect in your life and will be extremely wary of all problems in your life and will even successfully solve them.

Family Life: Due to moon being in the third house you will enjoy the good fortune of the support of your siblings; this is because the third house belongs to the siblings. By and large your siblings will enjoy good health.

Due to the good effects of moon in the third house even if you have been born in an ordinary family, good fortune will take towards prosperity.

You parents’ contribution will be enjoyed by you throughout your life. You will either profit from wealth conferred upon you by your siblings or you will succeed in making a fortune for yourself.

Health- You may suffer from arthritis, ear ache, asthma, skin infection, liver ailment, anemia or even cancer.

Ill Effects- The negative effects of moon will tend to make you irritable. You will tend to be selfish and will tend to be affable at heart. You will not be consistent in your way of working. Success may be elusive.

Due to ill effects of moon you parents may have a disharmonious relationship. There’s a good chance that one of your parents may keep poor health. You may have to face the animosity of your neighbors. Your fame and good name may be over shadowed by the ill effects of moon. You may unnecessarily need to spend time on travel. Ill effects of moon will cause you to move away from your native land spend your life away from family.

Ill effects of moon will cause your treasury to be devoid of any wealth. Either you will not be able to accumulate wealth or it will be stolen. Your own siblings will behave like enemies.


Remedies for Moon In Third House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Refrain from enjoying the wealth of issueless relatives.

2. Refrain from buying any land belonging to blind, lame, or handicapped person.

3. Give out milk, rice, and silver as alms on the daughter’s birthday, this will enhance her happiness.

4. Give out wheat, jaggery and copper as alms on the occasion of the sons birthday, this will enhance your sons happiness and will enable you to enjoy good fortune.

5. Must chant the mantra of Durga chalisa, which reduces the ill effects of Jupiter and rahu.

6. Chanting the mantra of ‘’om namah shivay’’ strengthens the house of moon.


Moon In Fourth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Moon in the fourth house- Your moon is in the fourth house due to which you will be blessed with a good physic. You will possess a pleasing and attractive personality. Your face will bear the mark of a mole or a scar.

Nature- You will lack courage and the power to take any decision. You will be able to hear the voice of your conscience very clearly. You will be blessed with divine assistance at the time of need.

Moon distracts you and therefore you will be infatuated by other women. By and large you enjoy peace of the mind.

You will be on very good terms with your friends and relatives which will earn you their considerable support.

You will be a spendthrift also you will equally blessed with as much wealth as you spend. Therefore you should spend as much as possible. If you tend to save against your nature then it will restrict your income.

Education and Vocation- You will be highly intelligent and well versed in all sciences. You may get government aid. You will be inclined towards music and dance. You may derive income from land or real estate and you will rise to the office of responsibility which will also require confidentiality. You may be associated with the office of P.A or Secret Service. You may even get income from agriculture.

You may derive benefits from psychology, navy, home science, fluids, education, water, marine, agriculture, light, vehicles, milk, fruits, pearls, perfumed liquid etc.

You will be interested in the purchase of flowers and fruits. Unless you make full use of your good sense of discretion others will take un due advantage of your simple nature.

Family life- As the moon lies in your fourth house you will have many members in your family. This will entail frequent visits of friends and relatives to your house. There will be dominance of female power in your house. You will name your house after either mother/daughter/wife.

There may be water in close proximity to your dwelling place. You will keep pets at home. You will be obedient to your parents. You will respect others as well as be obedient towards your mentor.

Your wife will be a very efficient house keeper. You will enjoy full support and the fortune of wife and children in due time. But your wife and other members of family may be in disharmony with each other. Due to which you will remain in mental agitation. Your wife may be prone to illness.

Health- You will never contact any serious health problem. You may be trouble by minor health problems. You will tend to consume more water and will have good digestion.

Ill Effects- If moon is weak in the fourth house it causes your elementary education to remain unfinished. You will be a jack of all trades however due to lack of formal degree you will not be able to acquire wealth or a good job. Due to lack of funds you will be unable to do any business.

Due to weak moon you tend to run into others’ problems. You may have to face infamy . Your mother and sister may become enemies. You father may die unexpectedly due to accident or a chronic illness. You may be stung by a serpent or may die by drowning. You will need to take care of your health.


Remedies for Moon In Fourth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Always have water out of a silver glass to strengthen the effect of moon.

2. Wear a silver chain round your neck, as silver is akin to moon.

3. Arrange for clothes or food for nuns in the church.

4. To the north of the office or house keep a pair of dolphins as north is the moon’s direction and dolphins are symbolic of the moon.

5. The slope of the house or office should be sloping from the north. As the direction of the moon is north water should flow downwards from the north. This way water will not stagnate in front of the house.


Moon In Fifth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Moon in the fifth house- Moon is the cause of the heart. Happiness or sorrow depends heavily on the moon. Due to moon being in the fifth house the person is less attractive. He is of a weak physic. His complexion is dusky. Sometimes the person is found to be of mediocre height and on other occasions the person tends to be taller than a horse.

Nature- The person is of short-temper, traits of Sun and Jupiter will be found because the fifth house belongs to sun and Jupiter and both are friends of the moon. The person will be witty, forbearing, and intelligent. He would not abstain from giving away alms or do welfare work. If the person progresses on the path of truth then he will be disposed towards treating one and all with justice. He will be a good counselor. Such a person will help others achieve justice singlehandedly, and also help them succeed. Because of moon in the fifth house the person has abundance of forbearance and calmness of mind. Because of proximity to evil stars the person may be found to have a certain mental un-stability. Such a person tries to find witness to his statement. For any good deed performed by such a person he himself does not derive the profit instead it passes on to his off spring.

Education and Vocation- The person will surely acquire higher education. He will acquire higher education in more than two subjects. He will be excellent in studies. He ll tend to put heart and soul into the study of any subject. Goddess Saraswati will shower profuse blessings on such a person.

The person with moon in the fifth house becomes a professional like lawyer, architect, teacher, engineer, doctor etc.

Such a person chooses a profession which does not require him to deviate from the path of truth, he does not have to get involved in corruption and follow the path of truth. This is why such people choose professions like teaching or medicine.

Many a time a person may pick up the vocation of either stationary, books, toys, building materials, drama, films, dance etc. may deal in nursery rearing, perfumes, fabrics etc.

Family Life- A person with moon in the fifth house leads a normal family life. They get full support from parents and siblings. They tend to balance everybody’s wants and needs and expect others to reciprocate.

Love life and marriage- Due to moon in the fifth house the person has a good libido due to which his other powers get destroyed.

The fifth house involves love-affairs. The love affairs of such a person will not last long. All his relationships are in a flux.

The person is able to get married to a very eligible and accomplished bride who supports him in every phase of his life. The person enjoys the benefit of son and daughter both. Mostly it has been noticed that the person enjoys the joys of having a son.

The offspring turns out to be far more superior than the person. Every bit of wealth spent upon the education of offspring yields benefits. Here moon is synonymous with the mother who nourishes with physical and spiritual milk. Such a person loves and adores his family. If he spends according to his resources for rearing his kids and is religious minded there’s a good chance of his growing health and prosperity.

Health- The person enjoys good health by and large and has a long life. But because of the effect of evil stars the person may suffer from diseases related to stomach, Kidney, liver, breathing problems, retentively of water, skin diseases etc.

Ill Effects- if the moon is weak and comes under the influence of evil stars the person may not be able to complete his education or he wont benefit from the subject in which he masters and will be forced to choose something else for a living.

He may not be able to earn respect in his family in spite of a good name. People will use such a person for their own benefit and will not bother for his welfare. The person will tend to have more number of daughters than sons. If he happens to have a son he will not be very illustrious the person may run the risk of being defames by the ill doings of the son. The person’s offspring will be his chief opponent. The person will be unsuccessful in his love relationships and will be charged with infidelity in love relationships.


Remedies for Moon In Fifth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. If you use your cultivable land to get a well dug for common good it will destroy you as moon in the sixth house is weak and hence moon weakens it even more.

2. You should take up profession related to clothes or stitching of apparels.

3. Must make arrangements for water in hospitals or crematories. IF YOU ARE AILING from any disease your presence in a hospital or crematory makes the moon beneficial.

4. Every full moon you must sight it an drake its blessings.

5. Refrain from getting married in the 24th and 36th years of your life


Moon In Sixth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Moon in the sixth house- Your moon belongs to the sixth house due to which your complexion is wheat-ish. You will be of mediocre height and physic. You ll be physically agile. You will have a gift of gab and you will tend to be talkative. Anyone who meets you even once would be greatly influenced by you.

Nature- You will be of light and amicable nature. Deft at using your skill of speech. You will be enamored of food and drinks. You will be a perfect host for all the people visiting you. You will take the help of mostly loans and expanding your business.

You will tend to be either an atheist or you will have full faith in god. You will be successful in domestic and well as outdoor activities. You will contribute towards public welfare as well as towards society or community which will give you self-satisfaction. You will serve everyone selflessly.

Education and Vocation- Because of moon in the sixth house you will be of a weak physical constitution. To be precise rather than be of very soft and good looks your attraction will be the skill of your hands which is found mostly in doctors, nurses or practitioners of Unani medicine. Suitable profession for you is medicine.

You may benefit from mathematics, physical sciences, rhetoric or grammar, typing, shorthand, printing, weather, publishing, education, tourism, law, photography, astronomy, courier service.

You will benefit especially from a profession like that of a doctor. Even if you’re not a doctor or a hakim you can benefit people by administering medicine with your hands.

Family life- Your family life will be good. Moon in the sixth house is akin to maternal grandmother who gives you the wisdom of an older person and a compassionate person. You will be extremely fond of your maternal grandmother. You may not enjoy the benefit of having a maternal uncle and if you do enjoy the love of maternal uncle you may be left without of your maternal aunt.

There is an obstacle in being blessed with an offspring. Your success in love life may come very late. You may fall in love with a sub ordinate or an employee. But you will not benefit from your relationships with women.

You may be destined to be separated from your offspring. Till the age of 35 your married life will be unsatisfactory and unfulfilling. After that your wife may start appreciating you and may bring adjustments in herself, and you may then lead a harmonious family life.

Health- Due to moon in the sixth house you may suffer from psychological or heart ailments, cough, ear ache, bronchitis, asthma, hernia, lack efficiency of digestive juices, joint pain, psychological fear, lung disease.

Ill Effects- If your moon is weak then you will be devoid of mother’s company. Your wife will suffer from an incurable disease. Due to this the disease will undermine your wife’s physical health.

Due to Moon in the sixth house your enemies will be of mediocre strength. They will be ordinary beings engaged in lowly professions like gamblers, drunkards, Small tenants etc. who will trouble you with petty crime.

Moon in the sixth house indicates minor obstructions in the way of the birth of a child. The ill effect of moon bows you down in front of others for some or the other little reason in spite of your being even a millionaire. It is the cause of some or the other mental or physical worry.


Remedies for Moon In Sixth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Lord Shiva must be worshipped with offerings of water and milk.Chant the mantra-“Om Namah Shivay”

2. Wear real pearl done in silver jewellery.

3. Always place a container full of water in the eastern or northern part of your house.

4. You may keep a patch of your house floor “kuccha” or it is better to fill a pot with mud and place inside the house.

5. You must pay gratitude to your forefather’s souls.


Moon In Seventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

Moon in the seventh house- Due to moon in the seventh house you will be blessed with tall height and well built physique. You will possess a mixed complexion. In proportion to your size of the body you have small hands. You will have a mark of a scar in the upper part of your hand or lower part of your shoulder.

Nature- You will be of a quiet nature. You smile bears a specialty. Your magnetic smile is capable of mesmerizing people. You will earn a lot of respect and obeisance from other people very easily.

Under no circumstances will you cheat anyone or be unscrupulous. You don’t believe in a live based on pomp and show.

Your life will be full of ups- and downs. One minute you will be at the helm of affairs and the next you may find yourself at the bottom of an abyss. In other words fortune and misfortune will befall you unannounced. In spite of this your nature will remain calm. You ll find solace at the feet of god and will have full faith in the justice of almighty and you may decide to segregate yourself from this painful situation.

You will never falter from expressing your views freely. Due to this you may have to face the displeasure or animosity of family. You can lead a happy life by changing your attitude.

Education and Vocation- Due to your moon in the seventh house your interest may lie in basketball, music, black magic. You will possess a good knowledge of shares, and rise and fall of share market, sensex etc. You will reap benefits of doing business in a partnership.

You ll possess a very sharp mind and intellect. With a good hold over math. You are capable of stering your life skillfully and efficiently with the help of economics, all kinds of fine arts, dance, Vedas, mantras, edible things, automobiles, engineering, fragrance, fluids, painting, drawing, video, shooting, stitching, mobile related occupations.

Due to moon in the seveth house you may resort to more than one kinds of jobs. You occupation may need you to travel a lot.

Dealing in articles grown in water will be inauspicious for you. If the moon becomes very auspicious its effect will make you a successful poet or astrologer.

Family Life- Prospects of marriage will be seen at the age of 24 or after your late 33. Your wife will be well educated and working. You will also enjoy the benefits of having a vehicle with the help of your in- laws.

Marriage will bring you good fortune and success. Your in-laws would be wealthy and prosperous and will give you your due respect and support.

Overall your married life will be satisfactory and happy, although you may have minor rifts in your family.

You will receive full support from your parents, although your mother’s health will be a cause of worry for you.

Health- You may suffer from whooping cough, cold, or nasal congestion .or even have urinary infections. In case of the moon being under the ill-effects of evil stars a person may suffer from stone formation in kidney etc,erectile dysfunction or skin diseases.

Inauspicious- Due to ill-effects of moon in your life you may incur a loss in business or may keep switching from one business to another rather than settle in one.You may be betrayed by your business partner.

Marriage is on rocks (very unstable) .The effects of weak position of moon in your lagna house causes marriare to be delayed or even broken. You may not be able to enjoy the luxury of travelling in your vehicle due to ill –effects of moon… in some cases inspite of having a vehicle of your own you may end up struggling and walking on streets as if you were without a vehicle .


Remedies for Moon In Seventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Wear a saffron mark on your forehead.

2. Wear topaz or pearl ring in gold.

3. Keep your kitchen clean and tidy.

4. Do not let milk spill when it boils.

5. Pay visit to places of pilgrimage.


Moon In Eighth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Moon in the eighth house- Due to this lagna you may fail to attract others towards yourself inspire of being handsome. Your personality lacks the charisma of attracting others –You may be of medium height and swarthy complexion.

Nature- As the moon is in the eight houses you will be of witty and petulant nature. You will be short tempered and you will not accept bad mouthing towards anything or anyone. You will not tolerate injustice. Moon in the fifth house will make you argumentative and due to this you may pick fights easily. This indicates the ill effects of moon which may result in ill mental conditions. This will also result in your not being at peace and compatibility with others. Many a times you mind may give rise to negative thoughts without reason and this may lead to disharmony in your life and you’re not being able to live life fully, and satisfactorily.

Apart from being called the place of death, the eighth house is also known to cause a person to be secretive about his occult practices. Spirituality is also one of the tendencies. The person is overcome by a strong desire to accomplish difficult tasks easily with the help of black-magic and occult practices. The person may try to appease goddess Mahakali or Bhairav the lord of tantra.

Education and Vocation- Due to moon being in the eighth house, its ill effects will manifest itself in ill health of a person’s mother. The higher a person climbs the ladder of education, the more unwell his mother will get .As much as you would like to study you will but must not be able to enjoy mother’s company at home either because you will need to stay away from her for your studies or she will remain very ill at home.

It would prove favorable for you to study Engineering, Geology, Arms and weapons, military training, Political Science ,leather industry, short writing ,frozen food physical studies ,coal, iron fertilizer etc.

Due to favorable effects of the moon, you will work in such a department where you may easily find surplus income over and above the salary. Your financial prosperity is indicated.

Family Life- Moon in the eighth house bodes ill for your relationship with wife of father’s elder brother. Not only will your aunt not ever contribute to your happiness but she will be the cause of disharmony in your family.

Because of moon in the eighth house ,your mother will suffer greatly at the time of your birth. From the time of your birth till you turn six years old you may remain in bad health.

If you try to help your brothers with your money and wealth they will derive no benefit from it, instead of any benefit your brothers may get only loss because of you. There is a fair chance of your inheriting a dead relative’s wealth.

Your in-laws family will be old and illustrious but shorn of all wealth so you will have little or no monetary help from them. Your wife will be an efficient housewife and you will be blessed with children of your own . Inspire of this you will find yourself feeling unfulfilled and lonely.

Health- Due to the moon in the eighth house you will face frequently, health problems which will not be easily diagnosed by doctors. Among other uncommon diseases, there may be cases of mental illness troubling you.

There may be chances of your psychological illness.Your mental condition may not be healthy. Many a time you may feel so despairing and hopeless that you may contemplate suicide.

Chances of your suffering from pain in some or the other part of your body are very high.Especially pain in the legs or knees.You may suffer from urinary infections etc.

Inauspicious- As it is because of moon in eighth house the effect is not good on your finances, along with this if there are any evil stars in the proximity, the moon’s effects get even worse and you will be in money problems perpetually. You will tend to switch over jobs frequently and friends and relatives may disown you. Feeling quite disheartened you may lose the zest for completing any work… and will remain weak spirited.

Due to inauspicious moon you may be unusually attracted towards sexual activity which may induce you to make sexual moves towards females who are not your partners. This will lead to your doom. There is a good chance of your suffering from memory loss. Apart from this you may suffer from some disease caused by accumulation of water in your reproductive organs. Therefore you have to remain very health cautious from the age of 36 to 41.


Remedies for Moon In Eighth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Always wear a silver chain round your neck

2. While studying keep a glass full of water on your left and take regular sips of water from the glass to be able to concentrate your mind.

3. Instal a fountain in the north of your house

4. Chant the mantra-“Om Namah Shivaay”

5. Refrain from setting up a hand pump or digging a well under the roof of your house.

6. Otherwise you may have to suffer the ill consequences throughout your life. The reason being that twelfth house is akin to the sky and the moon is related to water .If instead of being allowed to be under open sky sources of water are covered by your house –roof,it will have adverse effect on mental peace, milk facilities, rice and even mother.


Moon In Ninth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Moon in the ninth house- The moon is in your ninth house which makes you look handsome, strongly built and very capable personality. It because you are a fair complexioned, medium heighted, conservative, sober and high spirited individual.

Nature-The strong position of moon in your lagna makes you a high spirited person who is truthful and religious. You will be inclined towards pilgrimage and will readily take part in all religious activities which will enhance your name and fame. The good influence of moon apart from from making you knowledgeable, also makes you spiritually inclined and capable of deeply reflecting about your life.

Actually ,the moon being in the ninth house helps you to be fortunate, scrupulously religious and virtuous due to which you will be very popular and famous among the multitude of people. Whether you accomplish specialization in anything or not you will succeed in becoming highly spiritual.

Education and Vocation- Your education will be completed well and is likely to be in the field of medical science, philosophy, mathematics and you will gain great expertise in whichever field of study you choose.You will seek knowledge very keenly and have a sharp mind for studies.

You may choose to study Maths, Physical Sciences,Banking,Theology, Law,Vedas, Puranas,Political Science ctc.

Due to moon being in the ninth house you derive half of your mind and body power.You will gain success in leaps and bounds in life and will also enjoy financial prosperity.You will get breakthrough in your life at the age of 24.

Your education will be your benefactor in life- you will prosper in life because of your education and widen the sphere of your activities and even help you become generous like a king.

Family life- You will enjoy an excellent family life. You will raise up wise and well-educated children of your own. Your children will make you very proud in life. Your wife will will be an educated lady who will be very successful if she takes up a job. You will get complete love and support of your sisters and brothers –in law. Your parents-in-law will love you like their own son.

Moon being in the ninth house you will enjoy of the company of your parents for long. Either your mother or father may hold office in a govt. office or department.

If your yearly lagna gets to have the moon in the ninth house, you will get special monetary benefit that year.

Health- If the moon tends to be auspicious for you, you ll remain in good health. Even if you for fall ill, it’ll only be seasonal changes and you ll recover from it quickly. Your health will be well otherwise.

Ill Effects- If the moon is faced by other inauspicious planets, it’s effects will become inauspicious for you due to which your mother’s happiness and health may be affected as well as he eyesight. Pilgrimage maybe detrimental for you at such a time. It ll also be detrimental for the health or even life of the person who accompanies you. It ll also affect your health and may make you prone to burglary.

Inauspicious moon will also affect your wife’s health which will divert your attention from your work.

You may take immoral means to earn money which will have very bad effects on your life.

Due to the ill effect of moon some mental shock may cause your sudden demise. It may evcen affect your sister or your paternal aunt adversely and they may have some work related obstacles in their lives.

Due to the ill effects of moon you may suffer from, skin disease, diabetes, ulcers, obesity, joint pain, elephantitis, lashes, allergies, blood related ailments etc.


Remedies for Moon In Ninth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Donate banana fruit to the poor.

2. Take advice from your wife & mother.

3. Don’t stay with you sister in law.

4. Due to the ill influence of moon you must not get married until you are of 25 years of age.

5. Pierce your ears & wear gold ear rings.


Moon In Tenth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Moon in the tenth house- Your moon is in the tnth house which makes you an attractive person. You face will have a mole or unlucky mark. Your hair is likely to be short. Your personality will be a balanced one.

Nature- You will be a honey-tongued person who does every work meticulously! A person of rock-solid values by which you will live your life.You will be especially be fond of clean environment.You will be a kind hearted person and will not be able to bear to see anyone’s suffering-will do your best to alleviate other’s pain and suffering.

You will be of religious nature and a great devotee and follower of your guru.Believing firmly in the principle of “truth always wins”,you will be ever-ready to help anybody without expecting anything in return.However all that you get in return for your good deeds is deceit and betrayal.You will mesmerize people due to your peaceful and reflective nature.You will always wear a hear-winning smile.You can become a successful politician.

You will lead a simple and ordinary life and because of your innumerable responsibilities which you choose to always discharge responsibly,you will always be in need of more funds.You will not wish to take revenge even from your bitterest enemy and believe in the justice of the almighty.

Education and Vocation- You will acquire education in technical or field of engineering.You will gain knowledge of two languages and will acquire the gift of the gab.

You are liable to deal in petroleum and oil production ,mineral ores or even sale of carpets etc.

If you dabble in long term saving plans like chit-funds,insurance,lottery you may get high profits only in the short run but after some time you will incur great monetary losses.You will have many changes in your business.You will work abroad but your life will be in a state of flux.It will stabilize only between the age of 33 and 45.

Note: 1- If you are dealing in investment or speculation, silver will be beneficial for you.

2 We recommend that you choose to go for a salaried job rather than do business.

Family Life- You are likely to enjoy an exceptionally happy married life. Your wife will be an accomplished home-maker and will remain obedient. But your chances of having extra-marital affairs cannot be ruled out.

You will get full support and co-operation from your brothers.You may go away from from parents and siblings and settle in faraway land to do your business.But you will keep on getting their help and support frequently.

Health- You may suffer from ear problems,skin ailments,exzema,asthma, T.B. or severe indigestion.

Inauspicious- Due to the ill –effects of moon in the tenth house,your mental peace will be shattered.

Moreover poor health of parents is also due to weak moon.Moon’s negative effect may adversely affect your elder son also.Thus you will constantly worry about your eldest child’s poor health conditions.

Due to inauspicious moon, you will tend to be haughty and proud and unkind in your words to anyone thereby earning resentment and making enemies around yourself. You will have no benefit from your parent’s wealth.Your spirits will keep on sagging after frequently changing jobs or business and incurring monetary losses.Inauspicious moon causes a lot of ups and downs in wealth status. You may be able to enjoy living in your own house much later in life or never at all.


Remedies for Moon In Tenth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Wear a silver Moon in silver chain on full Moon night.

2. Always consume milk in which Kesar or turmeric is mixed.

3. Serve your mother and gift her a present.

4. Make pooja place in North East corner of the house.


Moon In Eleventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

Moon in the eleventh house- The moon in the eleventh house of your lagna makes you a handsome person .of normal physique and height, wise and dynamic with a great vision.

Nature- As a result of this your heart will naturally be pure and good. You will be a sober personality and will easily win people’s hearts with your excellent behavior and sweet words. You will be extremely persevering and enduring in life and will be able to win over life’s problems and struggles.

Your motto of life will be- live life to the fullest. Thus you will be fond of travel and excursions. You will enjoy friendship with the best of the gentry in the society who may even help you in the time of need or contribute towards enriching your life.

Moon placed in the eleventh house helps you enjoy the benefits of driving your own vehicle and earning respect in the society.

Your heart will be pure and without malice towards anybody but if you form an unfavorable impression about someone you will not be able to change the opinion.

Education and Vocation- As The moon is favorable , you will be able to earn well, finding new ways and means to earn you will accumulate wealth slowly. Owner of factories, you will possess agricultural land also.

You may be inclined towards writing, astrology,mathematics,political science. Iron, fridge, technical knowledge, fishery etc. You may benefit from some office of the govt. If you join govt. service you will get good promotions.

Due to the moon placed in eleventh house, an individual’s mind and intellect are not put to best use. The individual tends to use bitter words for the sake of gain for self. Such an individual gains recognition at the age of 27 and keeping domesticated or pet animals benefits him.

Family Life- Due to moon in this house your mother and wife will work in synchrony with each other, and will accomplish the task of running your family well for you.

You may also benefit from your elder sister or father’s sister. They will always be around to lend a helping hand in times of need.

You will have a very happy and prosperous family. You are likely to have more daughters than sons. Your offspring especially daughter will prosper greatly in life, earning name and fame for herself in some or the other field of activity.

Moon in the eleventh house earns you great benefit from the females in your life. They will heavily contribute towards your success and prosperity in life by either providing financial assistance or running your business altogether.

Health- You are likely to suffer from cough,phlegm,bronchitis, cancer, asthma,, fever,lack of calcium ,joint pain, paralysis ,hairfall or even leprosy.

Inauspicious- Due to moon being inauspicious you will have undue affinity for old and useless things.You will just not be ready to declutter your house.You will fondly talk of old days or old experiences.You will lack in aesthetic sense . Due to ill-effects of the moon you will easily despair after not being able to accomplish a task.Major part of your life will be lived in your ancestral house by you and would prefer to live in rented house.You may face numerous problems at the time of purchasing your own house.More old people will inhabit your home.The colour of your house tends to be blue or dirty brown.There is lack of tidiness and arrangement in your house.


Remedies for Moon In Eleventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Always follow religion. Don’t change your religion.

2. Donate Red Masoor daal to poor or to a religious place.

3. Make your Jupiter strong.

4. Feed a multicolored dog with bread & milk for seven days.

5. Perform Shraadh for your ancestors in Pitr Paksha.


Moon In Twelfth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Moon in the twelfth house- Since the moon is in this house you happen to have a very good personality with round face ,huge eyes, strong muscular body and normal height will make you look handsome indeed.

Nature- By nature you will be a sober person and will always deal with people using a good sense of discretion.You will enjoy a large circle of friends and will indulge in spending money freely for friends. You will be very successful in your dealings with people and win their hearts by your excellent speaking skills.You will enjoy travelling abroad.

You tend to exist in your own world of visions and dreams- and will work hard round the clock for realizing your dreams.

You will make friends abroad. But will be weak minded and will feel vanquished due to even trivial failures.You are chickenhearted.

If you settle abroad you may not find stability in life. Added to this you may face numerous problems.

Education and Vocation- Due to moon being in the twefth house you will always seek to gain knowledge. You will be interested in many subjects but will be a jack of all trades and master of none.You will be interested in editing ,publishing ,work.writing or even acting.

You may even acquire knowledge of aeronautics,teaching,astrology, medical, para-medical and choose your vocation in the fields.

You are capable of keeping matters of others a secret with you.Your words will comfort others. In churches and cathedrals in the western countries,where the catholic priest (father) listens to confessions of other people and does not divulge their secret to anyone-this phase of moon makes you a confidante of others.

Family life- Moon in the twelfth house makes you brag about your father’s wealth to others and as a result it tends to happen that you may not get the lion’s share of your father’s wealth and property. Normally your father’s position is secure and strong.This perhaps makes you think and talk about your family’s past glory.

Your domestic life will be ideal. You will have an obedient wife.Both son and daughter will be born to you and you will be fortunate. You need to be wary of your wife’s health between the age of 36-42 yrs. Because she may suffer from pain in the spine or joint pain in her body. Health- You must take special care of your own health during your childhood. You may suffer from painful sores and boils.

Inauspicious- When moon casts its ill-effects on you your eyes get adversely affected. Many a time inauspicious moon weakens the eyes considerably much before a person’s old age. You may suffer from cold related health problems like cough and cold.

Inauspicious moon does not have a good effect on business. Moon in this house makes you prone to heavy monetary expenses. But you will remain untroubled by even heavy expenses.

Moon in this position makes you feel hopeless and so your mother who is synonymous with moon, does not enjoy a happy state of mind. Your expenses are directed at matters which are nagging and no matter how much you earn your savings become nil.

Moon in the twelfth house makes others jealous of you. They may even inflict insults upon you out of jealousy. You yourself may be the root cause of this by saying with words or with body language that you hold them in low esteem.

Due to inauspicious moon you may get into arguments and unpleasant situation with parents or relatives over trivial matters.

Due to the weak position of moon your happiness will be short-lived. On many occasions of joy some or the other serious accident may occur. In some cases your increased libido may prompt you to establish immoral relationships with other women.

Note- If you are engaged in speculation, or investment ,silver will be beneficial for you.


Remedies for Moon In Twelfth House (Natal Chart Reading)

1. Wear gold bracelet in right hand.

2. Don’t have fight with any female relative - your aunt/ sister/mother and daughter.

3. Don’t keep items like clocks, watches, Radio, Television and other electronic items which are damaged, and not in use at home or shop.

4. Make cordial relation with your sister’s son and keep him happy. Partnership business with sister’s son will prove beneficial.

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